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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Exotic Flowers Anthurium Plants Care and Simple Tips for Flowering

Anthurium plants, exotic flower plant , very much similar to peace lily or any bulb plants with very beautiful unique blooms.International flowers anthuriums grow in cold countries but can be grown well with little care. The dream has finally come true as I had this on the wish list since many years and the main hurdle was the price, yes the plants come at a heavy price.
Shocking Pink Anthurium Flower on Plants

Heavenly White Anthurium Flower Original Photo by Rizwana
Anthurium plants are available in different colored blooms. Reds are the most beautiful, followed by baby pink and white. There are also the shaded variety which shows two colored blooms. We have two different color anthurium flower plants and as they stand up with royal stature among the family of all our precious ones they too have taken a love to the space.
The flower of anthurium is like a pod with small off white tiny beads stuck up on the single pod coming out from the beautiful base in heart shape. While drying off the pod goes darker and then turns black and then the bloom withers off.  The flower has been on my wish list from past so many years when i had painted the pink anthuriums abstract in vase 2005, as they were very costly then also i had purchased velvet flowers in red that too had come at quite a  price! Thank You for this beautiful plant, welcome to the family!
The anthurium plant leaves are shaped as heart and have a beautiful glossy color green. The plant when without flowers looks almost like any other foliage plant and grows from central arrangement like the peace lilly plant. The extensive reading and finding information on this exotic flowering plant Anthuriums, over the years here I share simple guidelines.
Anthuriums, rare exotic plants need a little bit of care as in sunlight and watering.
1) A partial shade and some amount of indirect sunlight is fine for daily growth. For flowering  the plants need to get some amount of indirect sunlight daily at least early morning or evening natural sun light.Avoid placing under direct sunlight.
2) Soil in which the anthuriums are planted is very important.  These plants need a well draining soil. Following the principle for all bulb plants we need to have them root bound till they pick up growth.
3) Small pots and containers ensures regular blooms.
Exotic Flower Anthurium
4) Once flowered the Anthurium plant goes in rest period and may not flower in the same year.Unless of course you add fertilizer in right doses at right times, which the fresh flower businesses do.
5) The Anthurium flowers are unique in shape as colored petals , looking exotic and great. The  beautiful blooms are sure attention grabbers and very good for offices and indoor spaces.
Thank you. 
Take Care and All the Best!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Two Majestic Bonsai Trees Banyan and Tamarind Shared by Our Reader Sudhir Saha

20 Years Old Banyan Tree Bonsai
Tamarind Tree 10 Years old Bonsai
Two majestic aged bonsai trees, Mr Sudhir has shared original photographs with the query about tips and suggestions to get healthy fruits on these beautiful bonsai trees.
Thank you .
Its great that you have love for bonsai trees as this is a specialized plant field. Thank you for the photographs, to be shared on Garden Care Simplified, and hoping we get some genuine tips from plant lovers and our readers.
Two great bonsai trees, banyan is the one that helps gain respect and long life and tamarind gives fruit. I have no personal experience with these but can guide you in basic suggestions.
In Bonsai we have to focus on the top more and allow the roots / soil to be minimized in small containers. Just enough leaves to help the tree make food.
The trees must be kept in partial shaded areas and not allow the surface to be too dry. I guess water has to added only when the surface gets dry. If you have kept it outside then the trees may require more care as from birds and sunlight.
Regular trimming of small areas from branches from time to time assures fruits. The fruits on bonsai are of the same size as we get on large trees hence the heavy fruit branches need to be supported by wires and tied securely to hold the heavy fruit laden branches with the bonsai tree trunk.
Fertilizers in small quantities dissolved in water for healthy growth and nourishment of soil.
Hope this helps.
I am sure you can get some important tips from the nursery you bought these plants, do share how your trees progress.
Take Care and All the Best!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Festival of Plants in Thane City Exhibition of Large Variety of Plants for Sale

Festival of plants, exhibition and sale of  a large variety of plants. Beginning from 17th January  will be for next two days till 19th January 2014.
Like many Thanekars each year I  wait for this one  as we get to see a large variety of different flowering, fruiting and exotic plants under one roof. Missed the Darjeeling and Himachal Pradesh stalls and missed my dear bulbs, the gladiolus bulbs have been purchased from here two years back.
The trend seen in past few years is you get to choose on the first day but prices are very high. From Anthuriums costing 800 per plant to Lily costing nearly a thousand Rupees for single plant. Maybe the last day of the exhibition will have some fast desperate sales though one
Colorful Vibrant Yellow and Reds
may have to do away with left overs.
Breezing the chilly winters every plant lover seen under this one roof, with beautiful landscaping by reputed builders and property dealers flowers for competitions and fruit carving exhibits the exhibition has much for everybody's interest. The stalls near the end have good plants and were even ready to bargain, no wonder they had fast sales!
Rose Flowers Majestic Biz Size Beautiufl Roses in Competition

Large Size Pink Rose Flower

Flowering Pots on Display

Flower Rangoli Decorations in Thane Plant Exhibition

Information boards on different types of Palms
Anthuriums plants white and pink flowers

Bonsai plants exhibits in Thane

Large Variety of Succulent Plants

Succulent Plants for sale

Authuriums of two colors  and a few more rare ones, a few exotic ones have add up to our family. Welcome to the Family! finding place to squeeze them in!

Biggest Plant Festival in Thane City Exhibition of Different Types of Plants

Thane Plant Festival 17 to 19 January 2014
Biggest plant festival in Thane city has come up so soon this year 2014. Beginning from 17th January  will be for next two days till 19th January 2014.
Like many Thanekars I have waited for this one every year as a lot of rare ones add up to our family.
Entrance Decorations for Plant Festival Thane
First night pictures, enjoy!
Plant Exhibits Cycas

Kale in Different Color Exhibits

Flower Decoration at Thane Plant Festival

Carnations as Border Decorations

Colorful Vibrant Petunias

Plant Landscaping

Central Display with Water Feature

Vibrant Blooms Exhibits

Beautiful Colors of Nature

Purple fantasy

Majestic Lily

Heavenly Shevanthi Flowers

Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow in my Garden The White Leaves plant Happy 2014 to All Our Readers

White leaf snow tree
This new Year was like snowing in my garden. The white leaf tree had plenty of white tiny flowers, full of white blooms made it appear like snowing on the plant. The whole tree was laden with white flowers. Tiny, unique, beautiful in clusters.
cornus Drumondii Roughleaf Dogwood, as I think it has been stated. The beautiful white flowers are sure attractors for birds and bees. lovely butterflies  been recently visiting our garden along with colorful sweet singing birds this season.
Trekking and hiking refreshed! Karnala Bird Sanctuary.
Peacock Dancing happily

Green colorful Kingfisher birds  in  garden

buds on white tiny flowers tree

christmas decorations tree

close up of leaves of white leaf tree
 caring for this beautiful plant-water regularly and do not skip during flowering season, plant leaf droops with  a single skip of watering also.
Try to keep the shape controlled by pruning  branches to give it a bushy appearance.  In winter The leaf when goes from dark greyish green to light yellow and drop and then clusters of flower buds are seen.
Avoid keeping this plant near strong winds or breezes. Needs regular partial sunlight at least a part  of the day for flowering.
close up of leaves of white leaf tree
Wishing all our readers and all those who  share here a Happy Great 2014! keep sharing your experiences, unique plants, rare flowers, or any new growths in your pots,  at
Thank you.
Take Care and God Bless!
All the Best!
Happy New Year 2014 from Garden care Simplified

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