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Monday, July 16, 2012

Curry Leaves Plant Tips and Care Growing in Containers

Curry Leaves in Container
With intermittent rains and cloudy skies our terrace garden is in full bloom with loads of colour everywhere.  Pink, majenta, red, white, yellow, orange ..all colours of roses, chinese roses and amaryllis and day lillies...colours, new growths I love them!
Growth Tips for Curry Leaves
 The curry leaves plant has finally taken to good growth spurt. The curry leaves plant was a single stem and growing erect. The stem was lanky and weak for many months. I had to trim carefully the stem many times over period of few months regularly to make the plant strong. All the time wishing that it does not attract mites and ants, the plant has finally got a good growth. The curry leaves are so fragrant that even few leaves are sufficient for cooking and making any dish aromatic.
Tips for growing healthy curry leaves in container- purchase a healthy plant as when the original is weak and diseased, there are many chances that the plant may not survive. A well draining soil and partial shaded area is good for the curry leaves plant. Trim the tip of the stem lightly if the plant is weak and if the growth is strong you can trim a better part . This w ill allow the curry leaves plant to spread its stems in many directions and give a healthy and bushy growth.
Healthy Fragrant Curry Leaves Plant
 Easiest growing herb and possible for every kitchen garden or window sill the curry leaves plant is a must have for every Indian home. Since we need curry leaves for many dishes especially dals and curd curry and the famous loving potato bhaji curry leaves are an essential part of most of my cooking. A single leaf is enough to make the whole dish aromatic. Trying my hand at growing coriander was not successful due to birds pinching on the new growth this curry leaves plant has done the role of all herbs. Even Coriander has been replaced by mint as this grows easily, with stem cuttings available from market mint, but unfortunately in rains the mint have withered and I will have to make a new start after the rainy season. Just purchasing few stems of mint with thick stems and planting the stems after removal of the leaves.

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  Thank You, All the Best!


  1. Hi Rizwana, a few tips from myself; if the plant is small and weak one requires patience and little bits of manure occasionally. I brought one plant raised it in a pot and now have several from seeds! However for the plant to grow lush with more branches it is better to break off the flowering head as soon as it appears and also to regularly cut of longer branches.Debadutta

  2. About mint plant, why don't you try peppermint. It has more robust growth larger leaves and a slight sweeter taste than normal mint. I have both the plants and peppermint is my favourite. Debadutta

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. By the way if you want to check out my plants you can go to facebook and look for Debadutta Misra. I have posted several photographs there.

  4. I agree that corriander is an extremely difficult herb to grow, a tip for growing is to keep the soil moist (but not wet) and cover your pot with a piece of green shade cloth

  5. Thanks Anonymous for this helpful tip for growing corriander plants under the sun, sure will try out, Take Care and God Bless!

  6. this is so great new buds on curry leaves plant! will post soon about the flowering of curry leaves.

  7. Wildwood TreesNow this is in actual fact cooperative. It’s very openhanded of you to share this with us.

  8. Thank you Albert welcome to garden care Simplified, Take Care and All the Best from Rizwana!


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