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Gardening Is Green Always Good Feng Shui for Garden

Is green always good for your garden? a terrace garden with lush green plants , leaves flowing with the breeze, fragrance spreading everywhere, how good is your garden? Is it feng shuid? do you feel happy, relaxed here or tired and losing energy ?
After the rains as all our plants were at their best, greenery and more greenery,a s it seems is very nice, but just how much? too much of anything is not good. As the principles of feng shui for any garden it must have all the elements in harmony, that is fire, earth, metal, water and wind. An overgrown garden will usually not give out positive vibes and instead develop feelings of anxiousness, uneasiness and restlessness.
Why do you feel all these emotions in the same garden, that which once felt so good, happy. All this happens in any garden when it becomes overgrown. The plants have grown huge as compared to their pots and the place seems cluttered. Feng shui clutter may have different meanings.
Plants are considered very good in feng sh…

Natural Pest Control and Air Purification , Sansevieria Snake Plants Care and Tips

Natural pest control with plants. After looking at the snake shape and mouse are scared of snakes, thus these plants provide natural pest control. Snake plants or sansevieria plants are of different types. With the two types of sansevieria we have in our terrace garden,  tall shoots we have that look like snakes, there are also other plants that have their leaves curled and grow in circular direction. The snake plant as it is often called is because the plant looks very similar to a snake and can be used to protect your garden from pests like mice and harmful birds. Our ones though have become friendly with the plant!
 Tips and care for Sansevieria snake plant: A very easy growing plant this snake plant grows from rhizomes buried underground. The plant can be grown by dividing the rhizome with cutter and planting small pieces of rhizomes to have new snake plants. Naturally the snake plants multiply sideways and grow new babies around the original plant.The snake plant requires less …

Healthy Spider Lily Flower Plants Tips and Care

Healthy spider lily flower plants with white big blooms look very welcoming and attractive. I love the big sized blooms that grow in bunches and the heavenly fragrance that can be felt from far. The spider lily plants were grown because of the famous white flowers used in garlands and marriage decorations. but I came to know that they require very little care and are among one of the easiest growing flowering plants.

 These bulbous spider lily plants once grown take root very fast and spread very fast. So our spider lily plants bulb has taken over the whole container and I have also divided the bulbs into other container as I love the thick foliage of big leaves of the spider lily plant. the spider lily plants leaves are elongated and large in size, very good feng shui plant with big leaves.As in feng shui bigger leaves indicate big money and good for wealth luck when planted in the north or north west section of your home or garden.
 Tips for growing healthy spider lily plants in con…

Why My Good Luck Bamboo Plants are Drying- Important Tip for Growing Healthy bamboo Trees in Container

Why my bamboo plants are drying, was wondering even during and after rainy season when other plants are happily blooming at their best my bamboo plant was drying. The bamboo shoots were also looking dried as the leaves turned into golden brown and fell off slowly. In few days I noticed the leaves had all shed with the barren stalks and was so worried lest I lose my favorite good luck plant.

 I had tried hard to get this original feng shui bamboo plant and as it is believed in feng shui the bamboo plant is considered very auspicious and prosperity plant bringing good luck I was more worried. Then as I usually do, critical hospital care, I do not leave them to die!  I try all means to revive them if possible. My first step was to move the bamboo plant in a more shaded area so that it gets rest from the afternoon heat which had increased after the rainy season. Still the leaves of bamboo plant were drying and falling and the whole terrace garden would be covered with dried bamboo leaves,…

Eat Basmati Rice Daily! The Basmati Rice Fragrant Leaves Plant

Eat Basmati rice daily, yes it is true. After planting this lovely easy growing basmati rice plant veg and non veg pulaos are never the same!Even all rice dishes go fragrant when we use the leaves of Basmati rice leaf plant. The Basmati rice leaf plant is just like an ordinary grass and looks similar to rajni gandha or herbal tea leaves, lemon grass plant.
An easy growing  plant this does not require much care and grows like wild once rooted. Requires less water and is happy in  a shaded corner of your garden or window sill. The name as suggests comes from the fresh basmati fragrance the leaves emit when they are steamed and used in cooking.
The basmati rice plant is not original rice plant but has got its name from the fragrance similar to basmati rice.The plant develops roots from below and sides of each sapling and can be planted as new basmati rice plants. The basmati rice plant leaves are a fresh green and very soothing to the eyes.The leaves themselves do not have any fragranc…