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My Beautiful Escape by Rizwana Mundewadi

Gardening  forms the important part in my life. The blooming of flowers and the new fresh green leaves emerging gives a fresh and energized new start to the day. I am among the lucky few to have a small terrace garden and I make the most of it!
A few collection of photographs from my cherished garden! the bougainvelleas are the sturdy ones that have been with me for long...true life partners. The display was some years back. Don't expect to seet eh same garden twice! it keeps changing like our life ...friends come..friends go... life goes on.. some plants bloom better, some die and some flourish.. and some sturdy ones who take my moodiness and climatic torture are to be for lifetime! There are always new additions amongst the family of my plants and will keep updated.

Beautiful Colourful Petunia Flowers

The best season for petunias is from October till May. Planting is done after the rains as these do not tolerate heavy rains. Seasonal flowering but it is worth the show! Plants grow from seeds and are not transplanted by cuttings. Watering care is most important as they need well draining soil. The roots are very delicate and do not tolerate more water. Even dry spells are not good for the plant as the delicate roots dry up very fast. Regular watering is required daily. Best grown in hanging baskets.

Wide mouthed basket of cane layered with dried roots and dead foliage act as nourishment to this plant. Fertilize it with salts and compost for more flowering but do not over do it.There are a variety of colours and patterns available in this type of flowering plants. And new shades are always added every year by cross breeding seeds of the original colours.

They always flower in bunches and hence quite a number of flowers are always visble on the plant. This is a very nice way of bringin…

Flowering Cactus

This is a very beautiful and attractive plant having green foliage and peach coloured flowers all year long. The green leaves are elongated and cover the spikes/thorns. It has its own protective covering of bright green leaves which conceals the thorns well. This is a good choice for new gardeners as this does not require much care.
Last month during heavy rains it had become very slushy and mushy and the stem started to rot. Well it does not tolerate heavy downpour and it is advisable to keep it under part shade during rainy season. This plant also is a favourite home for butterflies to lay eggs due to the extensive green foliage. My plant had nearly more than fifty eggs and though I felt very bad in cleaning them but I had to save my plant. I have noticed the caterpillars have a voracious appetite and if neglected the plant may succumb to continuous feeding by them.
Water requirements are not much and can be watered on alternate days or when the upper layer of the mud seems dry. C…

Gardening- Importance in Our Lives

When we have a small or large open space each one of us dreams of having a part of nature with us. Gardening is a best part to bring a beautiful small part of the wonderful nature amongst us. It has been thought of as only people having the 'green thumb' can grow plants adn have a good garden. But this is not true. With a small amount of effort and nurturing everyone can grow simple plants and enjoy nature and refresh our minds.
Looking at a beautiful garden in the morning and enjoying the fresh air amongst plants is a surreal experience. It cannot be described in words and only the person experiencing it will mention about the aesthetic experience which caters to all our senses. A garden need not be very large and spanning over miles. Even a small terrace or a open balcony is sufficient to create this magic. One can plant different coloured flowering plants and see different shades of nature. Even the green in nature has many shades as no two plants have the same colour. If y…