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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Delicate Canna Plant with red Flowers

Canna Plant with Delicate red Flowers
 This canna plant is one unique plant giving very delicate red flowers. I have two other canna plants that give deep red and yellow shaded flowers. The canna plant has big rectangular leaves which are of dark green colour. This particular plant has light shade of green leaves and comparatively thin leaves. If you grow this canna plant in  big pot the leaves can grow very large, but the blooms are very delicate and small.
Red Delicate Canna Flower
The plant will flower on each stem just like the other canna plants, only difference in in the blooms. in fact it looks like the rare orchid in red. Why I feel this resembles the orchid flower is because the flower when dries develops a big node like structure wherein the seeds develop. Though the flower itself is very small it produces large sized seeds with each bloom. These seeds are transferred by wind and immediately start into new plants.
You will have to keep  check on these plants as they cover up the whole pot and also barge into neighboring pots.
Tip for growing would be to plant this canna plant in a small pot. Keep it restricted in spreading and also whenever the blooms are withered try to cut off the dry flowers with the stem. If you allow the stem to dry and let the seeds develop you will get many big seeds in each flower stem.
The plant may resemble wild grass and jungle foliage but the blooms are very delicate and appealing to the eyes. You will definitely be attracted to this flower and observe the minute details it is made up of.Hence we understand how bees may also be lingering near this flower, so it need not worry about pollination.

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