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Artist Are You Scared ? Will you Survive! - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio
Artist Are you scared? whenever you see other artists works or visit exhibitions are you scared? I see that many us become a bit taken aback! especially after seeing the sales meter! it is human nature and every artist must accept this emotion as normal. Oh, I have not made so many paintings, or when taken aback they immediately start saying, I have just begun painting, or I just paint for hobby! The difference in positive thinking comes in what you do after this. I have learned to accept emotions, face them. It is not important how you feel now but how you react and what you do after this that designs your destiny.
Emotions have been with mankind since the evolution time and as there is love so also is anger, jealousy and greed.Competition like in every field is also in art. Do you sell by misleading the buyer in some one else's exhibition? promoting your art and degrading and laughing off some one else's? Karma is at work and as you sow so shall y…

The Healthy Blooms of Brahma Kamal Flowering Plant

The Brahma Kamla plant found in Himalayas is often mixed with the plant seen growing on window sill in homes. Named Saussurea Obvallata it is the plant growing in hilly regions and not found here. The original name of this plant what we call Brahma Kamal is a flowering cactus, Epiphyllum Oxypetallum, Orchid cactus which blooms at night. The blooms are very big and grow as extensions from the leaves itself. It is believed to bring in loads of good luck and prosperity and a home where the flowers bloom is very auspicious and lucky. So waiting for the experience, the fragrance, the size, the colour, the shape , in fact the whole Brahma Kamal flower is unique and blooms only at night. The Brahma kamla flower begins to open after sunset and night sets in and reaches its maximum beauty and the flower is fully open by eight and remains till early morning only. If you miss it, it is gone, the flower is spent by sunrise. What a sight! a healthy Brahma Kamla plant growing in full swing, loaded wi…

Healthy Growth Tips for Jasmine jai Juhi Fragrant Fast Growing Climber

As the heat sets in and temperatures are rising in the day and we have cooler nights with chilly breeze over our terrace garden a welcome sight is the white heavenly fragrant flowers on the jasmine climber. The plant has taken good growth very soon and has spread with support of the rose plants covering the thorns, a blessing in disguise!
 Early mornings are great with the fragrance travelling in the whole garden and feeling refreshed and happy! learned another new meaning for happiness is fresh natural flower fragrances.
 The jasmine plant grows from the direction of tip as a climber , but I guess if we trim the tips it will grow in a bush.
Healthy growing of Jasmine plant tips- 1) Select a healthy plant from the nursery, no black or brown spots on leaves, reason fro infection. See the leaves whether they are firm or drooping, signs of less water and care, risk of surviving when bought. Colors of leaves must be bright green in healthy jasmine plant.
2) Grow the plant in bigger cont…

How to Plant a Bird Friendly Garden and Importance of birds in Garden

Mynas, parrots, sparrows, pigeons, koyal, king fishers, crows, eagles, hawks, bats, owls, and many colourful birds,we have seen them all. right from under the sky , from our own terrace garden. Any garden however many plants and flowers they have look blank without positive chi from the birds. This feng shui energy is believed to come from heaven and helps in healing past karma and present life. Terrace is an open space available to lucky few and still fewer try to grow a garden. As many love flowers, hardly some plant fruit trees or plants that favor bird life.

Over the years with regular love, care and feeds there are many birds that are our friendly guests regularly.

Plant fruit trees in your garden which birds like. Guava, peach, Jamun, Chickoo, apples, and as these may not be very easy with our climatic conditions if you are growing fruit is containers they sure will frequent your terrace.
I have found that parakeets and other birds love to eat pea seeds, and many birds nibble on…

Natural Dragon Symbols in the Sky Feng Shui for Terrace Garden

A miraculous sight in the evening before sunset. The sky was clear and the great distinct symbol of two overlapping serpents, dragons as in Buddhism is considered very auspicious the unending mystic knot , couldn't capture the complete symbol because of overhead wires. Dragons are considered very auspicious in feng shui and two dragons are very lucky.
 Similarity between the auspicious Buddhism symbol of two gold fishes swimming in harmony, absolute bliss and that after few days of completing the dragon painting.
 Meanwhile the butterflies are having a good time feasting on our orange and lemon plants and there are plenty of larvae everywhere eating voraciously and leaving the plant barren!
Feng shuing your garden is another way to bring in positive energy into your life. Terrace garden feng shui must fulfill the aim of having a terrace garden in your home. Whether you need to feel re…

Flowers Growing in Snow Himalayan Region Tips for Growing Flowers in Cold Climates

Himachal pradesh is a very beautiful place with colourful flowers and snow covered mountains. Kullu Manali a favorite destination for many is a great hill station , especially during Mumbai heat summer season that is from April to September. As during winter season it is very very cold with snow fall and hail storms.

The miracle of nature, a breath taking sight was at thousands of feet above ground level , in midst of the himalayan mountain rages at the foot steps were beautiful colourful flowers growing in snow. The top of the mountains were snow clad and temperatures were very low. With freezing cold temperatures it was  a breath taking view of the snow on top with colourful flowers growing at its feet.
 I would often wonder how people in UK and US and other countries having snow fall would plant such colourful gardens and maintain them. I got the answers here among the peaks of Himalayas.

 With the snow melting as day began there were water falls from every nook and corner of the h…

Feng Shui Simple Tips for Success - Artists - by Rizwana A Mundewadi PortfolioArtists who are struggling and those who work hard but have not seen the light of the day, can follow simple feng shui cures and open doors of success into their lives. Not only will they attract recognition but will also hear the jingles of money coming their way. Feng shui science helps one to be at ease with your environment as a result this brings happiness, peace and prosperity. Artists can follow simple feng shui tips to attract luck and success in their artist' career.Studying feng shui since past many years I have shared many tips and here I wish to share few tips for artists to get success in their careers. ( Clear off clutter. Organize your work place, all that you need and that which you have not touched since the past five years. If you do not need certain things but love them you may store them in attic or store room. Keep your work place your studio organised so that when you need something you do n…

How to Store Curry Leaves for Long Time

The curry leaves plant was always on my wish list and after trying to plant many times this time I was successful in growing a healthy curry leaves plant in a container.Curry leaves are an important daily herbs quota in many Indian dishes. We know how the fragrant curry leaves makes our dals tasty and appealing as well as the dahi kadi which is incomplete without the tadka of curry leaves. I used to always long for fresh curry leaves but whenever the leaves brought from market were stored in refrigerator they would remain fresh for few days and then would become black spoiled and also lose its herbal fragrance.
 After the rainy season our curry leaves plant has grown well and has also branched out well. Touch wood our curry leaves plant is healthy as I have seen this plant catches white fungus and also pests. 
Easy storing tips of curry leaves- A very simple and easy solution to store curry leaves (before we had the plant in our family) was to first allow the curry leaves to dry. Cl…

Night Blooming Jasmine Raat Ki Rani Cestrum Nocturnum Plant Care and Tips

Queen of Night or our commonly known raat ki raani is a fragrant flowering bush. Commonly also known as Night blooming jasmine, night scented jessamine the cestrum nocturnum fowering bush can grow in all climates and is an evergreen flowering bush. After hearing a lot of tales and folk lores about this heavenly fragrant plant the desire to plant this bush in my terrace garden was too strong and this time I decided to add this raat rani plant to my family of fragrant jasmines and champa flowering plants. The fragrance is heavenly citrus and distinct and can be felt from many houses away especially in the summers when the days are hot and the nights cool. The new entry Raat ki rani palnt is growing in container in a place where it gets partial sunlight for some parts of the day.When the new plant of raat ki rani was planted it drooped and few leaves also turned yellow and dropped. But the rains have brought a new spurt to the night blooming jasmine.
 There is a riot of fragrances on o…