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Friday, October 21, 2011

Tips to Club your Terrace Garden Plants

With the obsession of plants I have nearly too many ones and now the space crunch has led to another discovery, the clubbing of plants. Terrace garden space may be limited and the number of containers that you can have is also limited but this does not mean you have to limit yourself from owning the vast universe of plants. There are so many out there who call out to you and you bring them home!
Working toward some simple tips and suggestions for clubbing your terrace garden plants will not only give you a neat and attractive terrace garden but also an opportunity to bring in many many more plants under the sky. So you can have n number of plants within the limited space on your terrace garden and with limited number of plant containers. This is the trick in landscaping , to have a group of plants together for the bets visual impact.
Arranging your terrace garden plants is a trick and skill for best appearance of your garden. With the limited space on your terrace you can think of having bigger containers and plant different plants in one container. Think special requirements first before clubbing plants. A plant that requires full sunlight cannot share a pot with another plant that needs partial sunlight. Think watering! one plant that requires loads of water will not be happy with another one that requires water sparingly, in fact the plant preferring dry soil will drown and rot.
Think colour – by this I mean if you plant similar coloured plants together it will be appealing. But another way to create a focal point in your terrace garden would be to club contrasting coloured plants. Say a red leaved plant will go very well with the green leaves of any plant, a shaded green will go well with a dark green and a yellow flowering plant can be a centre of attention among the green foliage plants.
Think size- by size I mean club tall plants along with bushier and foliage plants. The small plants that grow in bunch or sideways can be used to cover big containers and be a base for growing bigger taller plants. This also has an important advantage as precious moisture is not lost from the soil due to over exposure to sunlight in bigger plant containers.

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