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Feeling the Loss of my pet Budgie Love Bird Goldie and Some Important Tips for Planting New Plants

Feeling the loss...We lost Goldie, our pet budgie love bird on 14th August at 5.15 pm. The struggle... she entered my life on 22 January 2013 and taught me so many lessons in life, discipline, never every give up ..and of course dedication and self less love. Only I was allowed the privilege to stroke her feathers , she had bit my son when he tried this! Goldie, my pet love bird Golden bird, passed away evening at 5.15...she was a survivor...she entered my life on 22 January 2013..was sick with tumour in her stomach.when we bought her.quiet type.....she lived a well disciplined life...was very clean and shiny, really Gold...she was bit by the blue bird and was about to lose one foot...but she survived...her leg healed...I had made special room space in the large cage for her...since May 2015 she was suffering from boil near eye, which was healed after two surgeries...antibiotics...convulsions...fits..I did not understand how much pain she was going through and what her…

Original Brahma Kamal Plant Flowers Photographs and Video from an Awesum Reader Chitra from Pune Thank You

This is so so so Awesum, Thanks a  Ton Chitra for sharing this happiness with all of us!  these wonderful photographs of the Majestic Brahma Kamal flowers.What a great Video capture experiencing the moments with the bloom. It has been noted that there are many who pray, respect and wish for while the flower blooms, there is a belief that Brahma Himself appears in this form, a God of Creation, and only when he is pleased does the flower bloom. Thank you so much Chitra!
Over to Chitra!
Hello Rizwana,

I am Chitra from Pune.....came across your blog while 
searching for nurseries in Delhi where Brahmakamal plant can be 
bought (for a friend)! 

I have a Brahmakamal plant here which has enthralled me with 
its awesome flowers ! Right now there are nine buds ready to bloom 
in a couple of days. I will send some pics and perhaps a video for 

My friend gave me a stem with a couple of leaves about three 
years flowers the first year...the second year there were 
five buds...four of them fel…

Healthy Fresh Corn Pakoras Recipe Step by Step and Honey bee Hive in my Terrace Garden

Rainy season and hot pakoras go hand in hand, always in the chilly rains we love too eat fresh fried bhajiyas. No,  I usually prefer healthy food but these are too tempting to not eat in cloudy atmosphere, cold chilly rains! Onions and potato pakoras are traditionally famous but new healthy options can be  made with frying vegetable pakoras. Spinnach, methi, brinjals, lady fingers all can be fried with using batter mixture for fresh pakoras.  I have tried and they taste Awesum. Try different types, slices of gourds, brinjals, lady fingers slit, cucumber slices, bolied egg slices, and enjoy.
1) Step one choose corn, bhutta of soft seeds. dried seeds do not give tasty pakoras.
2) Sharp knife remove the seeds. use batter of besan.
3) Add green chillies corriander, turmeric, salt to taste.
4) keep for some time and then fry in oil for crisp hot pakoras.
5) Green chutney or tomato sauce as accompaniment for this snack in the rains!
Enjoy home made! Be creative, try creative bhajiyas and p…

How to attract Butterflies in Garden Tips and Tricks Welcome Butterflies in your garden and Some Precautions in Butterfly Gardens

Butterflies are still a symbol of happiness, freedom and luck. Right from childhood these angels in awesum colors have fascinated me. From so many colors, designs, patterns butterflies are really God's best gift of art.
While I have captured and shared so many butterfly pics here, from the large sized moths to tiny small colorful ones they search for

nectar and sit on the colorful and most loved blooms where they get most of the sweetness.
Yes was a bit shocked and screamed with this huge one that cam as a symbolic message from the universe, expecting major changes in my life and warning to beware and awesum good luck.
Then there was this wonderful large sized one that looked exactly like the Bamboo plants it flew over, maybe it was about to lay eggs, the camouflaged look was awesum, perfection in nature!
Want some of these heavenly friends in your garden some tips-
1) Colorful flowers. This is a best bet, they come.
2) Juicy nectar, the inside part of the flowers must have nectar…