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Monday, July 9, 2012

Himachal Pradesh the Valley of Beautiful Flowers

Colourful Flowers of Himachal Pradesh and the beauty of big and small blooms it is a treat to any plant lover and with easy growing bulbs that bloom with attractive colourful blooms manali, Himachal Pradesh has a wonderful cold climate that supports growth of flowering plants.

Beautiful Flowers of Himachal Pradesh
 The valley full of flowers and the majestic mountains of Himachal Pradesh make you awe struck!   the creator and his best creation! full of colourful flowers Himachal pradesh is a beautiful place to visit and the best time is during summers when the climate is pleasant and cool. Roses, roses everywhere, the place is full of huge rose bushes that are fully laden with big orange and pink roses.
Colourful Flowers in Himachal Pradesh
The climate of Himachal Pradesh is ideal for flowers and hence without much care we see lillies, roses, zinnias, carnations and many many other varieties of flowers.

Flowers Growing in Wild Himachal

Attractive carnations
Breathtaking View of Himachal Pradesh

Yellow Cheerful Flowers of Himachal Pradesh

Liliac Beauty in Himachal

Yellow Blooms of Himachal

Bright Colourful Flowers in Himachal Pradesh


Single Bud of Zinnia Flower

Green Leaves of Zinnia Plant

Breath taking View of Dream Destination Himachal Pradesh

Red Floral Beauty

Red Flowers in Himachal Pradesh

Wall Covered with Red Flower Climber

Sunflowers in Wild

Close Up of Sunflowers Growing in Himalayas

The  Sunflower Fields

Huge Pink Roses in Manali

Colourful Flowers in Buddhist Monastery

Pink Flowers in Buddhist Temple Manali

Red Roses Growing in Himachal Pradesh

The visit to the Buddhist Monastery in Manali, Himachal Pradesh was another breathtaking experience with the aura of spirituality and peace it was fully surrounded with colorful blooms of every colour.


  1. Wow..!!!
    Beautiful flowers....
    Valley of flowers was well protected and hidden from the world, only the locals frequented the place...I'm so happy to know about this flower valley at this site....

  2. Himachal Valley this is so beautiful , thanks for sharing this link here on Garden Care Simplified and for the lovely comment, am honoured!
    Take Care and All the Best!


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