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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Succulent Jade Feng Shui Wealth plant Jade Practical tips for Growing Jade Plants and the Feng Shuii Number symbolism in Money Plants

Jade Plants Garden Care Simplified 

Healthy Feng shuii Money luck Jade Plants
 Wealth plant in Feng Shui are special chosen plants that have been great activators of wealth in Feng Shuii. These plants have been selected by Feng Shuii Masters for their unique qualities and staying power and special characteristics that make them great feng Shuii wealth cures.
The beautiful jade! Green, fleshy, tiny ovular leaves that require less care and less watering and for their staying power in tough environmental conditions these are termed as strong feng shuii money luck plants.
I find it difficult to take acre since we have a open terrace garden and there is strong sunlight for most part of the day. While there is always blooming happiness in our garden with loads of colourful blooms(sunlight blessings! these special ones , succulents and cactuses have a tough time with me. While most other plants require plenty of watering and in summers even twice these succulents have to be shifted to shady areas and also it is difficult to avoid over watering.
For the many lost plants, again this time got tempted and added a pair of green jade plants. This time they have found a space in our window sill garden along side with the Brahma kamal plants. While I still long for seeing the Brahma kamal flowers, painted the pots with left over paints. Will write another post sharing tips for painting garden pots.
Jade are very lucky plants in Feng Shuii and they have to grown in pairs for activating the Feng Shuii wealth and prosperity sector.  There is immense value given to number symbolism in feng shuii and this also comes for growing plants. This is one aspect I always take care of, never grow many single plants in your garden. Try to add up as many pairs as possible especially in the feng shuii relationships sector of your garden, this si the south west of your garden. The energy of pairs! The feng shuii wealth sector, this falls in the south east of your garden,  also needs the energy of two, so grow these plants as pairs, and it would be good to have two similar pots also.
Feng Shuii symbolism of number Two, symbolism unision, of two energies, very auspicious. The luck and blessings from heaven and earth. The number two activates energy in any space in double.  The Yin and the Yang, the high and the low, the light and the dark, it brings harmony and luck in any space.
Care for growing Jade Plants-
1) Sunlight is essential for jade plants, indirect for at least some hours of the day.
2) Choose well draining soil for jade plants. The soil must be firm and well draining. .
3) Avoid over watering the jade as the leaves get soggy and rot.
4) Avoid under watering , as then the leaves start to drop.
5) Root rot is most common in jade plants with soggy water clogged soil.
6) Best tip- Turn the Jade plants every few weeks so that they grow uniformly.
I had seen a large Jade tree, that was really very beautiful, grown in soil on land. Of course the owner had special adding’s and feedings during growth stage for this one and once it gets comfortable, the Jade is an Awesum succulent that keeps growing!
Today we see soil less growing and this one works for succulents  well and also for those who cannot control over watering! like me!
Grow these Awesum ones and do share your experiences with this beautiful Feng Shuii wealth cure, money luck plant Jade!

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Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
"Remember that children, marriages, and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get. H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Why Plants in Bedroom are Bad Feng Shuii Wealth sector in bedroom Feng Shuii

What to do if Feng Shuii wealth sector falls in bedroom? While the strongest wealth cures are green plants,we all love the Chinese Bamboo Goodluck plants that bring immense luck, we cannot use them in bedroom. Here, the feng shuii masters advise to avoid water,in any form. This affects relationships and health in the long run and must be avoided and bedroom Feng shuii needs to be well thought off carefully before using any feng shuii cures here. 
While we know that wealth sector is the most important it is also important to realize that feng shuii energy required in bedrooms needs to be more of Yin and soothing type. When people read feng shuii for wealth they immediately think of adding green growing plants as these are the best wealth cures in feng shuii. But Feng Shuii Masters advise to avoid plants in bedroom.
In Pairs!

how will you activate the most important sector of your life? 
Practical workable tips! Wealth sector in Feng shuii can be activated with actual coins, money,  the element metal. Then also the sweetest fruits oranges have great symbolism in Feng shuii and Orange trees loaded with fruits symbolize abundance and prosperity in that house. There are today so many artificial Orange trees, silk flowers,  gemstone trees, and Feng shui sculptures and paintings available as feng shuii cures that can be used effectively to activate wealth sector. 
There are so many ways to activate wealth and if the wealth sector falls in bedroom, this happens to be a tricky part to use feng shui cures for wealth. and you cannot place green plants you can have green paintings of leaves that symbolize wealth. Instead of having water for career and opportunities luck you can have gold coins paintings to activate this sector. 
Water in any form has to be avoided in bedroom in Feng Shuii. Masters advise to avoid plants as they have stagnant water and may also attract mosquitoes that affect health. then also water in bedroom attracts third party entry, in any form and this affects relationships between the couple. This third person need not be that the spouse is having an affair, it can be inlaws, it can be siblings or friends also who unknowingly keep advising you and this affects your relationship and peace of mind.
Do remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shuii!
Bedroom feng shuii for wealth-
1) Two plants, the energy of pairs is important here. in any form, always put two artificial plants, two paintings of flowers or trees, two vases of flowers. 
2) Never put these paintings in the entrance door of bedroom. Even if these are green plant paintings or flowers paintings they will put undue pressure on the couple to perform better, and in perfection than the other.
3) If your south east sector  comes just above your bed wall,  you have hung paintings above your bed check that they do not have dried trees, wilted flowers, or three trees or flowers as subjects. Stormy seas, thunder storms, cloudy rains,  as backgrounds must be avoided in artworks in bedroom.
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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Two Large Sized Flowers Plants How to get Large sized Flowers in Container Plants 2 Practical Tips

Adenium Flowers 4.5 inches size
While so many emails come up asking for how to get large sized flowers , and people always limit their thoughts that small container plants will always give small flowers , and they grow them in very large containers but most plants die off as they do not love such big spaces. Container plants always have a limited output and as for flowers you get proportionate small sized blooms according to the plants size and container size. This was what we always heard and as whoever sees my terrace garden says oh, these could grow so large in soil, yes ,agreed, but there is a charm and beauty of growing in containers...and of course not everyone can get a piece of land!
Allamanda flowers 5.5 inches size flowers
So while I have been getting blooms and always not so much feeding but regular trimming has worked wonders this time.
1) Regular trimming makes the stem healthy and much stronger and I have noticed drastic increase in size of the blooms this time, many be they got scared that I have trimmed so much frequently. Yes, it is true, as most cactus growers say that the plant in mode of distress and fear produces blooms, yet to see some blooms of the mystical Brahma Kamal plant...
Grow in large sized containers the Allamanda, Poinsettias, Mussaendas,  and let them be happy and they give larger sized flowers and many more in number.
2) For bulb and rhizome plants the opposite is true. Smaller sized containers, the rhizome plants love to be root bound and choose larger sized bulbs. See that they receive some hours of sunlight and a well draining soil works wonders. I have planted them together so that each one is vieing for attention. The Adenium plants are exotic and really very beautiful fluorescent pink. The first flowers were smaller in size but as they received sunlight and not much of extra stems coming up, the single stem gave out very large sized flowering stalk with three huge blossoms.
The rains bring out immense beauty in the magical little space under the sun, overflowing with blessings form the Universe, this time as I look for some casualties, injured or dead plants, which are not many till now,  there are so many new ones emerging from nowhere, as the seeds are latent.
The Elephants ear, dotted plant. Dwarf Caladium, are so beautiful and available in so many different types and colours, with their huge elephant ears shape, easy growing and spreads fats. Our plant were as lost , I had almost forgotten about this as there were absolutely no growth  for a year. as there were no signs for a year and suddenly in rainy season they have come up , and WOW what a size!
Huge Leaf of elephants ear plant unexpected new growth in rains

All the Best from Rizwana!
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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Disease and Pests in Brahma Kamal Plant Sausserea Obvallata Epiphyllum Oxypetallum Sick Plant disease and Care

Fresh Brahma kamal Sausserea Obvallata Epiphyllum Oxypetallum plant leaves dying ...

hard soil of Brahma kamal Sausserea Obvallata Epiphyllum Oxypetallum plant container
 Disease, pest seen in Brahma kamal plant! Sausserea Obvallata Epiphyllum Oxypetallum has been growing healthy with long elongated leaves and tiny emerging fresh leaves, with my serious mistake of taking them under direct rains and also some over watering...they have gone limp and thought I am immediately trimming the sick parts, what is aw today was thick emerged swollen parts, mites, pests , a disease, OMG, my Brahma Kamal plants are sick!!!
Sausserea Obvallata Epiphyllum Oxypetallum leaves drying at tips
 With growing plants for more than ten years, in my terrace garden I had never had so much trouble growing any plant! All my plants love me so much and of course tolerate my erratic gardening actions and yet give me so many happy blooms!
Drying portions of Brahma Kamal Sausserea Obvallata Epiphyllum Oxypetallum plant
Not the Brahma Kamal Sausserea Obvallata Epiphyllum Oxypetallum...I think the more I am caring the more it is eluding..this time I was shocked to see these pests disease on such healthy thick leaves of the Brahma Kamal plant. Tried to wipe these but they are embedded in the leaves.
 Is it the reason after adding some feeding...I usually avoid adding any feedings but got tempted to add the ready mix from the plant nursery and well they seem to get angry!
I don't know what went wrong but my earlier Brahma kamal plants used to grow out in the open terrace garden, I had to shift them because of bugs and caterpillars who feasted on the fleshy leaves and left holes in every leaf.
The Brahma kamal plant suddenly started to dry... of the many plants growing in small pots the edges began to dry and then more of them. I think it was the strong sunlight in the open, the evening sun which gives its full blast to my terrace garden. I have trimmed the dried portions and hoping they pick up growth fast!
Disease in Brahma Kamal Sausserea Obvallata Epiphyllum Oxypetallum plant
My Brahma kamal plants enjoy morning sunlight and are growing on a window sill. Hoping they will recover soon and meanwhile the garden this time is at its best, with huge blooms of allamanda,
Flourescent Pink Huge flowers Adenium Plant

Vibrant Pink Bougainvillea flowers 

Allamanda Flower Huge and fully loaded on Plant
"Remember that children, marriages, and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get. H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Red layered hibiscus , roses, lillies and Adeniums! The Obsession added another Brahma kamal plant! in the see...some blooms...of Brahma Kamal...
 Oh so totally agree when you see a beautiful garden do realize that it is the effort and hard work of the garden!

"Gardens are not made by singing 'Oh, how beautiful,' and sitting in the shade. Rudyard Kipling

New Plants Sausserea Obvallata Epiphyllum Oxypetallum
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Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Brahma Kamal plants going Limp! Very Important Lesson for Growing Brahma Kamal Plants

Brahma Kamal Plant leaves going limp
Very important lesson in growing Brahma Kamal plants- never ever over water! an emotional fool always I get so excited with first rains and want my indoor plants to enjoy as well! So even this year 2017, with the first rains, I took all my healthy Brahma kamal plants to enjoy the first shower, and they did not like it! The hot sun after the shower burnt the leaves and they just got real angry. The tips and then even whole healthy leaves went limp and started to get soggy. I started trimming the soggy part so that it does not spread, but, I am afraid the disease is spreading of the five plants...I am trying to save them, the dream and obsession continues but I am such an impatient soul, don't know whether I will get to see any blooms...
More leaves of Brahma Kamal flower plant disease
The Brahma Kamal plant has taken good roots and has strong root system. So hoping it will survive my tantrums!I will remember this, never ever over water your Brahma kamal plants, they can go dry but not with more water,especially during monsoon season.
Leaves falling off soggy
Avoid watering during afternoons
Avoid watering large quantities of water
Avoid adding water with force to the container of Brahma Kamal plant
Avoid misting the plant, bathing the Brahma Kamal plant in sunlight.
For all the Brahma Kamal plant lovers, hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Save Adopt Swap! Ideas and Suggestions for Eco Harmony!

Monsoons , the best time of the year, monsoons always bring out the nest in me! right from the artist with loads of creative energy to the obsessive gardener , planting just about anything I get my hand on! This time again some fresh seeds planted, Adenium, the exotic variety of plants , had the seeds from the parent plant that died last year. With excitement and hope, and happinesss!
Couldn’t resist my self and the obsessive gardener,  even though we are planning to shift within a few months from here, to a larger space much higher, but without an open terrace, adopted a few stray plants growing under our car parking slot. Gulmohar, flame of the forest tree seeds immediately have sprouted and are so beautiful. Awestruck with beauty of the Universe, we struggle so hard to grow plants at home from seeds and these stray plants come up and die off after each rain or are cut off while cleaning the parking space. So saved a few, I wish I could save many but...

Fresh sprouts coming up with first rains of 2017
 You could do some simple act as to save these, look out during monsoons for fresh growing seeds on roads, nooks, corners of buildings, car parking slots,  you will see many plants growing, there are so many periwinkles (they spread like wild with seeds) , and of course if you have a garden, seeds keep coming up. share, swap, adopt! The trees shed their seeds that are embedded in the soil and come to life with the first showers.
seeds of Aboli fire cracker and peaclimber Blue roses

fresh seeds of Gulmohar flame of forest sprouting
 Look at the exotic trees, flowering trees and see below on the ground , you will find babies growing near by under the huger trees. Obviously these will after the rains perish off, and also after rain cleaning of ground they will be removed and killed. Few years back I had saved a yellow flowering plant , wanted desperately yellow in my garden, did not know its name then,  yet the yellow attracted me, and since then it has given us so many blooms all year round!
Seeds of Gulmohar tree growing 
 You could also swap plants from next door gardeners. This is also great as each gardener has loads of cuttings and free plants that go waste and can be swapped with your plants for free. Unfortunately I have grown so many different types and varieties of plants , I hardly get in return any, name it I have had it! all the common varieties of roses, hibiscuses, and many many exotic ones also! now on look out of exotic rare flowering plants only! of course what we have are happily growing in my little space under the sun!
This helps save so many plants, when you see trees cut off, plant cuttings, you can take small shoots and each one will grow in a plant and tree!
Planted them in a metal drum Gulmohar tree grows tall and wide.
 The metal drum where the Gulmohar we lost last year, that had given us so many vermilion red vibrant blooms, Awesum to look at from the sky red tree growing on the terrace garden!  ... still remained added fresh energy! I hope they grow well and, will give them love and care!
Thank you for coming by Garden care Simplified!

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All the Best from Rizwana!
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Wodyetia bifurcata The Fox Tail Palm loaded with fruits

Wodyetia bifurcata The Fox tail Palm loaded with fruits, what an Awesumly amazing sight! I did not know this type of palm and our society garden has beautiful varieties of plants and this was a surprise with so many bunches of fruits almost overflowing luck!
We have date palms that always have so many fruits that actually no one cares!The bunches of dates, raw yellowish ones , drop and are feats fro birds, no wonder the garden has thousands of birds, sparrows mynas, crows and other exotic birds,cuckoo, green bee eaters, koyal,  that stay happily .Just till construction begins...that is the saddest part of development...
I had grown Date palms in container from seeds, very easy to grow,  but then had to part with this as the these palms grow quite tall.So we are happy with the ornamental palms that sway with breeze and are Awesum Feng Shui!

Fox tail palm has fruits similar to Angeer, fig and only when you see the tree can you recognize the fruit is on a palm tree. The fruits are more curvy and reddish orange in colour. The leaves are a bit longer and curve off from the centre giving it an appearance of fox tail, hence the name.
Fox tail palm, a species of palm in Arecaceae family.

Wodyetia bifurcata The Fox Tail Palm

Close up of fruits on Wodyetia bifurcata The Fox Tail Palm
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Monday, June 19, 2017

Orange Plant Feng Shui Goodluck Wealth Luck Prosperity Tree 5 Growing Tips for Healthy Orange Fruit Tree

From the green leaves after a few years... the plant breaks into tiny off white buds,  the fragrance is what made me go near and smell them, actually it is a wonderfully refreshing citrus one.  Loaded with off white fragrant flowers, the flowers fall  off , drop their white petals, leaving behind a small center of green bud like fruit. This lucky small fruit, orange fruits grows in size and looks almost like a green lemon. Gradually it grows in size and is a lovely shade of dark green color. Awesum, Heavenly Citrusy and Tangy Orangy!
Orange Fresh Green  Fruit on Plant
Growign Good Luck mandarin oranges in containers has been considered very auspicious in feng Shui. Orange fruit trees grown near main doors and entrances are symbols of wealth and prosperity luck.
Sitting near the orange plant in the evenings is a bliss as the citrus smell is everywhere. Scientifically it has also been proved that orange flowers are very good for migraines and anxiety as well as depression patients. The fragrance is truly of some citrus origin and it really uplifts your mood. A dose of citrus perfume in your own house, the freshness of the orange fruit and the hope of new juicy fruits all is enough motivation to grow the orange plant. Though we have a terrace garden and it is difficult to grow fruits in containers the orange fruit plant is easily grown and also does not require much care. The butterflies have a favorite fascination for this plant to lay larvae and the young caterpillars feed on the leaves, be careful as  sometimes they feats upon the total plant leaves leaving the plant barren!

Mandarin Orange Trees , Chinese Orange trees and feng shui Orange plants in containers are readily available. we have had two to three plants and now I have grown the Orange tree from seeds, it brings immense happiness to grow your own plant from seeds.  
Green Orange Fresh fruit on Plant

My Plant Grown from Orange seeds

Grow a  good orange fruit plant grown in container , here are 5 Awesum tips!
1) The seeds planted in soil need well draining soil and indirect proper sunlight.Plants also choose a spot where the orange container receives direct sunlight for few hours of day.
As soon as the plant begins growing tall thick stem, about five to six inches,  snip little tip of it. 
 Cutting the extra stems on the orange fruit plant will encourage more and healthy big fruits on the plant. The plant grows bushy and the main stem is strong.
2)Fertilize the orange plant as soon as winter ends so that the nutrients are absorbed before the onset of fruits and as spring ,sunlight, sets in the beautiful orange plant blossoms into a beautiful fully loaded with white flower tree. 
3)  After the orange fruit plant has begun flowering do not disturb the plant in any from except watering regularly. Personally I have seen that after flowering if you add feeds or fertilizer in greed to have large sized orange fruits, the fruits drop off. Allowing the fruits to turn orange on plant itself is great to get natural taste. Large sized fruits also cling well to the orange plant, these are tough ones, but if your orange plant is weak/ diseased only then will they drop off fruits even when not ripe.
4) Most important after setting fruits, Never let the orange plant go dry in times of flowering and fruiting, though this is is a sturdy plant and can bear some time off, with a few skipped watering.
8) Most important tip which people often never think off, this is a fruiting and flowering plant, grows best under full sunlight, but is effected by evil eye and you might want to protect the orange tree from others touch.  Even though you may have bought it  for feng shui reasons please  it needs some amount of direct sunlight to flower and fruit and also some protection from evil eyes. A fully loaded Orange plant is a beautiful sight, tie three red ribbons to it. I also tie old sued CD discs so that the light reflects beautifully from the plant and it also reflects back the negative energy coming by from others view.
The juicy orange fruits on the orange plant are a welcome sight for everybody and even on touching the fruits the fragrant smell of oranges is in the air. And the best part is to enjoy a cool orange drink in the hot summer afternoon, nothing like orange juice to beat the heat!But yes, the Lucky orange plants have small oranges so quite a task to get some quality of juice! I tasted the tangy, they are bit sour and tangy , they have big seeds, but of course own grown is for the love of gardening! and Love of Feng Shui!
Do share your experiences with growing feng shui orange plants and if you have had any problems in them fruiting, or maybe it has blessed you with loads of blooms, or it is just growing and growing and no signs of fruiting! maybe I can help.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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From the green leaves after a few years... the plant breaks into tiny off white buds,  the fragrance is what made me go near and smell them...