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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Best Part of Gardening- Landscaping

Plants for Borders
 A quick tour into our society garden gave much to mention today. I felt very bad to see that so many beautiful and healthy plants had been plucked and thrown away and instead new plants had been arranged in design. The landscaping looks very attractive but at what cost? many times , time and again I get the same thoughts. they cut trees for construction and again they plant new trees to fulfill the Govt. criteria rules for societies having minimum number of plants in a particular area per square foot!
My Little Guest (come with the new purchased fruit plants)
 Terrace Garden also looks very clean and spick and span, after the rains I just couldn't bear the chaos of plants and shrubs growing in unkempt manner. I love nature but I also love discipline. Bought new plants a shrub of Mogra  and Chameli climber. There is always a form and manner in which plants grow and many times we appreciate plants when they are well presented. As we display jewellery, food and other products , so also garden is presented to be beautiful by landscaping.
Little Snail
 In landscaping plants are arranged in groups or rows to make an impression. Plants of similar colours, types or variety are clubbed together to make a lasting great impression of your garden. Terrace garden are usually not so large and hence landscaping has to be done keeping in mind this space factor.
Beautiful Pink Flowers in Bunches
 These beautiful pink flower bushes growing in indirect sunlight are a great focal point in the garden.
Great Border Plants
 Great border plants can be used to make a border of your landscaped garden. There are many plants that grow in form of thick growths which can be trimmed according to the required shape and size.
Attractive Plant With Pink Border
 This plant has green leaves with pink attractive border. This gives us the thought that God has made so many different plants and different colours in nature, unlimited, just like humans there are no two same plants! Having balanced the garden according to feng shui principles it looks attractive and relaxing with vibrant and decorative plants, one can also use rocks and stones in landscaping with a water feature to make your terrace garden unique.
Close Up of Foliage Plant

Sada Phuli Growing in Window Box

Purple Flower
Landscaping your terrace garden may be on your wish list and many people as soon as they purchase a terrace flat hire a professional landscaper for their garden. I would advise to first consider your climatic conditions, the seasonal changes on your terrace, the leakages and other factors before beginning the landscaping. Then we hear about many people who have to bear losses financial as well as death of plants which leads them to stop this and use their terrace for some other purpose. They just accept that gardening is not for them! Hence first study the climatic conditions, when the sunlight comes on your terrace, how many hours of sunlight do you receive, is it full day or partially filtered light due to tall surroundings, covering mud and making a lawn would not be advisable for many terraces as there are leakage problems often if not in the beginning years then in later years definately.
You can always take advice of friends and neighbors to see what type of plants grow best in your locality. If you love rare and exotic plants do take information on care about the plant before purchasing it. I suggest new gardeners the process to be slow and simple, there is much pleasure in selecting plants for your terrace garden, taking care of them personally and loving them, it gives immense satisfaction and pleasure to see the first blooms! display your plants according to your tastes and styles, your garden will be unique and always there will be the factor of excitement and newness and never will your garden look dull or boring which often is the case when you hire  professionals for your garden.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Must Have Water Feature in Your Terrace Garden

Water Cabbage Growing in Water in a Glass bowl
 A very important part of any garden is a water feature. Any water feature acts as a soothing and focal point of your garden. There are many designs and makes available in the market and water features of many materials are available ranging from fiber to wood to clay and metal. Visiting a place near our home there is a lake where grow beautiful lotuses. My friend has sent these lovely pics.
Beautiful Pink Lotus/ Water Lily
 I do not know whether this is a lotus or water lily and will find out more about these, their growing and propagation and their requirements. Lotus flowers are bigger and have more petals , the ones we used to draw durign our schooling years, and the one where Godess Saraswati is seen. In many temples we see people offering lotus flowers as offerings to please God, and even I had purchased one during my years as a teacher for the pre- primary section for 'show and tell' session. The lotus flower is a special flower, different and majestic and no wonder it is one of the most beautiful flowers known!
Water Lily/ Lotus Pond
Coming to the point having a water feature is among the wish list for me as we have a water container made of clay for birds to drink from, the water remains cool even during hot summers. This small pond is a very attractive spot and draws the eye towards it as there are always many birds coming to bathe and drink from it. Also we keep food for the birds near the bird bath so that they can eat and then have a drink. This gives energy to your terrace garden and positive energy brightens the environment and makes your garden a relaxing and spiritual place. Evenings are special as many birds come together before the winding up of the day to quench their thirst. With feng shui placing so much importance on a water feature I feel every garden must have at least a small water feature be it a water fountain made of wood, bamboo, clay or ceramic or even metal. You can select the material for your water feature according to the directions in feng shui.

Sleeping time anytime!
 With dogs seen everywhere this one seems to be enjoying a nap.
 Growing a lotus plant is easy if you have a pond which can hold its long and deep roots along with the thick leaves surrounding it. The roots of the lotus plant are very delicate and need special care during planting. We have a water cabbage growing in a small glass bowl which also requires care during planting. I think the same procedures will work for growing lotus plants also. A layer of slimy growth (dead leaves and rotten garden remains), soil, small stones, and of course some feedings of growth fertilizer. As I had planted the seeds of the water cabbage and later they developed into full leaves and plants so also the lotus can be grown with care.
Tried to buy online but hesitated as the roots of lotus are delicate and wither very soon if not planted properly. On professional advice learned that lotus requires deep pond with some amount of sunlight for the plant growth. Also since the water required for growth is muddy having a lotus pond in a small terrace garden will be questionable to avoid mosquitoes and other insects of water, which may come in close contact of the house, so go in for a lotus pond only if you have  a bigger terrace garden and is on a distance from your main house. Maybe we will need professional guidance for planting a lotus plant in our garden.
The roots of lotus plant need to be planted deep and firmly into the soil and then water is added to submerge the seeds. In the beginning new leaves will appear and then once the plant looks healthy it can be transferred into a larger pond. The roots of the lotus are deep and strong and one cannot remove or cut the flower by bare hands. The plant grows deep and it is well known that lotus plant along with its stem is edible.
The stem is used as vegetable and even lotus stem pakoras are very delicious.
Single White Lotus/ Water Lily

 The lotus flower is symbolic of enlightenment and spirituality since ages and it has been used to decorate and offer to God in temples. Lotus is associated with ultimate enlightenment and I have also painted a beautiful abstract painting of lotus.The lotus grow in partial shade and it requires a deep and wide pond for healthy growth.
With the small area available I will have to make do with a smaller pond made of cement or other tough material. I think I will definitely give it a try, meanwhile I have to make do with the artificial lotus flowers in a bowl decorated with small colored glass stones which look beautiful when the sun shines over them as they reflect a shiny pond with lotus flowers in it.

The White Lotus Arrangement with Coloured Stones
Placing a stone arrangement is also an added feature that your garden can do with and it will create a focal point in your terrace garden with minimal expenses and care. If not real even the artificial ones will do if there is space restriction but do try to have a small water feature maybe of bamboo or ceramic, it is soothing and relaxing to hear the slow tricking of the water along with the chirping of the birds, you will feel closest to God!
Or if you are the energetic one go in for a water fountain which is also available in all sizes and made of different materials.

Close Observations of the Brahma Kamal/ Sausseurea Obvallata

Red Growth Between the Leaves of Brahma Kamal Plant
The New Brahma Kamal Bud

Brahma Kamal Plant in Pot
Having planted this Brahma Kamal plant for many years I have been researching about the growth habits, water requirements and flowering of this unique plant. The plant is rare and declared a unique and extinct species. Wishing to grow this plant healthy has not come about and this year I have feeded it with good food. The plant has been growing at a slow pace but new shoots are seen appearing from the base and also from the sides of the original brahma kamal leaves.
This plant is a type of cactus but without any thorns. Also a similar looking plant called the holiday cactus having pink or white blooms is also very famous and grown as an indoor plant. Never tried to grow this Braham Kamal plant indoors as I see that the leaves are bright green and this indicates that the plant requires sunlight maybe not direct but at least for some times of the day.
Many people suggest less watering which again I feel may not be right. As every plant requires water, in fact my Brahma Kamla plant got the growth spurt during the rains. One important point that I noticed is that the plant requires aging and if you are lucky to get a leaf of a mature plant then it will soon bloom. The plant has come about its time for flowering and the time you plant the brahma kamal and its flowering will depend upon its age.
After seeing so many pics on the web of successful flowering of this plant I really really wish I get to experience this are phenomenon of nature. You Tube is full of so many videos of the opening of the Brahma Kamal flower, wow! Is it true that the plant flowers when you are showered with good luck? does the plant really mean that God Brahma is pleased? whatever the beliefs I know that it will give me immense happiness to experience nature at its closest. The opening of the Brahma Kamal flower is another very unique experience with heavenly fragrance in the air and the slow unfurling of the flower petals of the Brahma kamal flower. The size I hear is huge and many people cut the flowers and offer it in temples to God. Is the flower a result of God's pleased or the God's are pleased when we offer them the flowers? how did this plant get its name, is it a form of Brahma many unanswered mind will rest only when I will personally experience the flowering of the Brahma kamal, till then keep on ...
I have also given my  plant a trim that is to trim dried leaves and unwanted weeds to give the plant enough strength to flower. Now after the rains the plant looks healthy and I hope it will flower soon!
'why am I always chasing rainbows in search of the blue bird vain!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rarely Mentioned Facts About Terrace Gardening and Maintenance

Yellow Lantana Plant
 Writing with a heavy heart ... a quick survey after the long rains is that you see rotten leaves, dead plants and many slimy creatures feasting! spiders of varied variety coming up with the rains, snails, aphids, fungus, mosquitoes and also other insects along with the heavy down pour, whew, it is a fact that every year we lose some plants due to heavy down pours.
Red Fire Ball Flowering Plant
 These important facts are never ever mentioned anywhere. If you are a gardener you learn to live life and accept the loss. Just like we live and die so also do the plants have their own time of life cycle. Some tough plants survive all odds and this year I have made it a point to only plant tough ones who can bear strong heat from direct sunlight and also heavy rains.
Our rose bushes have bloomed quite well in spite of the rains with only care of cutting the fresh roses immediately and placing them indoors.
Unique Pink Shaded Rose Flower
 I have lost this beautiful unique rose plant, though it did not grow quite strong from the beginning which gives me an important thought to mention to all gardeners- choose healthy plants, if the plant is weak there is rarely a chance that it will survive the change of planting and transferring it to pot.

Green Jade Plant
Having lost many jade plants I wonder whether I must go ahead and buy another one. Though I have planted at least three different plants which were growing well the over watering during rains and cloggy soil left them limp. Maybe if I had transferred it indoors,.. but there is no proper place to put them inside as they look weak and dieing indoors in the dark gloomy environment during rainy season.
Spending on new plants regularly is another important aspect to keep your terrace garden well maintained. It is not by magic that your garden looks green and attractive with blooms all year round. Select the right plants that can bear the climatic conditions of your area.
Keep investing little by little if you really pursue this hobby of gardening. It is never enough and you will always need to remove some and add new plants over time. As you progress with your hobby of gardening you will learn to select the right plants and also those that give you better blooms without much care.
You will also learn a simple principle of life, that each one has to go and life moves on.. maybe I have to fast buy some new plants and press a refresh button to my garden!

Huge Spider Lily Plant

Spider Lily Flower
 The spider lily plant is a very easy growing plant and seen in many places as a thick green elongated foliage with long leaves similar to any other lily plants. The only difference between bulbs of different lilies is when you see their blooms. This plant growing in our society garden is unique and well huge!
Huge Spider Lily Plant
 I think the plant grown in pot was of limited size and when it was transferred to the ground it grew and grew quite well in a huge plant with very bug sized leaves. The flowers look very attractive with magenta coloured stamens. The usual spider lily plants give out white flowers with yellow stamens but this one has magenta coloured stamens and yellow pollens attached to it.
Bunch of Spider Lily Flowers
 The stem of flowers also is quite of a size which definitely commands attention of any viewer.
Close up of Spider Lily Flower
The fragrance of spider lily flowers is heavenly and what best to experience it is when you pass from the side of the plant when a cool breeze is blowing, it is just ecstatic.
White Spider Lily Flower

Spider Lily Flower
My spider lily plant is also growing well and has again bloomed with beautiful white flowers. The breeze flowing brings a breath of fresh heavenly fragrance with it which refreshes all your senses and uplifts the mood. The pure white colour of the spider lily flowers against the back drop of the blue sky, what a view!

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Cycas Plant

Creatures from Garden
Creatures have a fine time during rains as they flourish and make our lives a mess but our plants healthy. Like some creatures are necessary for good and healthy growth of our plants there are many who also destroy our plants, and we have to see which ones to keep and which ones to avoid in our gardens. The pots are full of earthworms yuk! and also I see many of these creatures with so many legs, I do not like creepy and crawly creatures!
Cycas Plant
The cycas plant is a sturdy and tough plant. Growing may seem simple but it is not so very easy. Once the plant takes root then the plant can take care of itself. The cycas plant needs partial sunlight and will not grow healthy in full sunlight. In fact it grows best when it receives indirect sunlight and is often seen planted near doors of buildings or offices. this plant is considered very good in feng shui to place near the entrance and is a good asset for main door feng shui.
Close up of Cycas Leaf
 The cycas plant is propagated by itself as in form of bulbs. Since this is a bulb, a a very large one, the cycas plant develops small buds from the side of the main plant. Each new baby bulb can be planted in separate pots to get new plants. The cycas plant requires less water and is a very tough plant. It can do away without watering for few days.
The Strong Trunk of Cycas Plant
 The main trunk of the cycas plant is very strong and hence the importance for growing a cycas at the entrance to attract positive energy and ward off evil spirits. I do not have  a cycas at the entrance as the plant needs more space and it can only look well when there is some space available near the main door without blocking the entryway. No point in placing a plant too big for the space provided and then getting hurt with the spikes of the leaf tips. The tips of the cycas leaf are strong and pointed but not sharp like thorns. On first glance the leaves and plant look similar to coconut tree.
The Center of Cycas Plant
The main attraction, the center of the cycas plant is a big huge bulb from where grow different leaves in circular fashion. each layer of leaves dry and need to be cut or they shed themselves to maintain the beauty of the tree.Good feng shui to have a pair of cycas plants at the entrance of your home, office or terrace garden.
Tip for growing healthy cycas plant- grow it in a large container for enjoying a great view of the cycas plant. Avoid placing cycas plant in crammed places as the plant will not grow healthy. Keep the area around the plant free for its leaves to spread and maintain its posture. Watering must be done thoroughly so that all roots get watered and a well draining soil will allow the water to drain well as this plant does not like to be in water for long and the roots will rot and your cycas stem will become mushy and fall, leading to even death of your plant.

The Christmas Tree

Close up of Christmas Tree
 The Christmas tree is one of the loveliest and majestic tree which many people wish to plant but are not aware that it is very easy to grow a Christmas tree in a container. With Christmas trees used as decorations during Christmas this tree has become very popular not only with Christians but also among other people and many people use it to decorate during any functions. The Christmas tree looks great when decorated with lights and other ornaments.The top is usually decorated with a fairy which brings us hope and prosperity.
Majestic Tall Christmas Tree
 Growing a Christmas tree is very easy and it usually take scare of itself. Avoid planting the Christmas tree in full sunlight as the leaves tend to burn and the corners become brown. A partially shaded area or an area of your garden that receives some hours of sunlight is just fine for this tree to grow. One must also avoid over watering as the roots may rot and give way to fungal growth which will make the main stem weak.
Close up of Christmas Tree leaf
 The close up of the Christmas tree leaf is something unique and worth mentioning. The leaves are formed of zig zag pattern and are having a shape similar to a  fish bone. The leaves of Christmas tree may look tough but on pressing are soft but they come back to original form even after pressing them.
Zig Zag Pattern in Christmas Tree Leaf
The Christmas tree must be planted on ground when it has reached its potential growth or planted in a bigger container. The tree looks majestic when planted on ground and grows quite tall.
We see many offices and malls decorated with ornaments during the festival of Christmas but these are artificial trees, why not go in for a real Christmas tree, and enjoy Christmas all year round!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Best Places for Christmas Tree with Feng Shui
6 Decoration Precautions for Christmas Trees
Feng Shui Wealth Tree painting

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tips for Selecting Awnings and Shades for Terrace Garden

Even after searching for an ideal shade for my terrace I have still not come up with anything that can replace the sky! with so many people living in suburbs and Mumbai struggling to see the sky and the sun isn't it a great boon to have a small piece of open sky just for you. people having Terrace are very lucky and it is very sad that many convert it to a room or store junk here instead of thanking God for this blessing!
Awnings are a solution to this as you can open and fold back the awning according to your needs. Beautiful awnings are available in the market that can be got in various materials and colours to suit your needs and choices. Covering the terrace has many options like having a fixed shade or a folding one. With fixed shade you can have acrylic or metal aluminum shade, but just take care that the splitter splatter of  the rains will be heard more in the metal and acrylic shade.
So if you are okay with the loud noise of rains then the metal shade are the sturdiest and long lasting among all types of shades for your terrace garden. With awnings you get the advantage of folding your shade to a minimum length and using the whole shade only when required. This will give you the opportunity to close your shade during evenings and night to enjoy the beautiful sky and open the shade in mid or late afternoon when the sun is at its peak.
It is a difficult task selecting material for awnings as there are a variety of materials available and the buyer is faced with lots of choices for awnings. One must see their environment and then select the material for awnings accordingly. If your terrace faces very harsh sunlight and strong winds and rains then take a tougher material for your awning. If your terrace has sunlight for only some part of the day and also not so strong winds then your can consider your choice and go in for any material for awning.
Remember that which even material you choose will have an impact of the look of your terrace garden as well as its maintenance.  The joints or fittings of the awnings may rust over the years and they need greasing and maintenance. Also if your terrace has direct sun exposure for long hours of the day any material used for awning as shade will wear out sooner and tear from joints or corners.
Another important, very important aspect which we overlook is the fact that since it is a open garden it will attract birds and bees, and also other pests. So try to select a material that is pest proof, though I do not feel any material for awning is so tough that they can bear rats!even birds like pigeons and crows may pierce the material and once there is a hole in the awning it will tear more from that area and damage the whole awning. One can stitch the torn part immediately if there are any holes to prevent further damage.
Colours chosen for awnings must compliment your garden and not over shadow it. If you have a bright red attractive awning then all your plants will be over shadowed by this dominant colour and all focus will go on the awning instead of your garden plants.
Select a shade material according to your personal likes and preferences and also take care to consider all the above mentioned points before selecting an awning as this is a major expense for your garden and awnings do not come cheap!.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Practical Tips for Healthy Growing Plants in Terrace Garden

Purple Queen/Purple Leaf Plant
The purple queen or purple leafed plant is a bright coloured plant and very good addition to any garden or patio. Since the leaves are purple and feathery , velvet like when we go closer we can see the tiny hair covering each leaf. The plant was kept in direct sunlight but showed many signs of leaf burns and dried leaves. There seem to bloom tiny pink or lilac flowers at the end of each leaf.It looks very nice when grown in hanging pots and is very easily propagated with small cuttings of the original plant.
After shifting it to a place with partial sunlight it seems very happy. To note some difference I just had to post the beauty in the rains. The plant looks bathed and beautiful in heavy rains and a maroon colour has developed due to less exposure of sunlight.
I had also noticed that if the plant does not get enough sunlight or more sunlight it also changes colour to green! With wonder that I am getting green leaves and have lost the purple colour I immediately took action and shifted this into a comfortable position where it could get just right sunlight and shade.
With experience and losing many plants due to trial and error I have come upon some tips for growing healthy plants- select healthy plants because if you select weak ones they may or may not survive and even if they do their growth is usually stunted!
Each plant is different and even if the species is same each plant has individually different requirements and preferences. No two plants will have same water requirements and feeding requirements. So talk to your plansta nd treat them with individual identity. Doesn't mean very different but if they are not growing healthy all these points come up, if they can carru along well and good.
Try to plant similar growth requirement plants if you do not get enough sunlight or everyone is working at your home and you cannot give more time to your terrace garden plants. Don't make busy schedule an excuse for avoiding gardening and growing healthy plants.
Indoor plants does not mean they do not require any sunlight. All plants require sunlight for healthy growth. You must try to give your plants some sunlight at any part of the day.
 I have tried and tried and sometimes very hard to save a plant, well if its time has come it will just go! You have to learn to let go if a plant is not surviving. it may be weak, it may already be diseased or it may have become older, I do not know the reason but I have learned to not put excess energy if the effort is not giving results. I had purchased this weak plant, it looked different and beautiful white leaves with shading of green colour.After planting it in  a pot it showed some growth but again the leaves dropped. After shifting the plant to a different place it showed some growth and then the leaves burned and fell. I was an amateur gardener and did not know much about plant care and plant diseases then, the plant was such that it did not grow also and did not die also, so I was stuck up with this tall lanky plant with few leaves !It would drop from the pot again and again and on close observation I saw that even after a year it had not rooted well and thus I just moved the plant to a corner and let it be till the last when all the leaves dropped and the whole stem dried over time! I knew I had lost it but still the stem is planted in a pot with other plants who knows it may come up!I have also lost a beautiful rose bush which I tried very hard to save!and the history is long , so I have learned to let go and move on!
I had this mogra plant which would always be attacked by red bugs and ants. I tried planting it it so many pots differently and placed it in different places in the garden. The plant would just not recover and then I left it in a very bright sunny spot, let it burn! and viola it started fresh green leaves and also though less leaves had come up it flowered very well!
Fragrant Mogra Flower

White Mogra Flower
Blooming Mogra Plant
This one is a toughie!
Gardening is a hobby and not a time pass, plants don't grow healthy on their own, they need care, love and spanking!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Garden Furniture Garden Ornaments

Maintaining a garden is not just about plants and flowers. There are many other aspects in a garden which we hardly notice but are very important for the final look and feel of your garden.When we see any garden our firts impression comes from the colours of the flowers, plants, the arrangement of furniture and of course the garden ornaments.
Decorative statues, idols, ponds and other nick knacks are termed as garden ornaments. They are used to improve the aesthetics of your garden as only plants and pots would make your garden look like a military standing with soldiers in line. Garden furniture is very important as every gardener would like to sit and enjoy the fruits of their labour at some time everyday. There would be no point if you toil for the garden and do not make time to appreciate its beauty. Sturdy garden furniture is important as this furniture has to be able to bear strong sunlight, rains and wind. Garden furniture is available in many styles and patterns according to individual preferences. Some people like wooden furniture but this requires regular care as paintings and rust proofing to bear the sun, and the wooden furniture would also not last in heavy rains in the open.
Metal and wrought iron furniture was and is still the best and strong among the many garden furniture materials. Since it can bear strong sunlight and be painted and processed to be water proof and rust proof wrought iron garden furniture is very famous and selected by many people for their garden. Cane garden furniture is also very good but it has the risk of becoming wet and developing mites and catching fungus in the rains and cold weather. If you have a protected garden then even cane is a good choice as there are many designs available in cane furniture.
Our good old stone is evergreen and the best for any garden, of course if you are used to sitting on hard surfaces!Many people make patios and seats from cement and cover this with granite, marble or any other ornamental stone. This is maintenance free and also easy for cleaning. Stone seating arrangements also are not affected by rains and hot weather and last longer as compared to any other material in garden furniture.
Having a swing in the garden is also among some wish list for many people having a open space garden.
Decorative garden lamps are also a must haves as they illuminate the garden and also create magic during nights. Arrange your garden lights well so that you can highlight important parts of your garden and also keep your garden well lit.
Having a water feature in your garden will also make your garden attractive and also encourage positive energy in form of birds coming to drink and eat.
Choose garden furniture according to your personal preferences and choice. No point in making a stone patio and if you have back problems it would be an uncomfortable seating arrangement. Also if your garden has to face strong sunlight and heavy rains and you select a soft cushion seat chair then it will rot and be a total misfit in your garden.
 Use garden ornaments to create highlights in your garden and make your garden inviting and relaxing.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Delicate Canna Plant with red Flowers

Canna Plant with Delicate red Flowers
 This canna plant is one unique plant giving very delicate red flowers. I have two other canna plants that give deep red and yellow shaded flowers. The canna plant has big rectangular leaves which are of dark green colour. This particular plant has light shade of green leaves and comparatively thin leaves. If you grow this canna plant in  big pot the leaves can grow very large, but the blooms are very delicate and small.
Red Delicate Canna Flower
The plant will flower on each stem just like the other canna plants, only difference in in the blooms. in fact it looks like the rare orchid in red. Why I feel this resembles the orchid flower is because the flower when dries develops a big node like structure wherein the seeds develop. Though the flower itself is very small it produces large sized seeds with each bloom. These seeds are transferred by wind and immediately start into new plants.
You will have to keep  check on these plants as they cover up the whole pot and also barge into neighboring pots.
Tip for growing would be to plant this canna plant in a small pot. Keep it restricted in spreading and also whenever the blooms are withered try to cut off the dry flowers with the stem. If you allow the stem to dry and let the seeds develop you will get many big seeds in each flower stem.
The plant may resemble wild grass and jungle foliage but the blooms are very delicate and appealing to the eyes. You will definitely be attracted to this flower and observe the minute details it is made up of.Hence we understand how bees may also be lingering near this flower, so it need not worry about pollination.

Garden feng Shui -Selecting Plants of Correct shapes for Good feng Shui

With feng Shui for home if you are lucky to have a garden then you also need to feng shui your garden for harmony, good luck and promoting money luck.  Garden feng shui is a very important aspect affecting our home. As we know feng shui is all about balance we need to pay importance on the five elements , fire , wood, earth, water and metal. Our garden represents our life and is an important part of our home. Many times we feng shui the whole house and neglect the garden.
Since a garden having many plants and flowers it is understood that it is the wood element and hence if your garden falls in this area then it is the best feng shui for goodluck and prosperity. Balancing the five elements in your garden as in your house will also encourage positive chi to enter your home. If the garden falls in any other area like metal or water then according to feng shui plants are not good for metal and fire burns the wood and turns it into ash, and if this is the case then there are cures in feng shui for this. If your garden faces north section of your house then you can have a rock garden with few plants and also keep the colours of the plants toned down. Feng shui colors for metals are silver, grey, yellow, cream and white so you can select plants having foliage or flowers in these colours.
White Rose Bushes for the North and North West of garden
White spider lily Plant for the North and North west

Place a water feature in the north of your garden to attract positive energy by birds coming to drink water. The area of south can have red coloured plants and flowers of red, orange , yellow and bright colours are encouraged in this area for fame and recognition.
Every plant has a distinct shape and colour so you can select the right plants to balance elements in a feng shui garden. Wood element is enhanced by tall and woody plants so you can grow big trees and fruit trees here, that is the south and the south east sector of the garden.Remember to keep the size of plants and trees in check and avoid very tall trees in the front garden of your house as this will cover the entrance of your main door and even hide the visibility of your house from the main road, which is not good feng shui, as your main door has to have attractive flowering plants and not huge trees.

Rose Bushes for the South Garden

Magenta flowers of Evergreen Plant

Red Amaryllis flowering bulb for south area of garden

Rajni gandha Plant for North west
The Rajni gandha and other fragrant flowering plants can  be planted in the north west section of your garden which is considered the area for helpful friends.

Silver jade plant for North
For the south select square shaped plant pots or plants with leaves similar to square or rectangle are advised. Round shaped plant leaves are very good to plant in the metal area that is north and north west as they  resemble money . Here you can also plant kaner, ajwain and magnolias.
Fragrant White Mogra flower Plant for the North
Green jade Plant for South
Climber for North career Area
Metal area or the west and north select plants of grey or dark green colour. Silver jade and green  jade  plants are the best in this area of your garden. For the north that is the career area plant vines and creepers that grow tall to promote your career luck. Avoid these vines to overpower the garden and also take are that they grow upwards as downwards growing plants pull down the energy of the garden and make you feel depressed. The pea climber is the best and we have this climber having deep blue flowers.
By paying little attention on garden feng shui you can promote good health, good luck, prosperity and also have happy relationships among family and friends. And no wonder if you share the plants, fruits, vegetables and  flowers you are bound to make many new friends!

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