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Exotic Hippeastrum Amaryllis and Some Important Care for Bulbs during Summers

Amaryllis exotic blooms and red Anthuriums! Hippeastrum ,A genus of about 90 species and over 600 hybrids , they are bulbous plants with tall long green leaves. The main attraction is the large sized blooms that come up on a single stalk. Each flower is six to seven inches wide, and every stalk has five blooms.

Hippeastrum papilio AGM , unusual  white flowers with deep red streaks. and touches of green.
Hippeastrum Belinda -deep red flowers.
Hippeastrum Star of Holland- red with white markings.
Hipeastrum bestseller -cerise pink flowers
Red Lion-strong red flowers.
Welcome to the family! added some more colour to our garden and our lives!
Searching for exotic rare flowers, visiting so many plant nurseries, it has now become more than an obsession to add/buy plants. While they have to squeeze in my little space this time it was justified with a loss of a few precious ones, leaving some containers barren... the precious Adenium that was with us since many years,  got sick from root fung…

How To Save Adenium Rhizome Bulb Plants Adenium Desert Rose Rhizome Disease Root Rot and New Mango Colored Aboli Flower Plants

Aboli plant fire cracker, added a new one, while we had the peach coloured plant loved this one, its a soothing mango colour! and I also love the blue ones, heavenly deep blue, they look Awesum , but did not find it, will keep looking for Blue colored Aboli flower plants. The Aboli plant is usually selected for their beautiful blooms and bush remains ever green if grown in proper sunlight. The flowers have three or five asymmetrical petals, and leaves are glossy green. Most loved by women as these form a beautiful hair decorations, gajra and garlands, along with fragrant jasmines and mogra flowers. Aboli plants are also loved for their magical crackling of seeds. Its an Awesum experience to hear and see the seeds crackle and burst.
This is a beautiful way of nature for propagation of this Aboli as the seeds spread and then grow into new plants.With religious symbolism the plant also is considered auspicious and not many are able to grow it successfully.
Common pests and diseases I ha…