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The Best Part of Gardening- Landscaping

A quick tour into our society garden gave much to mention today. I felt very bad to see that so many beautiful and healthy plants had been plucked and thrown away and instead new plants had been arranged in design. The landscaping looks very attractive but at what cost? many times , time and again I get the same thoughts. they cut trees for construction and again they plant new trees to fulfill the Govt. criteria rules for societies having minimum number of plants in a particular area per square foot!
 Terrace Garden also looks very clean and spick and span, after the rains I just couldn't bear the chaos of plants and shrubs growing in unkempt manner. I love nature but I also love discipline. Bought new plants a shrub of Mogra  and Chameli climber. There is always a form and manner in which plants grow and many times we appreciate plants when they are well presented. As we display jewellery, food and other products , so also garden is presented to be beautiful by landscaping.
 In …

A Must Have Water Feature in Your Terrace Garden

A very important part of any garden is a water feature. Any water feature acts as a soothing and focal point of your garden. There are many designs and makes available in the market and water features of many materials are available ranging from fiber to wood to clay and metal. Visiting a place near our home there is a lake where grow beautiful lotuses. My friend has sent these lovely pics.
 I do not know whether this is a lotus or water lily and will find out more about these, their growing and propagation and their requirements. Lotus flowers are bigger and have more petals , the ones we used to draw durign our schooling years, and the one where Godess Saraswati is seen. In many temples we see people offering lotus flowers as offerings to please God, and even I had purchased one during my years as a teacher for the pre- primary section for 'show and tell' session. The lotus flower is a special flower, different and majestic and no wonder it is one of the most beautiful flowe…

Close Observations of the Brahma Kamal/ Sausseurea Obvallata

Having planted this Brahma Kamal plant for many years I have been researching about the growth habits, water requirements and flowering of this unique plant. The plant is rare and declared a unique and extinct species. Wishing to grow this plant healthy has not come about and this year I have feeded it with good food. The plant has been growing at a slow pace but new shoots are seen appearing from the base and also from the sides of the original brahma kamal leaves.
This plant is a type of cactus but without any thorns. Also a similar looking plant called the holiday cactus having pink or white blooms is also very famous and grown as an indoor plant. Never tried to grow this Braham Kamal plant indoors as I see that the leaves are bright green and this indicates that the plant requires sunlight maybe not direct but at least for some times of the day.
Many people suggest less watering which again I feel may not be right. As every plant requires water, in fact my Brahma Kamla plant got t…

Rarely Mentioned Facts About Terrace Gardening and Maintenance

Writing with a heavy heart ... a quick survey after the long rains is that you see rotten leaves, dead plants and many slimy creatures feasting! spiders of varied variety coming up with the rains, snails, aphids, fungus, mosquitoes and also other insects along with the heavy down pour, whew, it is a fact that every year we lose some plants due to heavy down pours.
 These important facts are never ever mentioned anywhere. If you are a gardener you learn to live life and accept the loss. Just like we live and die so also do the plants have their own time of life cycle. Some tough plants survive all odds and this year I have made it a point to only plant tough ones who can bear strong heat from direct sunlight and also heavy rains.
Our rose bushes have bloomed quite well in spite of the rains with only care of cutting the fresh roses immediately and placing them indoors.
 I have lost this beautiful unique rose plant, though it did not grow quite strong from the beginning which gives me an…

Huge Spider Lily Plant

The spider lily plant is a very easy growing plant and seen in many places as a thick green elongated foliage with long leaves similar to any other lily plants. The only difference between bulbs of different lilies is when you see their blooms. This plant growing in our society garden is unique and well huge!
 I think the plant grown in pot was of limited size and when it was transferred to the ground it grew and grew quite well in a huge plant with very bug sized leaves. The flowers look very attractive with magenta coloured stamens. The usual spider lily plants give out white flowers with yellow stamens but this one has magenta coloured stamens and yellow pollens attached to it.
 The stem of flowers also is quite of a size which definitely commands attention of any viewer.
The fragrance of spider lily flowers is heavenly and what best to experience it is when you pass from the side of the plant when a cool breeze is blowing, it is just ecstatic.

My spider lily plant is also growing wel…

The Cycas Plant

Creatures have a fine time during rains as they flourish and make our lives a mess but our plants healthy. Like some creatures are necessary for good and healthy growth of our plants there are many who also destroy our plants, and we have to see which ones to keep and which ones to avoid in our gardens. The pots are full of earthworms yuk! and also I see many of these creatures with so many legs, I do not like creepy and crawly creatures!
The cycas plant is a sturdy and tough plant. Growing may seem simple but it is not so very easy. Once the plant takes root then the plant can take care of itself. The cycas plant needs partial sunlight and will not grow healthy in full sunlight. In fact it grows best when it receives indirect sunlight and is often seen planted near doors of buildings or offices. this plant is considered very good in feng shui to place near the entrance and is a good asset for main door feng shui.
 The cycas plant is propagated by itself as in form of bulbs. Since this…

The Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is one of the loveliest and majestic tree which many people wish to plant but are not aware that it is very easy to grow a Christmas tree in a container. With Christmas trees used as decorations during Christmas this tree has become very popular not only with Christians but also among other people and many people use it to decorate during any functions. The Christmas tree looks great when decorated with lights and other ornaments.The top is usually decorated with a fairy which brings us hope and prosperity.
 Growing a Christmas tree is very easy and it usually take scare of itself. Avoid planting the Christmas tree in full sunlight as the leaves tend to burn and the corners become brown. A partially shaded area or an area of your garden that receives some hours of sunlight is just fine for this tree to grow. One must also avoid over watering as the roots may rot and give way to fungal growth which will make the main stem weak.
 The close up of the Christmas tree …

Tips for Selecting Awnings and Shades for Terrace Garden

Even after searching for an ideal shade for my terrace I have still not come up with anything that can replace the sky! with so many people living in suburbs and Mumbai struggling to see the sky and the sun isn't it a great boon to have a small piece of open sky just for you. people having Terrace are very lucky and it is very sad that many convert it to a room or store junk here instead of thanking God for this blessing!
Awnings are a solution to this as you can open and fold back the awning according to your needs. Beautiful awnings are available in the market that can be got in various materials and colours to suit your needs and choices. Covering the terrace has many options like having a fixed shade or a folding one. With fixed shade you can have acrylic or metal aluminum shade, but just take care that the splitter splatter of  the rains will be heard more in the metal and acrylic shade.
So if you are okay with the loud noise of rains then the metal shade are the sturdiest an…

Practical Tips for Healthy Growing Plants in Terrace Garden

The purple queen or purple leafed plant is a bright coloured plant and very good addition to any garden or patio. Since the leaves are purple and feathery , velvet like when we go closer we can see the tiny hair covering each leaf. The plant was kept in direct sunlight but showed many signs of leaf burns and dried leaves. There seem to bloom tiny pink or lilac flowers at the end of each leaf.It looks very nice when grown in hanging pots and is very easily propagated with small cuttings of the original plant.
After shifting it to a place with partial sunlight it seems very happy. To note some difference I just had to post the beauty in the rains. The plant looks bathed and beautiful in heavy rains and a maroon colour has developed due to less exposure of sunlight.
I had also noticed that if the plant does not get enough sunlight or more sunlight it also changes colour to green! With wonder that I am getting green leaves and have lost the purple colour I immediately took action and shi…

Garden Furniture Garden Ornaments

Maintaining a garden is not just about plants and flowers. There are many other aspects in a garden which we hardly notice but are very important for the final look and feel of your garden.When we see any garden our firts impression comes from the colours of the flowers, plants, the arrangement of furniture and of course the garden ornaments.
Decorative statues, idols, ponds and other nick knacks are termed as garden ornaments. They are used to improve the aesthetics of your garden as only plants and pots would make your garden look like a military standing with soldiers in line. Garden furniture is very important as every gardener would like to sit and enjoy the fruits of their labour at some time everyday. There would be no point if you toil for the garden and do not make time to appreciate its beauty. Sturdy garden furniture is important as this furniture has to be able to bear strong sunlight, rains and wind. Garden furniture is available in many styles and patterns according to i…

The Delicate Canna Plant with red Flowers

This canna plant is one unique plant giving very delicate red flowers. I have two other canna plants that give deep red and yellow shaded flowers. The canna plant has big rectangular leaves which are of dark green colour. This particular plant has light shade of green leaves and comparatively thin leaves. If you grow this canna plant in  big pot the leaves can grow very large, but the blooms are very delicate and small.
The plant will flower on each stem just like the other canna plants, only difference in in the blooms. in fact it looks like the rare orchid in red. Why I feel this resembles the orchid flower is because the flower when dries develops a big node like structure wherein the seeds develop. Though the flower itself is very small it produces large sized seeds with each bloom. These seeds are transferred by wind and immediately start into new plants.
You will have to keep  check on these plants as they cover up the whole pot and also barge into neighboring pots.
Tip for gr…

Garden feng Shui -Selecting Plants of Correct shapes for Good feng Shui

With feng Shui for home if you are lucky to have a garden then you also need to feng shui your garden for harmony, good luck and promoting money luck.  Garden feng shui is a very important aspect affecting our home. As we know feng shui is all about balance we need to pay importance on the five elements , fire , wood, earth, water and metal. Our garden represents our life and is an important part of our home. Many times we feng shui the whole house and neglect the garden.
Since a garden having many plants and flowers it is understood that it is the wood element and hence if your garden falls in this area then it is the best feng shui for goodluck and prosperity. Balancing the five elements in your garden as in your house will also encourage positive chi to enter your home. If the garden falls in any other area like metal or water then according to feng shui plants are not good for metal and fire burns the wood and turns it into ash, and if this is the case then there are cures in feng…