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Dhanteras Wishes for your Plants Taking Care of Plants During Lighting Crackers and Fire Works Diwali Care for your Plants

Dhanteras Wishes for your Plants, lots of happiness and good health and loads of wealth coming your way from Rizwana! Have a Great Healthy Safe Deepavali!

 Taking Care of Plants During Lighting Crackers and Fire Works Diwali Care for your Plants
Yes they too have a right to celebrate and enjoy the festival of lights. Plants are living and need care during lighting crackers and fire works. The show looks beautiful with lighting and diyas decorated during the festival of lights, deepavali, but your plants feel suffocated and cry for help!
It is tradition to light diyas, oil lamps, and decorate your house, main door, garden, plant containers and every window seems lighted up with beautiful oil lamps during the important nights of Deepavali.
Plants at this time are happy with the shorter days and cooler nights, and the Juhi climber jasmine white fragrant flowering one is fully loaded with beautifully soothing white blooms that give out heavenly fragrances as evening sets in.
 Each day I …

Begin your Vertical Garden No Space Make a Wall Garden sharing some tips for Vertical Gardening

Begin your Vertical Garden No Space Make a Wall Garden sharing some tips for Vertical Gardening. With space crunch in city many people do not have any space left to bring in nature into their homes and their lives. Today vertical gardening is enjoying the lime light as it is the best option in modern contemporary homes that have great decor and are not so largely spacious.
Today we are seeing more and more vertical gardens in homes and modern offices. As such gardens require less space and also add beauty to your walls it is coming up as  a great option to land gardening which requires more space. We see large walls covered with luscious greenery and even flowers blooming enjoying their vertical space reaching the sky.
Begin a Vertical Garden Simple tips-
 1) Select one wall that is strong , no leakages as water added to plants may seep in side and also create cracks in wall.
2) Sun light, preferably a wall which receives at least some direct sun light for some part of the day as flo…

Brahma Kamalam PDf File of Beautiful Poetry written Text on Blooming of Brahma Kamal Flower Thank you for Sharing Hunuma Sai

Brahma Kamalam -Nov 2010 
Sai Vemuri 

The sheer beauty, the rapid flowering, the quick exit and above all the unique appearance once in a  year reveal a conscious evolution of a plant which would have worked over thousands of years to  perfect its act! And why this attempt to be unique and why this struggle for achieving a perfection? It  is an undercurrent that becomes visually obvious from every flower mesmerizing and capturing our  attention. The flowers give us a joy, a sense of assimilating beauty and a pleasant sensation flowing  through the vital body. It is the inner nature of every life to evolve, to reach a state of sublime and  consummate perfection and beauty in its own unique way, to blend into its environs with a grace and  dignity and to surrender at the feet of the divine even if it is for a short tender moment. Few plants  have attempted this unique concept of giving life to a flower on its leaf. Brahma Kamalam is even  more unique in its presentation of itself with …

Mussaenda Erythrophylla container growing care Red Flag Bush Queen Sirikit Large Growing Bushes of Different Colorful Flowers

Mussaenda Erythrophylla lovely colorful large sized flowers on this beautiful bush. We have three different types of plants that give out white, peach pinkish and red flowers. Most commonly grown for its beautiful large sized blooms this bush is seen in many housing societies as it grows into large trees if left uncut.  
Common names are Ashanti Blood, Red Flag Bush, Tropical Dogwood shrub. Queen Sirikit is cross breed between Mussaenda Erythrophylla and Mussaenda Phillipica. Grown mostly for their beautiful ornamental blooms the rare exotic range plants cost here form almost 150 to 1000 INR depending upon the plant size and colors. Bright vermillon red flowering plants are the most costliest and  also need some care while growing. The peach colored and white are somewhat tough ones and take happily to most containers and soil also.  Are these lovely colored leaves as the central core shows tiny green flowers?  The flower actually may be leaves surrounding the tiny flowers, Sepals as the…