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Fiber Glass Ladders in Garden Important Garden Equipment Tips for Buying Good Quality Different Types of Ladders

Garden ladders of different types are very important as garden equipment as we regularly need to trim, clean and maintain our garden plants and trees. Ladders come in different types or patterns and selection of a garden ladder depends upon how big your garden is and the way you will be needing the ladders.
While ladders come in different materials wood and metal ladders are quiet heavy and difficult to carry and maintain. Selecting latest fiber glass ladders is very convenient and also protects from electrical shocks and accidents  while using near water and wet ground.
Garden maintenance is a very important part of the beauty of any garden design and ladders are a must as they come handy while arranging and decorating as well as trimming plants.
 With  so many designs in ladders, types of ladders available it is important to select buy the ladder type which will be handy and useful for our purpose. 
Ladders that can be used in many ways and   multi purpose ladders are best as they…

What foods Budgie Love Birds love Healthy Bird Foods Care of budgies Brahma kamal growing roots

Budgies  love birds are great pets and as they require less space and are quite well behaved compared to other pets our lovely family of four enjoys the trip with  games activities and flying trips around the house.
It is very important for the health of your love birds that they get healthy food   and exercise. keeping them  restricted to cage will make them dull and sick many times. They also need space for wings flapping which they do on regular basis, birds are made to fly, but these  love birds born in controlled environments are not capable to live outside with other birds, hence the size of cage is also very important to allow then space for activity and movement.

 While the love birds love their pellets this is not sufficient nutrition for their health. Love birds need to be give fresh leafy vegetables, green leafy one, like spinach, they love the salty taste, methi leaves and even pods of peas.
 Budgies also love biscuits once in a while as they love salted foods especially…

How to make Chameli Climber Flower Tips Badam Almond Tree Red Leaves

How to get healthy flowers on chameli climber bel, tips and trick for blooming flowers on chameli climber. The beginning years after planting chameli climber there was no flower for more than a year and I had begun to doubt the originality of this plant.
The chameli climber grew fast and with lanky stems , light fresh lime green colored leaves and there were no signs of flowers. Feeding the plant with a few  feedings also helped in making the chameli plant grow faster. Simple trick of trimming the plant did a great wonder as each and every lanky stem has plant plenty of blooms. The overflowing pot of chameli climber has been showing flowers since past month fully loaded with white fragrant flowers.
I have also made it a point to trim the stems  of chameli and plant it beside in the same pot, hence the plant now has a fuller growth  and seems fully loaded with white fragrant chameli flowers. With the  cool breeze in early mornings, evenings and nights it feels the whole garden is a f…

Little Purple Flowers Space Cover Creeper Plant Growing beautiful Tiny Purple Flowers

This unique plant growing as creeper from side ways spreading like wild   is a beautiful space cover plant with very tiny purple flowers. While I do not know the name of this plant it grows in a unique pattern. The leaves come over lapping from centre and then grow spirally. Looks very unique and beautiful  the fresh bright green colored  leaves.
 I first noticed the beautiful tiny very small lilac colored flowers on the creeper. It is spreading fast and what a way to cover the pots with big plants with a space filler covering plant.
 Purple lilac colored tiny flowers open only in morning and close off  very soon, they hardly last even a day.
 Unique leaves growth pattern makes this plant special as I get to see  different growth patterns in nature.  There is so much in the garden, planted, i have lost count  as to when and what I have planted, so who cares for the names, sit back, just enjoy the colors!

 while I have left him free  he is staying in the next building, can hear his c…