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Celebrate World Earth Day Do Your Bit Simple Tips for Going Green and Conserving Resources

World Earth day a movement to bring awareness of going eco friendly and saving resources. Loss of mangroves, plant life, animal life and fishes dying in the sea , all due to emissions from commercially made good factories and by products, wastes from such units leading to an alarming reduction in Earths resources has brought the question to reduce carbon print. Do your bit to save Earth!
The movement began in 1970 as a day to celebrate the planet and encourage people to be more environment friendly. Recycle, reuse, Reduce, Upscale, Reinvent, hand made, all terms are now in focus. Reduce cutting down trees, choosing hand made products over commercially manufactured products and encouraging artist supporting their skill and families is taking center stage. People not only opt for hand made products , they are also unique one of a kind and then the satisfaction , emotional healing, of doing your bit for Mother Earth!
Energy consumption has to be reduced.
Do your bit!
1) plant trees, What…

Son Champa Magnolia Champaca Flower of Joy and its Exotic Fruits Mahabaleshwar exotic Blooms Great tourist Destination

Mahabaleshwar is such an Awesum place, a beautiful hill station, much cooler temperatures, located in western Ghat ranges. high altitudes and a boon for strawberry lovers! the juicy strawberries high in Vitamin C are grown here as the climate suits its growth , there are so many,  oh so many strawberry plantations, and its such an treat for all the tongue licking  dishes, ice creams,smoothies and milk shakes. What more so many fruit products from squashes to jams and sweets made from freshly grown fruits. For any Garden Plant lover, an Obsession towards exotic blooms, this is a Haven! Panchgani is a more serene place with Plateau , one of a kind. Its a land of flowers, as the climate is so favourable for exotic blooms all year round that Spring and Summers are best here!at Mahabeleshwar.!Great Destination, Tourist Spot!
 After winters we do have a few losses and Thanks a Lot to the Awesum ones who have given me so many majestic blooms. The Red Layered Hibiscus, and was so lucky after…