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Monday, March 28, 2016

Exotic Hippeastrum Amaryllis and Some Important Care for Bulbs during Summers

Amaryllis exotic blooms and red Anthuriums! Hippeastrum ,A genus of about 90 species and over 600 hybrids , they are bulbous plants with tall long green leaves. The main attraction is the large sized blooms that come up on a single stalk. Each flower is six to seven inches wide, and every stalk has five blooms.
Colors Anthurium, Periwinkle Aboli a corner 

Kamini Whiite fragrant blooms

Mogra Night Blooming Jasmine

Hippeastrum Amaryllis flowers

Close up of Hippeastrum Amaryllis flowers

Curry leaves plant has flowered

Unusual plant with tiny balls like growth and very small white flowers
Hippeastrum papilio AGM , unusual  white flowers with deep red streaks. and touches of green.
Hippeastrum Belinda -deep red flowers.
Hippeastrum Star of Holland- red with white markings.
Hipeastrum bestseller -cerise pink flowers
Red Lion-strong red flowers.
Welcome to the family! added some more colour to our garden and our lives!
Searching for exotic rare flowers, visiting so many plant nurseries, it has now become more than an obsession to add/buy plants. While they have to squeeze in my little space this time it was justified with a loss of a few precious ones, leaving some containers barren... the precious Adenium that was with us since many years,  got sick from root fungus, ...the process of dying is really very sad one,, gradually the rhizome looked limp, the tubes became hollow, all this was a slow process, I even transplanted it ,, but guess the time had come...the skin was soggy and peeled off as if a burns victim has, the root was infected severely this time...has given us loads of pink blooms, Thank You very Much Adenium for being such an important part of our garden and blessing us with so many beautiful blooms...we have a small baby that,  hope grow into another such beautiful one.
Adenium Bulb diseased,
Red Cluster flowering Plants

Red Amaryllis Exotic blooms
 our precious Gulmohar left us...Thanks a lot Gulmohar, for the vermilion red vibrant blooms, summers will never be the same without you!as it was an Awesum sight on top of the tower in a container the flame of the forest in majestic bloom!
While it is really hot outside our little space is fresh and vibrant with energy pulsating of happiness. Colours and oh so many colours!
Some really great plants , Aboli, Periwinkle peace liliies full in bloom with their heavenly white hooded flowers, Red Amaryllis that we have since many years got some new friends, After searching a lot found two more of these beautiful bulbous plants. White and red shading and the other one has streaks of orangish red over white. Bulbs are easy growing, require less water and less care and the blooms are breathtakingly beautiful!
Meanwhile garden does require some pre planning and care in summers to avoid plants from drying and also protecting them from direct sunlight. Mogra are in full bloom and also the curry leaves plant has flowered with tiny bunches of off white blooms.  Unusual new plant is growing with balls like fruits and tiny white flowers. The garden has yet again become a haven for relaxing and soothing energy from the scorching sun, with fragrances colors and unique blooms at their height of beauty!
Some Important Care for Bulbs during summers-
1) place bulb plants under full sunlight or partial light.
2) Avoid very dark corners as there is tendency of slugs snails and pests to attack the bulb.
3) Water carefully, summers are hot but over watering may lead to root rot.
4) If the bulbs are giving out babies let them grow in the same pot. When the roots are developed and the babies look healthy then you can transplant in other pot.
5) Keep checking the plant in summers for scape, the pointed fleshy bulge  that is going to be the flowering stalk, take care and you can add some feeding too nourish and get healthy large sized flowers.
6) leaves may burn in full sun so partial is best. Leaves also dry off after flowering and then drop.
7) Very Very important ,,w ell draining soil, other wise , we have lost many precious bulbs over the years due to root rot and even I think rats eat fleshy bulbs. If the side of bulb is damaged, I apply soil by hand to the cut portion,  let it dry,  and then again transplant the bulb it will heal.
Hope this helps, All the Best from Rizwana!
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Friday, March 11, 2016

How To Save Adenium Rhizome Bulb Plants Adenium Desert Rose Rhizome Disease Root Rot and New Mango Colored Aboli Flower Plants

Fire Cracker Aboli  Crossandra infundibuliformis
Aboli plant fire cracker, added a new one, while we had the peach coloured plant loved this one, its a soothing mango colour! and I also love the blue ones, heavenly deep blue, they look Awesum , but did not find it, will keep looking for Blue colored Aboli flower plants. The Aboli plant is usually selected for their beautiful blooms and bush remains ever green if grown in proper sunlight. The flowers have three or five asymmetrical petals, and leaves are glossy green. Most loved by women as these form a beautiful hair decorations, gajra and garlands, along with fragrant jasmines and mogra flowers. Aboli plants are also loved for their magical crackling of seeds. Its an Awesum experience to hear and see the seeds crackle and burst.
This is a beautiful way of nature for propagation of this Aboli as the seeds spread and then grow into new plants.With religious symbolism the plant also is considered auspicious and not many are able to grow it successfully.
Common pests and diseases I have found in Aboli can be prevented with simple care- 1) Sunlight is best and choose a sunny spot where the plant gets indirect sunlight. Usually attacked by black ants, sun prevents this.2) Cowdung and feeding is required for flowering, 3) Most loved by birds and they eat the flowers. To prevent this grow them along with other plants in container, this way they are hidden and grow well.
Custard Apple on Tree
 Meanwhile in our complex garden the Custard Apple is fully loaded and has been covered with cloth to protect from evil eye!
Healthy Custard apple

Adenium Desert rose Sick Plant
 A sad news is , our beautiful Adenium plant, Desert rose, that has been with us for many many years and given so many blooms, is sick, attacked, and now the whole rhizome has become mushy. A sign of root rot and fungus. The stem dropped and felt soft on touching and the skin wrinkled, so I had to check the base, and yes the roots were attacked by black ants and white fungus. this happens during winters and when the water does not dry or drain off well. A succulent bush, I never gave much attention to this one and it has given me so much love, so many blooms over the years.
Adenium Rhizome sick diseased
 Trying my best to save it, transplanted in another pot and praying it gets well soon. Known as Adenium Obesum, the fat rhizome tuber and the fleshy stems were always loaded with fluorescent pink flowers. There were such beautiful moments when the seed pods burst in my hands with a splatter of fluffy cottony seeds, the shape of rice grain. Have grown new plant from seeds, but was feasted by birds. Tiny baby Adenium plants look so cute, lighter green fleshy small stems with tiny leaves. And as the plant grows big so also the size of rhizome increases.
Adenium Flowers Fluorescent pink
Trying to trim a few parts, as the Desert Rose had grown quite large, and after transplanting have been careful with watering, keeping fingers crossed! This si a hard part of gardening....but I am hopeful it will survive!

Rhizome of Adenium Dessert rose attacked by fungus Rot rot
 Mud Water Matkas Awesum Colorful hand painted

Transplanting in New Pot
Soothing periwinkle are in full blooms during hot summers and they love the fresh water bath in early morning. and I love to give them a thorough bath, one tip to keep them healthy and fresh in this hot summer season in my little space under the sun!
Baby Pink Color periwinkle Sada Phuli flower
All the Best from Rizwana!
Some fond memories Adenium Prosperity plant Original Pictures 

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