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Monday, September 29, 2014

Wonderful video of Brahma Kamal spiritual flower actually blooming and withering in one night Shared by Our Reader Suresh Misra

Brahma Kamal actually Blooming video, check out this wonderful video of Brahma Kamal spiritual flower blooming and withering in one night, such a wonderful life of majestic beauty!shared by one of readers of Garden Care Simplified,Thank you Suresh!
This is such great news , you can watch the actual blooming of the flower and how gradually it starts closing as if lived its life of majestic beauty.
Brahma Kamal in Full Bloom

I really wonder how much energy the plant puts in in bring up such heavy big sized blooms and then the whole process of peacefully patiently opening of each petal and the wide open flower of Brahma Kamal, and as the night moves on it is so happy and then coming of dawn the whole process goes backwards, life lived like a super star!
watch the video, it gives goose bumps, my heart just skipped a few beats! too good! just no words left, view this beautiful experience shared by our reader of Garden Care Simplified.
Thank you very very much Suresh Misra for this wonderful spiritual share, God Bless from Rizwana!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Heavenly Flowers of the Brahma Kamal Blooming Thank you to reader Irudayraj Excellent capture of Brahma Kamal flowers in bloom

Life of Beauty, the spent blooms of the majestic Brahma Kamal auspicious flower
Heavenly Flowers of the Brahma Kamal Blooming Thank you to  reader Irudayraj Excellent capture of Brahma Kamal flowers in bloom in full glory, I still wonder the flower takes so many years to come up in many plants and the glory remains just for a night, but what a beautiful life it leads with full majestic happiness and proud elegant aura.
The time taken for buds to appear, the process of gradually representing life as it blooms, some of the viewers also actually see how the sepals and petals gradually open, maybe it also must be communicating with a nature song, if I experience it definitely will share whether the flower makes a sound while opening..

Majestic Large Blooms of Brahma Kamal flower
The loss no doubt is irreplaceable as my love bird has passed away on September 19th 2014, still coming over the grief, ...
My lovely Blue Bird my favourite wise intelligent one 

Great news is that the Allamanda flowering plant has come up with majestic large sized buds 
my loss should in no way come in between the happiness brought about by this beautifully wonderful  share!
 Meanwhile thank you very much Irudayraj for this lovely share, God Bless you!and May loads of Good luck and Prosperity come your way!
Large sized white heavenly Brahma Kamal blooms at a readers home

Monday, September 22, 2014

Window Gardening Window Sill Gardening 9 Important tips for starting your own window sill garden

Window Gardening Window Sill Gardening is coming up a lot today in homes as with space crunch we are seeing a lot of plant lovers opting for small spaces in windows or window sills to let out their hobby of love for plants. Window gardens give lots of fresh energy to your living rooms with lovely fragrant plants. Even bedrooms can have green window sills to wake up to a new day with fresh green colorful view.
We had a window garden before the terrace garden and I have years of experience in growing window sill garden plants.
Window Gardening

1) Select plants that do not require direct sunlight for many hours as most windows receive sunlight for only few hours of the day . There are many flowering plants (our roses did not bloom in the window garden  and with the open terrace are going wild with heavy blooms and fully loaded bushes!) that will never bloom if they don’t receive direct sunlight for at least few hours of the day, so choose plants that will manage with lesser sunlight and space.
Living Room Window Garden
2) Keep check on the growth of plants in your window garden , especially bedroom window garden, and never let them grow larger than the window as they cover the whole window space and also block air and view from outside. Especially with climbers and creepers.
3) Check on pests and ants as they enter the home from the window, a sight with caterpillars and creepy earthworms inside the home is not a welcome sight!
4) Prevent lot of hanging baskets as dried leaves, natural process of  laves shedding,  come inside the home with breeze.
5) Avoid large container plants as they need lots of water and will make the window sill weak and also invite diseases with stagnant water, mosquitoes and flies .
6) Keep plates under the window garden post to avoid wetness near the window as wet places are active spaces for breeding of mosquitoes and flies.
7) Best to keep plants at a comfortable level so that you can enjoy viewing the blooms and also the fragrances of flowering plants.
8) Avoid leaving the window sill containers  empty as they accumulate dust and garbage thrown as well as mosquitoes and flies. Remove them if not using them.
If left empty the window sill garden  starts accumulating dust and rubbish.
Many complexes have these ready made window sill garden enclosures to plant.
9) Try to select plants that are not edible for birds as they love to pluck and eat fresh leaves of plants grown in window sills. Most birds also come to drink water from potted plants in windows and some try to pluck out, we have lost many beautiful plants, for them it is fun time pass or collecting stems to make nest, but the plants die to this exercise and fun playing from birds , that the plants die of fear of continuously being plucked!especially they love chinese roses and day lillies , poppies, money plant, jade, they will make the pot totally barren!
Budgie love bird enjoying the Gym exercise
the blue one, who was very wise and intelligent among the green, white, yellow  and loved the pen refill , the gym exercises swing, no more with us...I am so sad we lost her on Friday 19th September 2014.she lies peacefully in a garden plant container of Allamanda flowering tree, and has made a special place in our home and heart!please pray for her...still coming to terms with this loss...

All the Best from Rizwana!

Friday, September 19, 2014

My blue bird Boku passed away please pray for her

Please pray for her soul, My lovely friend, Blue Love bird passed away yesterday Friday morning 19th september 2014, fajr prayers timing, 5.30 . very very sad, she was intelligent, active and graceful with loads of royal attitude, Three years she gave me so much love and always listened to me. Till last day she was active, female love bird she laid many clutches of eggs and till recently had stopped, but this one took her life and she couldn't, ... she was on her feet till last night also and did not show any signs of sickness....May Allah give her a beautiful swing, may have already given to this innocent soul, and loads of companions as here she would be alone and not mix with other birds but loved to be near me and always followed my instructions. 
The last day I spent with her as she was unable to sit and was on her feet most time. Warm water soaking and warm oil and loads of prayers , she allowed me to stroke her and the fluffiness reduced with this. Since past many days she was in depression and would sleep lots and eat only seeds. I really don't know whether this was because of the new entry of baby finch that our watchman brought from the society garden. She had also bit his feet twice and he was kept in separate home.
We have her cremated in our garden container, hope she stays with us as a beautiful flowering tree,Please pray for her....really very very sad...

I am still coming to terms with this heavy loss, she just was so active and always loved chapatti, and monaco salted biscuits.
Enjoying the exercise weight lifting

Couple Blue and Green Love Birds

Eggs of Boku Love Bird

Intelligent Wise love Bird

Love Bird enjoying biscuit

Crooks and corners Boku  love bird playing
 she loved the home and like all other three would have her special corner perch. Would sleep less and was active even at night and I would find here snacking at mid night also. Her favourite foods were crunchy husk, biscuits, green leafy spinach or any leafy vegetable but fresh.
The adventurous one had also flown from our window to the ground, eleven floors and found on ground, my son brought her back home , and she loved so many years and ruled my heart with her special expressions and actions. It was just that she could communicate with me without speaking words.
the only sound she would make when the male bird caught her and a sign of cry for help. other wise she would be in her own world and quietly busy, loved to shred paper which I sometimes gave her.
I took care to keep the floor clean so that they do not eat from bottom and their own droppings.
It is really very hard to let go, hope she flowers in our garden...our family together with due respect have cremated her in big garden container of Allamanda flower ....
Take Care and God Bless!
The three tier love bird home

Monday, September 15, 2014

Why You Are Not Able to Grow Plants in Hanging Baskets Some Very Important Tips for Fully Loaded Hanging Baskets Flowering Tips

Hanging baskets not only add beauty to your garden with most flowering plants growing beautifully in them but also make the garden design attractive and give a visual appeal. The advantage of hanging baskets is they leave the floor space free for use and also do not require much acre except watering and few trimmings. 
Vibrant Colorful petunia Flowering Plant

We all love the heavy hanging baskets full of flowers and even though they look beautiful and easy there are some tips and trick to maintain your hanging baskets beautifully loaded with blooms.
Purple Shaded Petunia flowering plant in hanging baskets
Boston Fern Best  Plant for Hanging baskets
Though we nowadays get ready hanging baskets with lovely flowering plants and ornamental grasses after the season many plant lovers see that the hanging basket plants begin to look dry and then the plant dies off after a period of quiet time. Does not give out flowers and also does not grow any more new leaves.
Purple heart Plant
The lovely bunches of happiness give a fuller look and most of the times  the containers are fully covered with plants and flowers giving them a look of almost a bouquet of flowers.
Here I share some very important tips and trick to keep those lovely hanging baskets fully loaded with blooms-
1) Buy a hanging basket with growing plant that shows green leaves and some space in the hanging basket. Fully covered hanging baskets have little scope for new growth and thus after few days begin to die as roots have over grown in and covered the whole hanging pot.
2) Water carefully and let the plant dry off well between watering. Never over water hanging basket plants.
Lovely Carnations Flowering Plants For hanging baskets
3) When the hanging basket plants start looking dry and dull its time to repot them. Remove the plant from hanging baskets with roots, trim the roots and then repot or divide plants and repot in different hanging baskets.
Boston Fern Needing Repotting

4) Check out for ants and pests attack to roots and never over water. They eat up the roots which are not easily visible to us if the whole hanging basket is covered with green leaves and flowers.
5)  Keep the soil well draining as clogged soil kills the plants in hanging baskets. And most of the time we see plates under the hanging baskets to collect drained water, this collected water may rot the roots as sometimes the plant starts taking water from roots .
Baby Pink Petunia Flower for Hanging baskets
Usually the best grown plants are lovely ferns, Chinese roses,  purple hearts, wandering jew, petunias and many many more. Sharing some of the beautiful plants form our terrace garden, Enjoy!
Chinese Rose Vibrant Pink for Hanging Baskets

more Petunia flowers 
All the Best enjoy the lovely hanging baskets of happiness! check out the rainbow flower

Friday, September 12, 2014

How to grow Five Senses Garden Spice Garden and Important Tips for Mint and Coriander Growing

Hit all your five sense, grow Five Senses Garden. Herbs and spices , most can be grown in containers and not only do they smell great and look great but also add up on the beauty of your kitchen garden.
Mint grown in containers is a great source used in most stomach and digestive cures, and is grown very easily in containers. With partial shade, and of course protection from birds, sparrows and pigeons love to pluck them off, and regular but judicious watering mint plants give lots of healthy leaves. Very easy to grow mint, just purchase mint from market, take lower portions of the stems and keep some leaves on it and stick this in soil. Very few days the stem starts new fresh lime green leaves.
Curry leaves plant
Tulsi herb Plant
Ajwain Oregano leaves plant
corriander easy to grow from dhania seeds

Mint Leaves very easy to grow from cuttings
Ginger is another one I love, very easy to grow and can be grown from rhizome purchased from market. Cut off a rounded piece which can grow new roots soon and then put this in container just below the soil, and soon new green leaves sprout from the rhizome of gainer. The leaves are similar to green grass, except elongated ones in size.
Coriander is one easy growing herb but very fond of this are the sparrows! grow from dried seeds of Dhania available as spices.
Important  tips  to grow herbs, especially Coriander and Mint,
1) get a net cover so that the herbal  plants are protected and they also receive fresh air and sunlight.
2) For use, plucking, try not to cut off from the soil or ground. Use top leaves only so that the original plant can multiply and spread easily.
3) Try to trim with sharp scissors and do not pull of while plucking herbs for use as you may uproot the whole plant and disturb the root system.
So next time you need not add dried herbs, try fresh ones from your garden, it taste great and have a great aroma, hitting all your five sense at a time, visual, fragrances and health soothing the brain and mind, All the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Unique Patterned Bamboo Plant Grow the Chinese Good Luck bamboo Plant with Twists and Twirls Pattern Guidelines

The costliest among the Chinese Good Luck Bamboo Plants are the ones that are twisted and twirled with beautifully patterned stems. From hundreds to thousands rupees you get a GoodLuck Bamboo plant that is large and well patterned.
With following simple steps you can grow a unique beautifully patterned Good Luck Bamboo plant at home. A very easy to grow plant but many people still struggle to grow it and do not follow simple rules of growing plants.

The Important tip and trick here is understand that the Bamboo plant grows in direction of sunlight.
1) Begin with putting your Good Luck Bamboo plant facing sunlight near the window sill.
2) After the Bamboo plant grows some what taller and is healthy you have to turn the plant gradually and again keep for few days.
Patterned and Curling Bamboo Plant Tips

Twisted Designer Chinese Goodluck Bamboo Plant
3) Once the Chinese Bamboo plant grows twisted pattern then again move the plant facing light.
4) While the process goes on you have to tie Bamboo shoots with thread to guide their growth in whatever direction or pattern you want.
The process though takes many months but is worth it as the Chinese Bamboo plants twisted and turned swirling pattern are a piece of unique beauty and also add loads of feng shui prosperity and wealth luck to your home and office, what more you save thousands of rupees and get a really Good luck plant that is worth a lot!.
All the Best from Rizwana! Do share your experiences with growing of the Chinese Feng Shui Good Luck Bamboo Plant!

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