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Monday, October 31, 2011

Practical Advice to Buy Healthy Petunia Flowering Plant

Captivating Sunset
Winter has begun and with this are some flowering plants coming to life. We can see colours everywhere as the sun is setting as we visit the local plant nursery for buying few new plants to add to our family.
Close up of White Petunia Flower
 The petunia plants have been flowering like wild and we can see colours everywhere. A petunia being the most easiest growing flowering plant grows with blooms in bunches. You will get so many flowers that like me even you will become addicted to the plant of petunia and every year wish to plant the petunias for their attractive blooms. We have planted every year so many colours and this does give a new energy and freshness to any garden.
Colorful petunias
Pink Petunia Flower
Petunias are available in many colours and we see pink, yellow, purple, red, maroon, white, dark red, orange and also many petunias that are of shaded variety giving two coloured flowers.
Healthy Petunia Flowering Plant
How to buy Petunia Plant? A healthy petunia plant is a must for getting successful blooms. I do remember that we had a sick plant that had shriveled leaves and we had lost hope but this plant had survived the most among all the other petunia plants and given blooms for longer. Keeping aside this rare example the petunia plants have to be selected healthy and if the plant is not looking fresh please do not buy it as when the root structure is not strong the plant will die. Also do not take advice from the nursery man here in Mumbai and Thane as they have the tendency to sell anything! Without the right guidance and suggestions, many times they will sell a shade loving plant for a direct sunlight growing zone, even today as I ask about the plants requirements , same answer, flowering 12 months , no care and grow anywhere! That does bring a smile on my face!
So these petunia plants are seasonal plants and they will grow till rainy season only, so a good show will go on for at least 5 to 6 months. Petunia plants must be carefully selected. First try to do a survey of all the available petunia plants and also consider which colour flowers are seen on the plant. This will narrow down your search and after selecting a few plants make the nursery man remove the plants outside and view them closely. With my personal experience the shaded variety are weaker than the single coloured petunia plants. The sturdiest and toughest is light pink, white and purple coloured petunias.
This is very important to survey the plant from all sides and this tip is for buying any new plant. Look for the leaves and any signs of disease as dots or dried leaves. Mushy smell or falling plant which the seller will say is due to watering,... no the root system is weak hence the plant is falling from the pot. For selecting a petunia plant see that the plant is bound to the pot and looks fresh. see for signs of new fresh small leaves at the tips. Hanging pots are best for growing petunias and they need a well draining soil.
An important tip for buying coloured petunia flowering plant is that you select the plant that shows blooms, you may end up with similar looking plant that will never bloom! See the colours of the petunia flower and then select a healthy petunia plant and finally buy it and bring a magnificent wonder of nature to your home. Enjoy the colorful flowers of petunias.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Garden Fences for Attractive Garden Design and Protection

Garden fences have been used in many gardens for protection from animals and also to keep some privacy from outside people. Fences are made of different materials and you can select any material depending upon your garden design requirements and budget for garden fence. For front door entrance gardens it is advisable to keep the garden fencing low so as to keep the view towards the entrance free from any blocks. A small garden fence made of bricks or wire mesh can be used for the front house garden to keep the plants organised and also avoid soil from spilling everywhere during watering. A garden fence is very important not only for protection and privacy from neighbors but also an very important part of your garden design. How a garden fence is utilised will affect the overall appearance and presentation of your garden. 
Garden Fence and Plant Fence
 Sometimes plants also need fencing to protect them from birds and animals. This is one of the many reasons and an important one for my losing many beautiful attractive flowering plants. Many petunias have been sacrificed because the pigeons had their nesting time and this was easy target. Even the pink Chinese roses that look so very beautiful in full bloom especially during summers have been all plucked and they did not survive. This gave me the idea of plant fencing to protect them from birds and a very cheap fence would be to use milk or cooked food covers made of plastic or metal mesh to cover the plants. But I still am not in favor as we also block the view of the beautiful Chinese rose plant. How will the petunias grow to their full capacity when they  are being plucked every now and then!
Garden Gate Design
A very cheap cover for plant fencing is to use mosquito nets or small baby nets used over their tiny cradles as they are cheap and they will give the round surface area for your plant to grow.
Garden entrance is another very important part of any garden design. I clicked this entrance photo in a big garden in Ooty. This looks very attractive but after lots of thought I did not approve of any garden entrance design as our terrace garden is attached to our home and we all know that with plants come all sorts of creatures which I do not like especially LIZARDS! So the entrance is made of attractive   laminated designer door. You can select wood, metal, acrylic or any other material for your garden entrance door. Even stone can be used as garden fence as this is very tough, long lasting and maintenance free.
Think about the maintenance costs of your garden fence before selecting one for your garden design. Your climatic conditions and your budget are the most important criteria for selection of a good garden fence. If the climate in your area is humid or if you have sea near your house just like ours the metal fence will rust soon and you will require regular maintenance for painting the garden fence often. Stone garden fence would be very good in such areas as stone is not affected by harsh climate and direct sunlight.
If you have a garden in front of your ground floor flat then it is advisable to make a stone or brick fence that is low in height to keep the beautiful and attractive garden view open. If your purpose is to have privacy in your backyard garden then you can cover it with metal wire garden fence which can be covered with fast growing vines and climbers.
With metal grill as garden fence for now I have been pondering over  the thought of covering the sides of our terrace garden with wire metal fence and covering  them with attractive flowering climbers and creepers.  With so a big booty of seeds this year this thought is worth considering. Morning glory, blue flowering climber, Clementine vine, passion fruit climber, fragrant rose climber, chameli and juhi flowering climber are some of the flowering climbers and creepers that can be planted to cover your garden fence. Only foliage green climbers and creepers can also be used to fill up the garden fence like money plant climber , elephant ear plant climber, heart shaped leaf climber and many others that can be planted in groups to cover your garden fence and get an attractive and inviting garden fence.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Seeds and Seed Pods of Cyprus Vine and Vishnukanta Climber

The climate dropping to cooler temperatures there are many plants that go in dormant state. This year has been very good in terms of seeds and I have collected Cyprus vine, blue bell flower vine and also day lilies seeds in plenty. With bulbs becoming slack and the cold temperatures with dry winds I am hoping to get a bloom with my Amaryllis. The Brahma Kamal plant too looks fresh but is not growing like wild which I want it to.

Fast Growing Climber with Blue Flowers
This is the fastest growing Vishnukanta climber which can grow quite tall within fifteen days of planting if it gets the right conditions. Grow the blue flowering climber with a strong vine or cord near it for support and the climber will grow very fast.  
Seed Pods Hanging on Vishnukanta Climber
One can let the seed pods of blue flower climber to dry on the vine itself but there is tendency for the pods to open and spread the seeds by wind. Hence I take care to cut the pods some when they are dry and some when they are green but care has to be taken to check whether the seeds have developed into the green pods as cutting of pods as they appear , many times you may end up with empty pods without any seeds.
Blue Flower Climber Seed Pods

Close up of Seeds of Blue Flowering Climber

 Another beautiful fast growing climber is Cyprus vine which gives a big booty of seeds. The seeds dry on the climber and are transferred by wind and as spring comes you see the climber growing in each and every pot. As the climber matures it is glowing with red trumpet shaped flowers which look like little bells in Christmas.
 Red Flowering Cyprus Vine

The Dried Seeds of Cyprus Vine in Husk

Close up of Single Pod of Cyprus vine seeds
 I take care to keep cutting the dried seed pods carefully as the seeds may fall of leaving the dry husk empty. The seeds of Cyprus vine look like rice except they are black in colour.
How to grow Cyprus vine from seeds- The seeds do not require much care for growing into new plants. Use a potting mixture of some fertilizer and soil and sow the seeds few inches deep. If the seeds are planted too deep they may not sprout and also if they are at the surface the plant may not develop strong roots. As this Cyprus vine has to grow tall and climb it needs to develop a strong and firm base root system.

Close up of Black seeds of Cyprus Vine
 With a good booty collection of seeds I think of planting them with the support of a trellis as they will cover the whole trellis very fast and also give privacy and act as a screen between the outside world and our garden.
The best part of growing a climber is that they add drama and height to your terrace garden or any garden. Climbers are an very important part of any garden design and a must for breaking the monotony of plants growing in pots.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Curry Leaves Plant/ Kadi Patta Plant Herb

Curry Leaves Plant
Curry leaves as well all know is a herb profusely used in many Indian dishes and has a distinct flavour. The dal tadka is incomplete without curry leaves splattered in oil and its aroma will linger around the whole house. Many people have curry leaves plant as this is a simple plant and very easy to grow. You can also grow it with cuttings of thick stems of a curry leaves plant.
Since the curry leaves plant does not require direct sunlight it can be grown in a partially shaded area or a kitchen window sill. I have not been so successful in growing a bigger curry leaves plant. And I have seen this curry leaves plant grow into a huge tree when planted in ground. My first experience with the curry plant was few years back when I had this strong desire to make a herb garden. With planting pudhina leaves that is mint leaves to chillies I had tried to plant in a section of my terrace garden. Also came up the though of planting a lemon plant which still grows but I have to wait for the lemons for many years.
With birds flocking towards the mint plant and eating all leaves I did get a bounty of pudhina leaves and these were regularly used as toppings and seasonings for many dishes.  The curry plant also did not get a growth spurt. The plant was alive  but did not show any signs of growth. Maybe the plant was of a weaker constitution and since its stem was very thin I just let it be and got a new one.
Tips for growing curry plant- first select a healthy plant when you are buying from a nursery, a curry plant with thicker stem. Watering is important as the leaves start dropping with less water. A well draining soil is a must which was one of the reasons I did not succeed in growing this curry plant earlier. Never ever use plastic containers as they have a tendency to clog soil with some use and then water does not drain properly and before you realise the problem the plant is gone and it is too late!
Another tip when you purchase the curry leaves plant from a nursery observe the conditions there and try to give similar conditions for few days till the plant gets adjusted to the new environment. You buy a plant that is used to shade and then put it under the direct hot sun!!!
Anyway the curry leaves plant is a must in every home as many of the Indian dishes are incomplete without this aromatic herb. Curry leaves are used to flavour many dishes like dals, curd curry, tomato curry and also used as base for chutneys and of course our favourite potato bhaji is so incomplete without curry leaves!.

Tips to Club your Terrace Garden Plants

With the obsession of plants I have nearly too many ones and now the space crunch has led to another discovery, the clubbing of plants. Terrace garden space may be limited and the number of containers that you can have is also limited but this does not mean you have to limit yourself from owning the vast universe of plants. There are so many out there who call out to you and you bring them home!
Working toward some simple tips and suggestions for clubbing your terrace garden plants will not only give you a neat and attractive terrace garden but also an opportunity to bring in many many more plants under the sky. So you can have n number of plants within the limited space on your terrace garden and with limited number of plant containers. This is the trick in landscaping , to have a group of plants together for the bets visual impact.
Arranging your terrace garden plants is a trick and skill for best appearance of your garden. With the limited space on your terrace you can think of having bigger containers and plant different plants in one container. Think special requirements first before clubbing plants. A plant that requires full sunlight cannot share a pot with another plant that needs partial sunlight. Think watering! one plant that requires loads of water will not be happy with another one that requires water sparingly, in fact the plant preferring dry soil will drown and rot.
Think colour – by this I mean if you plant similar coloured plants together it will be appealing. But another way to create a focal point in your terrace garden would be to club contrasting coloured plants. Say a red leaved plant will go very well with the green leaves of any plant, a shaded green will go well with a dark green and a yellow flowering plant can be a centre of attention among the green foliage plants.
Think size- by size I mean club tall plants along with bushier and foliage plants. The small plants that grow in bunch or sideways can be used to cover big containers and be a base for growing bigger taller plants. This also has an important advantage as precious moisture is not lost from the soil due to over exposure to sunlight in bigger plant containers.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Beautiful Flowers on Cactus Plant

Cactus as well all know are not loved by many and also not seen except for the cactus lovers' homes! yes there are a few people who are crazy about different types of cactus and they have a garden full of different cactuses! Each cactus plant is unique and they also go through different stages in their life as other palnts. Some have red flwoers, some pink whereas some beautiful shaded ones. Some cactuses flower once a year whereas some develop flowers once in life time while some flower under special conditions only.

Flowers on Cactus Plant
We are very lucky to have this beautiful flowering cactus plant that has fresh deep green leaves and at first glance it does not look like a cactus plant at all. It is only when you observe closely behind the green foliage that you see the stem coverd with thorns. These thorns are very sharp and thick and one has to take extra care to protect yourself from the sting of these thorns.

The flowers on this cactus plant come up usually many times and in fact it is seen as a flowering cactus all year round. The blooms look white when they are buds and later develop in to yellow small flowers. As time progresses the flowers increase in size and the peach colour with yellow shading develops in all the flowers on this cactus plant.

Close up of Flowers on Cactus Plant

During the rains this cactus plant had become somewhat still and no growth was seen. But just after the rains the grwoth phase has begun and this will remain till the next arins.
Tip for flowering of cactus plant- Keep it trimemd and avoid direct sunlight, though some amount of direct sunlight is requried for flowering.
Care of cactus plant- Avoid over watering as you will drown the paltn and it will becoem mushy and die. The stem has lots of stroed water so you need not water htis cactus every day, I do wate rmy cactus every day since it has been kept on open terrace garden

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Sleeping Leaves of Gulmohar Tree Flame of the Forest

This is a major breakthrough in terrace container gardening. Many people are still awe struck by the sight of gulmohar blooming on a terrace and that too in a container. With each compliment I just can't help myself but be proud like a proud mom seeing a baby at its best! touch wood!
 The gulmohar having blossomed in May 2011 for the first time since the past five years and with each phase the leaves become yellow and drop. Then come out fresh lime green coloured leaves and the plant grows one step at a time. I have been observing the guilmohar plant closely and after talking, cajoling and of course spanking it had bloomed last May.
The Sleeping Leaves of Gulmohar Plant
The gulmohar leaves start curling and closing as evening sets in. Every day as the sun begins to set so do the leaves go in nocturnal mode. You can actually see the leaves closing together and sleeping. Then as morning approaches they again open as if they are waking up. This is a great site as you can see and feel that they are alive and this gives us the awareness that plants are living beings just like us, they have feelings and they do respond to love and care!
The process of yellowing of leaves has begun in October now and the leaves are dropping, it looks like it is shedding old leaves to make way for new.

Yellow Leaves of Gulmohar

Leaves Shedding Porcess in Gulmohar Tree

As the leaves drop so do the stems start dropping one by one. Sometimes the plant may look absolutely barren and for the first time gardeners they will feel they have lost their gulmohar. Even I had gone through these thoughts when the gulmohar had dropped leaves and stems but as time progressed I saw new fresh shoots and leaves coming up, on a higher height than the previous ones. The gulmohar plant grew in height just like a baby grows with each passing year.
Am hoping to see the flame of the forest at its best with red flowers again.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

2 Easy Growing Purple Flowering Plants

Liliac Purple Flowers
Lavendar Coloured Flower

Among the easy growing and low maintenance plants we have two very famous and easily available plants. Are these geraniums? We have a plant that has peach red coloured flowers growing in bunches and geraniums are available in many colours. I wonder whether this is also a geranium having liliac flowers.
These flowers grow in bunches and look fresh for many days and as the number of flowers is more you see the plant as always full of blooms. They require the normal fertilizer as for any flowering plant

Purple Coloured Flower

This morning glory plant having bell or trumpet shaped lavender flowers grow sometimes as climbers or if trimmed as bush. The only maintenance they require is trimming if the plant grows randomly. This lavender coloured flowering plant grows well covering trellises with beautiful purple flowers and also looks good as sideways in the garden. You can trim this plant in any shape according to your requirements of space filling. These purple flowers have yellow center and always look fresh and pure.
Watering requirements are important and the plants grow healthy in well draining soil. Over watering must be avoided as the roots rot and the plant will die if there is over watering. Avoid growing in full sunlight as the blooms will wither sooner than when the plant is grown in indirect sunlight. I have observed that when the plants are grown in partial shaded area and get morning sunlight then the plants look beautiful and fresh liliac is a soothing and spiritual colour.
The plants can be grown by using cuttings and also as rooted plants from mother plant. Though many times I have been finding it very difficult to grow any plant using cuttings, not that I have stopped trying, but I prefer new plants as they have already rooted. When you need to plant a new one by cuttings the procedures are a bit complicated and also require some knowledge and care during the starting of roots on new plants. Many times my plants have begun sprouting new shoots but due to over watering the new plant dies off as it has weak roots and also does not have the strength. A rooting hormone or fertilizer is good and can start new growth faster in cuttings of any plant.
Seeds can also be used to grow plant and they can be got from mature flowers after drying. But the flowers have to be matured on the plant and enough time given for seeds to develop without falling off of the flowers.
These 2 plants having lilac purple violet coloured flowers are very easy to grow and are a welcoming break from the monotonous green of majority of plants on your terrace garden.
Thank you so much for your love and support to Garden Care Simplified!If you have any doubts, queries and issues with your container plants do comment on my blog posts, I will surely guide you, answer with love!
 Like , share,  comment, for the love of Gardening!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Under The Open Sky- Moods in Sky

Afternoon Clear Sky
Evening Sky
Sun Set Evening Sky
Heavy Rain Clouds Waiting to Burst

Far Away Full Moon at Night
Welcoming Dawn

Early Morning with Moon

Moon Still not wishing to go away!

Moon in Early Morning

Early Risers Pigeons

Beautiful Sunrise
Welcome your new day with so much promise, new beginnings, new hopes and lots lots of achievements. Let your day unfold with a new start, start early and rise before the sun. This habit will make you face your day with energy and enthusiasm. 'Today' I am prepared for you!
Terrace Garden care is a wonderful way to begin your day, you can observe the different moods of the sky and my blog has started creating ripples as many people are recognising the benefits of terrace flats, soon there will be many who will join the team of dedicated terrace gardeners, I have done my bit for the preserving nature, you do yours! plant a plant today.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Start a Shade Garden of Your Dreams

Small Pink Flowers Growing in Bunches
When you think of a garden you think sunlight, open spaces and lawns! well I would like to present a new and very promisisng concept of shade gardening. Many housing socities are now offering new terrace flats and also duplex flats with kitchen garden space for plant lovers. If you are lucky enough to have a terrace flat then there are no limits that you can achieve with even a small open space.
If your terrace garden does not get enough sunlight or you have covered it with a shade for protection from harsh light, or even when your home is partially blocked by tall towers and your terrace does not get enough sunlight for the day, do no let this as a hindrance in growing beautiful plants here.
Decorative Sahde Loving Plant
Flowering Jade plant
With so many varieties of plants available and even the flowering ones that bloom in partial light there is umpteen scope for a beautiful shade garden. A shade garden does not necessarily mean that it has to be fully covered and you can have shades that can be partially opened or closed according to your needs like folding awnings that are available in so many different colours and materials.
Delicate Leaves of this Plant
Red Leaves Tall Plant
To begin with have a study tour of your terrace space. By this I mean survey your area available, is there scope for landscaping and lawn or you will have to do with container gardening. Observe the amount of sunlight you receive daily. This will guide you to select plants that can grow according to the environmental conditions of your terrace. Here you can go through various online garden designs and garden catalogues that will guide you with practical examples and images. A garden catalogue is a sure way to learn about different plants and their requirements and also you get a better knowledge by viewing the images. How a garden book will help you cannot be explained as they are the gems of knowledge.

Gold Coin Plant
Even when you visit a local nursery the nursery help will not be able to help you correctly and many times I have experienced that they are not aware of even the names of the plants they are selling, leave aside the care or special requirements of the plant bought. Go through garden containers, garden designs and garden ornaments  and get free information about gardening.
Peace lily, money plant, lucky bamboo, ribbon grass, purple heart, canna plants in different colours, and even rose bushes can be grown in partial shade garden. There are so many plants out there in the world, I never have enough! Beautiful orchids also grow well in partial shades area if you are the one who wishes to have rare plants in your shade garden though they come at a price and I would advise you to go with buying exclusive plants only when you are aware of their special care and requriemments . My wish list is still have not caught hold of a good healthy Anthurium plant!
Now you are ready to begin a pleasant journey that will give you many bonuses and pleasures along the path of gardening. Get some books on gardening and search some garden catalogues before beginning if you are seriously committed in making a lasting shade garden. Begin simple and start with cheap shade loving plants and small containers and as you get the hang of it you can progress gradually. Spending too much at the beginning will wear out your budget and if this does not work out you will get demotivated and leave aside this wonderful gift from nature. I have seen many people who on shifting to a new house purchase lots of expensive plants directly from a famous nursery and they feel that just watering these plants will be enough, which is not! Over the years I have enjoyed different plants, their life habits and flowering sessions. Lots of enthusiasm and excitement waits every day and you do not have to step out for a trip to the garden, you have the garden come to you!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to Increase Life of Terrace Garden Pots/ Care of Terrace Garden Pots

Every year during rains the garden looks fresh and green with all plants washed thoroughly  and fresh new growth every where all the pots are filled with many unexpected new growths that are of other plants or may have travelled with the wind.  But the  rains  are harmful for your mud planters. Many pots have been lost due to this problem as the mud pots become weak due to fungus and moss growth and they crack.
For preserving my precious planters I have come up with a unique solution. Paint them with cheap paints and you have an attractive planter and also your garden looks unique and great  with colorful pots.

Close up of Plant Pot with Moss Growth

Moss Growing on Plant Pots
 Scrub the pots with sand paper or any rough cloth and remove the dried moss and fungus growing on the pots. This will give you a clean surface to paint and also help to keep your paint brush clean as when you paint the remaining dust and moss will stick to the wet paint brush and make the painting difficult.
Easy  Hand  Painting Garden Pot
 Metallic colours though costlier than other plain colours look very attractive and also increase the beauty of the plant.
Close up of Painting Garden Pot

A  Hand Painted  Garden Planter
Garden containers can be painted in any colour that you like and oil paints are easily available in the market      also cheap. With daily exposure to water and harsh direct sunlight your terrace garden pots will start looking dull and also crack after few years. I have learned this way to preserve the pots and also maintain a attractive terrace garden.
Containers and pots are very important and ceramic planters are tough but very expensive and it is not possible to have many ceramic pots for your terrace garden. You can go in for cement planters that are tough but look unattractive with the grey dull colour. Hand painting these planters will make them look attractive and unique and also increase their shelf life.
Even plastic containers for terrace garden plants can be painted easily and in any colour of your choice. Red, blue, black, yellow, green, brown, silver I have tried every colour and also maroon and purple yes even a purple pot looks very attractive with the cream and green ribbon grass growing in it. Shading with different colours also can be done to make attractive coloured pots for your terrace garden.

Why the Boston Fern Plant did not Grow? Tips for Growing Fern Plant

The Metallic Coloured Beetle

A diamond in the garden! yes this looked really like a diamond, big, shiny, metallic and unique beetle. As the body was hard it even made a noise like a metallic shiny metal pearl. The photograph here does not do great justice and which is time and again making me feel the need for a good definition, high clarity camera for clicking great images.
 Diamond in the Garden
Close up of Roots of  Fern plant
 The most common and the easiest to grow is the fern plant which has been seen since ages in many homes in India. Since the plant requires sunlight also and a humid climate the temperatures here are apt for its easy and abundant growth the fern plant can be grown by anyone without much care. My plant grown in a plastic just gone off hand and I had to distribute it to neighbors and was waiting  for just anyone to pick up the remaining plant. The fern plant is very attractive and now this fern is grown in a circular mud pot and it looks like a bouquet of greens!

 A fern plant can be grown as borders in your garden or as individual plants for welcoming at the main door entrance. Ferns do not require much care and can also do away with few watering and for a lazy gardener it is the best plant. Fern plants are also very attractive and easy growing plants and are also seen in hotels and offices as indoor plants.

Close up of Bulb of Boston Fern Plant

 When you dig deep inside your pot of fern you may get these small beautiful bulbs. They are cream coloured almost looking transparent like tiny chickoo fruits. My first discovery was when my fern plant was growing just every where and finally I decided enough was enough. I cleared the pot and shared the plant with many and this plant did give them a hard time growing.
Small Bulbs of Fern Plant
Why the fern plant did not grow? since I had given them the fern plant with roots they first put the clippings in water to let the roots become open to flow of water. By allowing your plant roots to breathe before planting in a pot assures you that the pores are open and the plant breathes well so that it can easily adapt after planting in the soil. If your plant looks withered in the water that means the roots pores are blocked and it is not getting enough nutrition. One of the commonest mistake many people do is they plant the roots just near the surface of the pot. The thinking here is that the plant will develop new roots and it will need place to grow. But this may not work always and the right depth of digging soil to plant fern or in fact any plant is very important for the successful growth of the plant. This way the fern plant will not get enough strength to hold the top heavy fern leaves bunch and most of the times will topple out of the pot. I am sure this problem must be very common with all those who have tried to plant a fern with clippings. Dig deeper and put some weight around the plant to hold it in place till the plant takes ground When you see new leaves starting to emerge you  can  remove the stones surrounding the plant.

An important tip to save the fern plant on time- cut the ends of the roots and again put them in water and they will start the process of absorbing   water and look fresh. But this the others do not know and in fact no one does tell this secret. So once again I did distribute the fern plant, now a very large bunch and am happy my fern has taken an important place in many homes.
So happy planting and remember I am here for any related problems regarding plants and plant care. The fern plant is very easy to grow and it will go on for generations if the plant is transplanted every few years.

Another important tip is when you plant ages it will develop dry brown leaves and also the pot will be full of roots so there will not be any place for new roots and new plant growth on top. Thus gradually the plant will begin a slow death of drying as many dry leaves and roots will take away the moisture and block new leaves. Here it is advisable to plant fresh plants from the mother plant every few years. You can also plant fern in hanging pots for attractive display.

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