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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why the Boston Fern Plant did not Grow? Tips for Growing Fern Plant

The Metallic Coloured Beetle

A diamond in the garden! yes this looked really like a diamond, big, shiny, metallic and unique beetle. As the body was hard it even made a noise like a metallic shiny metal pearl. The photograph here does not do great justice and which is time and again making me feel the need for a good definition, high clarity camera for clicking great images.
 Diamond in the Garden
Close up of Roots of  Fern plant
 The most common and the easiest to grow is the fern plant which has been seen since ages in many homes in India. Since the plant requires sunlight also and a humid climate the temperatures here are apt for its easy and abundant growth the fern plant can be grown by anyone without much care. My plant grown in a plastic just gone off hand and I had to distribute it to neighbors and was waiting  for just anyone to pick up the remaining plant. The fern plant is very attractive and now this fern is grown in a circular mud pot and it looks like a bouquet of greens!

 A fern plant can be grown as borders in your garden or as individual plants for welcoming at the main door entrance. Ferns do not require much care and can also do away with few watering and for a lazy gardener it is the best plant. Fern plants are also very attractive and easy growing plants and are also seen in hotels and offices as indoor plants.

Close up of Bulb of Boston Fern Plant

 When you dig deep inside your pot of fern you may get these small beautiful bulbs. They are cream coloured almost looking transparent like tiny chickoo fruits. My first discovery was when my fern plant was growing just every where and finally I decided enough was enough. I cleared the pot and shared the plant with many and this plant did give them a hard time growing.
Small Bulbs of Fern Plant
Why the fern plant did not grow? since I had given them the fern plant with roots they first put the clippings in water to let the roots become open to flow of water. By allowing your plant roots to breathe before planting in a pot assures you that the pores are open and the plant breathes well so that it can easily adapt after planting in the soil. If your plant looks withered in the water that means the roots pores are blocked and it is not getting enough nutrition. One of the commonest mistake many people do is they plant the roots just near the surface of the pot. The thinking here is that the plant will develop new roots and it will need place to grow. But this may not work always and the right depth of digging soil to plant fern or in fact any plant is very important for the successful growth of the plant. This way the fern plant will not get enough strength to hold the top heavy fern leaves bunch and most of the times will topple out of the pot. I am sure this problem must be very common with all those who have tried to plant a fern with clippings. Dig deeper and put some weight around the plant to hold it in place till the plant takes ground When you see new leaves starting to emerge you  can  remove the stones surrounding the plant.

An important tip to save the fern plant on time- cut the ends of the roots and again put them in water and they will start the process of absorbing   water and look fresh. But this the others do not know and in fact no one does tell this secret. So once again I did distribute the fern plant, now a very large bunch and am happy my fern has taken an important place in many homes.
So happy planting and remember I am here for any related problems regarding plants and plant care. The fern plant is very easy to grow and it will go on for generations if the plant is transplanted every few years.

Another important tip is when you plant ages it will develop dry brown leaves and also the pot will be full of roots so there will not be any place for new roots and new plant growth on top. Thus gradually the plant will begin a slow death of drying as many dry leaves and roots will take away the moisture and block new leaves. Here it is advisable to plant fresh plants from the mother plant every few years. You can also plant fern in hanging pots for attractive display.

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