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How to Grow Flowering Plants from Seeds Important Practical Tips to Collect Seeds and Grow plants from Seeds

How will you collect flowering plant seeds and grow them for the next season. The bi annual flowering plants usually give out blooms and then leave us. A wise gardener collects the seeds on appropriate time after flowers have dried on plants carefully packs them and then again new life begins for the next season.
Over the years so many plants have been tried, I have learnt this after trying hard to collect seeds from my flowering plants. Many times the wait would continue after planting new seeds, days would pass and then months and no sign of growth!!!
Here I have planted seeds from Kerala nursery and always as we visit any hill station some plant bulbs and seeds do come along as the obsession continues to clam some more in the small space we have under the sun !. Last time was a beautiful lilly bulbs  and flowering plant seeds from Ooty.
The most important point in collection of seeds is to take a careful look at whether the marigold, zinnias, sunflower and many other flowering pl…

Kerala Fair December 2014 Horticulture Exhibition

We were lucky to have spent the year ending 2014 kerala, amongst the back waters. Horticulture exhibition in Allapuza, another experience and sharing a few pics.

 Horticulture exhibition Kerala was a great experience. Huge sized bulbs, banana plants, different types of unique flowering plants and along side the horticulture exhibition were also gadgets, garden equipment, home appliances etc.

 so some beautiful bulbs,seeds, and plant saplings have found space under the sun in our extended family of plants.
The awesum jetty and boat ride is an out of the world experience, a heavenly place, great water energy , Kerala!,
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

Flower Exhibition and Flower Show Kerala some Original plant flower Photographs from kerala

Breathtaking landscapes of Munnar , Thekkady , Kerala and the exotic blooms, the hang over still continues....Exotic blooms, huge flowering trees and awesum landscapes. Sharing a few pics from the flower exhibition show Kerala.
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

Rare Rudraksha Tree Significance of Rudraksha Beads in Herbs and Spices Garden Cardamom Plants Munnar Kerala

Welcome to Garden Care Simplified! Wishing All my Readers, Blog Lovers, Blog and Google Followers and Plant Lovers as Well as Art Lovers, Have a Great 2015!

The New Year has begun with a bang with some more exotic ones added to our extended family of plants , right from the valleys of Munnar and Back waters , Allepey,  Kerala!

 The search for more information on Rudraksha , of course Google! led me into new findings with my curiosity. The Rudraksha beads are considered auspicious and holy in Hinduism and Buddhism and have been used since ages by sages sadhus and sanyasis and now as protectors and reciting mantras meditation. Elaeocarpus ganitrus used to prepare malas and bracelets.  The rudraksha tree grows blue colored berries fruits that have the seeds.
Easily growing the auspicious tree bears fruits after three to four years. Rudraksha have very spiritual significance and used as strong protection from evil eye and negative energies. The facets or divisions are called 'Mukhis&#…