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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Start a Shade Garden of Your Dreams

Small Pink Flowers Growing in Bunches
When you think of a garden you think sunlight, open spaces and lawns! well I would like to present a new and very promisisng concept of shade gardening. Many housing socities are now offering new terrace flats and also duplex flats with kitchen garden space for plant lovers. If you are lucky enough to have a terrace flat then there are no limits that you can achieve with even a small open space.
If your terrace garden does not get enough sunlight or you have covered it with a shade for protection from harsh light, or even when your home is partially blocked by tall towers and your terrace does not get enough sunlight for the day, do no let this as a hindrance in growing beautiful plants here.
Decorative Sahde Loving Plant
Flowering Jade plant
With so many varieties of plants available and even the flowering ones that bloom in partial light there is umpteen scope for a beautiful shade garden. A shade garden does not necessarily mean that it has to be fully covered and you can have shades that can be partially opened or closed according to your needs like folding awnings that are available in so many different colours and materials.
Delicate Leaves of this Plant
Red Leaves Tall Plant
To begin with have a study tour of your terrace space. By this I mean survey your area available, is there scope for landscaping and lawn or you will have to do with container gardening. Observe the amount of sunlight you receive daily. This will guide you to select plants that can grow according to the environmental conditions of your terrace. Here you can go through various online garden designs and garden catalogues that will guide you with practical examples and images. A garden catalogue is a sure way to learn about different plants and their requirements and also you get a better knowledge by viewing the images. How a garden book will help you cannot be explained as they are the gems of knowledge.

Gold Coin Plant
Even when you visit a local nursery the nursery help will not be able to help you correctly and many times I have experienced that they are not aware of even the names of the plants they are selling, leave aside the care or special requirements of the plant bought. Go through garden containers, garden designs and garden ornaments  and get free information about gardening.
Peace lily, money plant, lucky bamboo, ribbon grass, purple heart, canna plants in different colours, and even rose bushes can be grown in partial shade garden. There are so many plants out there in the world, I never have enough! Beautiful orchids also grow well in partial shades area if you are the one who wishes to have rare plants in your shade garden though they come at a price and I would advise you to go with buying exclusive plants only when you are aware of their special care and requriemments . My wish list is still have not caught hold of a good healthy Anthurium plant!
Now you are ready to begin a pleasant journey that will give you many bonuses and pleasures along the path of gardening. Get some books on gardening and search some garden catalogues before beginning if you are seriously committed in making a lasting shade garden. Begin simple and start with cheap shade loving plants and small containers and as you get the hang of it you can progress gradually. Spending too much at the beginning will wear out your budget and if this does not work out you will get demotivated and leave aside this wonderful gift from nature. I have seen many people who on shifting to a new house purchase lots of expensive plants directly from a famous nursery and they feel that just watering these plants will be enough, which is not! Over the years I have enjoyed different plants, their life habits and flowering sessions. Lots of enthusiasm and excitement waits every day and you do not have to step out for a trip to the garden, you have the garden come to you!

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