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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Feeling the Loss of my pet Budgie Love Bird Goldie and Some Important Tips for Planting New Plants

Feeling the loss...We lost Goldie, our pet budgie love bird on 14th August at 5.15 pm. The struggle... she entered my life on 22 January 2013 and taught me so many lessons in life, discipline, never every give up ..and of course dedication and self less love. Only I was allowed the privilege to stroke her feathers , she had bit my son when he tried this!
Innocent Mischievous look playing hide and seek
Goldie, my pet love bird Golden bird, passed away evening at 5.15...she was a survivor...she entered my life on 22 January 2013..was sick with tumour in her stomach.when we bought her.quiet type.....she lived a well disciplined life...was very clean and shiny, really Gold...she was bit by the blue bird and was about to lose one foot...but she survived...her leg healed...I had made special room space in the large cage for her...since May 2015 she was suffering from boil near eye, which was healed after two surgeries...antibiotics...convulsions...fits..I did not understand how much pain she was going through and what her life journey was all about..
Goldie...Missing you...My Pet Love Bird
I would feed her by hand and she survived....Reiki healing helped a lot..prayers from friends and relatives..awesum face book friends....she bore it all ...a real crumbs mixture I would spread on the floor so she could eat leafy veges after persuasion she started to eat and regained health...but...since last week again the tumour came near her eye...she was fine till this time... she did not eat since yesterday...Please Pray! I know she must be happy on the swing.. on a large flowery swing with her friends...partner..she did not have any friends here except for me...
Some precious moments...that will now remain as memories...have to stop wishing her good morning and good night...habit..of conversing..and her interesting if she understood everything....and she really did...Goldie has been cremated with due respect in our garden...she will remain with us in the garden blooms...Love you Goldie!
Goldie Love Bird 

Playing Ring a Ring a Roses

Death is a bitter part of life...the loss no doubt is irreplaceable.
Coming back to gardening...With so much happiness we plant a fresh one and if this is not happy it does make us feels sad, losses are a part of life and gardening. Select a healthy plant and preferably with  some blooms on it. Check out these informative posts for more.
It also happens sometimes that some plants do not take well to your energy so don't fight this feelings just try planting another type of plants!
Best time to Buy New Plants
Five Reasons Why your newly Planted plant died
How to Grow Plants from Seeds

All the Best from Rizwana!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Original Brahma Kamal Plant Flowers Photographs and Video from an Awesum Reader Chitra from Pune Thank You

This is so so so Awesum, Thanks a  Ton Chitra for sharing this happiness with all of us!  these wonderful photographs of the Majestic Brahma Kamal flowers.What a great Video capture experiencing the moments with the bloom. It has been noted that there are many who pray, respect and wish for while the flower blooms, there is a belief that Brahma Himself appears in this form, a God of Creation, and only when he is pleased does the flower bloom. Thank you so much Chitra!
Over to Chitra!
Hello Rizwana,

I am Chitra from Pune.....came across your blog while 
searching for nurseries in Delhi where Brahmakamal plant can be 
bought (for a friend)! 
The Bud

Flower Slowly opening

Brahma Kamal Flower in Bloom

Fully Bloomed Awesum Sight

Flower Closed early Morning

4 Buds of the Nine Buds Due to bloom in a couple of days on Brahma Kamal Plant

I have a Brahmakamal plant here which has enthralled me with 
its awesome flowers ! Right now there are nine buds ready to bloom 
in a couple of days. I will send some pics and perhaps a video for 

My friend gave me a stem with a couple of leaves about three 
years flowers the first year...the second year there were 
five buds...four of them fell off and only one bloomed...what a joy 
it brought to all of us ! this is the third year four have bloomed 
already and another nine buds are there ready to bloom in a couple 
of days time...must mention that here in Pune flowers come only 
during the monsoons (June end to Aug-Sept) and not every six months 
as some people have said in your blog !

Rizwana, please feel free to post this mail with the photos 
and video on your blog !
The Video is Breathtakingly Beautiful, feeling so blessed, Thank you so much Chitra for you wishes, yes sure I do hope I get to see these Awesum blooms and experience the magic of the Brahma Kamal!

the obsession with the Brahma Kamal bloom continues in my life... , in a good way, dedication, for pleasing Brahma, Himself, creation,  is what brings about and have also painted the Majestic blooms, 
Original Hand Painting acrylic on canvas of Brahma Kamal Flwoers by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
 in hope of wish fulfillment.Had shifted my plants in the Terrace garden for monsoons , hoping for some magic spurt in growth, but sad that bugs again start eating the leaves leaving holes and nibbled edges in the leaves and the plants call for help! so again they are back in the kitchen window! They sure love pampering attention!
Original hand painting of  Brahma Kamal bud
Once again Thanks Chitra!
and each one of you Awesum readers dont forget to connect on Face Book , group Garden Care Simplified and share your awesum plants.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Healthy Fresh Corn Pakoras Recipe Step by Step and Honey bee Hive in my Terrace Garden

Corn Maize pakoras recipe step by step

Rainy season and hot pakoras go hand in hand, always in the chilly rains we love too eat fresh fried bhajiyas. No,  I usually prefer healthy food but these are too tempting to not eat in cloudy atmosphere, cold chilly rains! Onions and potato pakoras are traditionally famous but new healthy options can be  made with frying vegetable pakoras. Spinnach, methi, brinjals, lady fingers all can be fried with using batter mixture for fresh pakoras.  I have tried and they taste Awesum. Try different types, slices of gourds, brinjals, lady fingers slit, cucumber slices, bolied egg slices, and enjoy.
Corn bhajiyas step by step recipe
Batter prepared for pakoras
1) Step one choose corn, bhutta of soft seeds. dried seeds do not give tasty pakoras.
2) Sharp knife remove the seeds. use batter of besan.
Fresh hot pakoras of corn, Maize pakoras at home
3) Add green chillies corriander, turmeric, salt to taste.
4) keep for some time and then fry in oil for crisp hot pakoras.
5) Green chutney or tomato sauce as accompaniment for this snack in the rains!
Enjoy home made! Be creative, try creative bhajiyas and pakoras.
Allamanda plant and Sun Set from my little space under the sun
On the garden front not opening the door one day due to rains, and we see a big bee hive, how fast these honey bees  work!  so was bitten by one and have a swelling on hand, part and parcel of gardening in the open is unexpected guests also come up! It has been removed for now and this is the third time they have tried to barge in the garden as there are lots of colorful flowering plants and party time for these honey collectors! however much we like honey we do not love these as there is always danger of getting a sting or pets getting attacked by bees. Large honey cultivators grow special plants for getting good honey but they go wearing protective clothing , which we cannot in small home garden  spaces.
Bee Hive in one day in my little space under the sun
 The blooms of fragrant white jasmine, juhi flowers are really large sized this time and have Awesum fragrance!
Fragrant Jasmine, Night blooming Jasmine flower

Honey Bee hive removed
All the Best from Rizwana!
Thank you for coming by Garden Care Simplified!
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
Read more on-

If you have any doubts, queries and issues with your container plants do comment on my blog posts, I will surely guide you, answer with love!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How to attract Butterflies in Garden Tips and Tricks Welcome Butterflies in your garden and Some Precautions in Butterfly Gardens

The Fluorescent Pink Chinese Rose bloom attracted this yellow beautiful butterfly
Butterflies are still a symbol of happiness, freedom and luck. Right from childhood these angels in awesum colors have fascinated me. From so many colors, designs, patterns butterflies are really God's best gift of art.
While I have captured and shared so many butterfly pics here, from the large sized moths to tiny small colorful ones they search for
Sunflowers in Full Bloom

Caterpillar Huge one Finger Size
nectar and sit on the colorful and most loved blooms where they get most of the sweetness.
Yes was a bit shocked and screamed with this huge one that cam as a symbolic message from the universe, expecting major changes in my life and warning to beware and awesum good luck.
Camouflaged among the background bamboo plants exactly same colors shading
Then there was this wonderful large sized one that looked exactly like the Bamboo plants it flew over, maybe it was about to lay eggs, the camouflaged look was awesum, perfection in nature!
Want some of these heavenly friends in your garden some tips-
1) Colorful flowers. This is a best bet, they come.
2) Juicy nectar, the inside part of the flowers must have nectar and looks shiny. when you break parts you can see drops of water in. Select these types of flowering plants.
3) Allow space in between flowering plants and other greens. Butterflies love to hop and jump from one flower to other flower.
4) Avoid placing sharp pointed thorny plants, they repel the butterflies, though our Thorny cactus leaves too was a feast for the larvae!
5) Bright sunny locations and strong sunlight will not allow the butterfly to lay eggs. some amount of low light and dampness is what they love.
6) Large trees covering small plants of colorful blooms are best for beginning a  butterfly garden.
7) Butterfly lay eggs on leafy and bushy plants so that the babies get enough food when they hatch.
8) I have learned that different colorful types of butterflies have different likes for plants and flowers, so study these and then plant some that they love.
9) protect them from plant pests that eat up these larvae, bird love these tiny ones!
Now for some practical precautions in a Butterfly garden-
1) Keep it away from your home space, remember the eggs when hatched the little caterpillars go all spaces and even enter home space.
2) See that your precious plants, costly ones are not among the butterfly loving plants as these too will be feasted upon by the new caterpillars and go barren!
3) The larvae when hatches into caterpillars have a voracious appetite and will feed fast, as to even large leaves within a day before they go into a cocoon.
4) Sometimes they also feed on fruits and vegetables so this might affect the growth of these plants and the quality of fruit.
5) After the happiness comes a quiet time, the butterflies fly away but leave the garden barren, if the plants are tough they grow again or you have to plant/ bring new plants.
6) The butterfly garden also invites unknown pests, birds and so be prepared for this.
Tricks for a Butterfly garden-
1) Judiciously plant a mixture of ornamental and exotic colorful attractive flowering plants.
2) Keep a check on how many plants the butterflies have laid eggs, remove your costly plants  from this space, restrict the butterfly  space to few plants.
3) See that while trimming you take care to avoid trimming leaves with eggs if you want a butterfly garden.If you accidentally cut the leaf, place it near a bushy plant so that the larvae can get food fast.
4) The time when butterflies lay eggs, season, give them a nourishing environment at that time.
5) The love colors so place colorful shiny garden ornaments if you have few plants, still they will come.
6) Take care while watering plants with butterfly eggs.Avoid washing the leaves.
They are symbols of peace, hope, happiness and growth but just keep a check on their growth as your garden my go barren. I have seen a struggling one die in front of its wings got stuck into its own fluid from the cocoon... ( check this post ...Birth of a new life...Fault of nature) and I have seen with great happiness how butterflies fly! My hearts kips a beat with feelings of Joy, ecstasy, as if letting my heart free...  It is the most beautiful feeling to see the cocoon burst open gradually the struggling butterfly coming out...and flying free in front of you...Awesum!

My Magical Garden, Digital Art by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Have an Awesum Day from Rizwana!
Thank you for coming by Garden Care Simplified!
All the Best from Rizwana!

If you have chanced upon my page from Google search, Please do share ,You may not need it but this plant advice and gardening tips can help some one on verge of giving up gardening!Save a lot of plant lives and loads of money!
All Photographs and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved © 2010-2017 Rizwana A.Mundewadi

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