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To Be or not To be, Caterpillars Butterfly Larvae in Garden Tips to Transfer Save Larvae and Caterpillars

To Be or Not to be,

Never been this close without screaming! but after looking at them and accepting their life cycle, gathered some confidence and clicked close ups!
an emotional decision,..
especially after they ate up all my black pepper corns! Plants and insects have always been along with gardening and its a cycle of nature. always with gardening over the years I have

Piper Nigrum Black peppers close up of black pepper fruits Pepper corns on plant Survival Plants Brahma Kamal Plants

Piper Nigrum, Family Piperaceae, Awesum happiness! While I was wondering about thechilli plants giving out profuse off white tiny flowers, the whole of May and June the full plant was loaded with beautiful flowers.  Wondering as I always keep planting seeds of chillies as they grow easily,   and then some spring to life during rains but this one was capsicum, or green chillie or red chilies. The chillie pepper plant looks quite happy and did not require any care.
 Awesum happiness, I never grow vegetables, but tried chillies. My terrace garden has exotic flowering plants each one has a different story.
 The black pepper plant had flowers then they sprung into light green berries like fruits, these turned yellow, and now they are purplish black. the black peppers we get in markets  are dried well and hard so they can be powdered. Stages of harvesting we get green, white , black. The peppers are dipped in solutions and treated to remove their skin to get white peppercorns as I read on G…