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Friday, October 21, 2011

Curry Leaves Plant/ Kadi Patta Plant Herb

Curry Leaves Plant
Curry leaves as well all know is a herb profusely used in many Indian dishes and has a distinct flavour. The dal tadka is incomplete without curry leaves splattered in oil and its aroma will linger around the whole house. Many people have curry leaves plant as this is a simple plant and very easy to grow. You can also grow it with cuttings of thick stems of a curry leaves plant.
Since the curry leaves plant does not require direct sunlight it can be grown in a partially shaded area or a kitchen window sill. I have not been so successful in growing a bigger curry leaves plant. And I have seen this curry leaves plant grow into a huge tree when planted in ground. My first experience with the curry plant was few years back when I had this strong desire to make a herb garden. With planting pudhina leaves that is mint leaves to chillies I had tried to plant in a section of my terrace garden. Also came up the though of planting a lemon plant which still grows but I have to wait for the lemons for many years.
With birds flocking towards the mint plant and eating all leaves I did get a bounty of pudhina leaves and these were regularly used as toppings and seasonings for many dishes.  The curry plant also did not get a growth spurt. The plant was alive  but did not show any signs of growth. Maybe the plant was of a weaker constitution and since its stem was very thin I just let it be and got a new one.
Tips for growing curry plant- first select a healthy plant when you are buying from a nursery, a curry plant with thicker stem. Watering is important as the leaves start dropping with less water. A well draining soil is a must which was one of the reasons I did not succeed in growing this curry plant earlier. Never ever use plastic containers as they have a tendency to clog soil with some use and then water does not drain properly and before you realise the problem the plant is gone and it is too late!
Another tip when you purchase the curry leaves plant from a nursery observe the conditions there and try to give similar conditions for few days till the plant gets adjusted to the new environment. You buy a plant that is used to shade and then put it under the direct hot sun!!!
Anyway the curry leaves plant is a must in every home as many of the Indian dishes are incomplete without this aromatic herb. Curry leaves are used to flavour many dishes like dals, curd curry, tomato curry and also used as base for chutneys and of course our favourite potato bhaji is so incomplete without curry leaves!.


  1. thanks for the valuable tips. i will surely try this.

  2. Thank you anonymous ,welcome to Garden Care Simplified. Take care , All the Best from Rizwana!

  3. I have tried to propagate by many cuttings; I have even used the rooting hormones. I have had no success!

  4. This I am afraid I too have not got much success Anonymous.
    1) It is important that you select a branch of a healthy curry leaves plant that has many off shoots from single thick stem.
    2) Actually we feel bad but you have to smash the base, this helps in rooting faster.
    3) Give a well draining rich soil.
    4) Water twice , but in less amounts in beginning.
    5) Give fresh morning sunlight only till it picks up growth.After noon sun or full day sun does not encourage new growth from cuttings.
    Hope this helps!
    All the Best from Rizwana!


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