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Monday, September 1, 2014

Unique Patterned Bamboo Plant Grow the Chinese Good Luck bamboo Plant with Twists and Twirls Pattern Guidelines

The costliest among the Chinese Good Luck Bamboo Plants are the ones that are twisted and twirled with beautifully patterned stems. From hundreds to thousands rupees you get a GoodLuck Bamboo plant that is large and well patterned.
With following simple steps you can grow a unique beautifully patterned Good Luck Bamboo plant at home. A very easy to grow plant but many people still struggle to grow it and do not follow simple rules of growing plants.

The Important tip and trick here is understand that the Bamboo plant grows in direction of sunlight.
1) Begin with putting your Good Luck Bamboo plant facing sunlight near the window sill.
2) After the Bamboo plant grows some what taller and is healthy you have to turn the plant gradually and again keep for few days.
Patterned and Curling Bamboo Plant Tips

Twisted Designer Chinese Goodluck Bamboo Plant
3) Once the Chinese Bamboo plant grows twisted pattern then again move the plant facing light.
4) While the process goes on you have to tie Bamboo shoots with thread to guide their growth in whatever direction or pattern you want.
The process though takes many months but is worth it as the Chinese Bamboo plants twisted and turned swirling pattern are a piece of unique beauty and also add loads of feng shui prosperity and wealth luck to your home and office, what more you save thousands of rupees and get a really Good luck plant that is worth a lot!.
All the Best from Rizwana! Do share your experiences with growing of the Chinese Feng Shui Good Luck Bamboo Plant!

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