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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Close Observations of the Brahma Kamal/ Sausseurea Obvallata

Red Growth Between the Leaves of Brahma Kamal Plant
The New Brahma Kamal Bud

Brahma Kamal Plant in Pot
Having planted this Brahma Kamal plant for many years I have been researching about the growth habits, water requirements and flowering of this unique plant. The plant is rare and declared a unique and extinct species. Wishing to grow this plant healthy has not come about and this year I have feeded it with good food. The plant has been growing at a slow pace but new shoots are seen appearing from the base and also from the sides of the original brahma kamal leaves.
This plant is a type of cactus but without any thorns. Also a similar looking plant called the holiday cactus having pink or white blooms is also very famous and grown as an indoor plant. Never tried to grow this Braham Kamal plant indoors as I see that the leaves are bright green and this indicates that the plant requires sunlight maybe not direct but at least for some times of the day.
Many people suggest less watering which again I feel may not be right. As every plant requires water, in fact my Brahma Kamla plant got the growth spurt during the rains. One important point that I noticed is that the plant requires aging and if you are lucky to get a leaf of a mature plant then it will soon bloom. The plant has come about its time for flowering and the time you plant the brahma kamal and its flowering will depend upon its age.
After seeing so many pics on the web of successful flowering of this plant I really really wish I get to experience this are phenomenon of nature. You Tube is full of so many videos of the opening of the Brahma Kamal flower, wow! Is it true that the plant flowers when you are showered with good luck? does the plant really mean that God Brahma is pleased? whatever the beliefs I know that it will give me immense happiness to experience nature at its closest. The opening of the Brahma Kamal flower is another very unique experience with heavenly fragrance in the air and the slow unfurling of the flower petals of the Brahma kamal flower. The size I hear is huge and many people cut the flowers and offer it in temples to God. Is the flower a result of God's pleased or the God's are pleased when we offer them the flowers? how did this plant get its name, is it a form of Brahma many unanswered mind will rest only when I will personally experience the flowering of the Brahma kamal, till then keep on ...
I have also given my  plant a trim that is to trim dried leaves and unwanted weeds to give the plant enough strength to flower. Now after the rains the plant looks healthy and I hope it will flower soon!
'why am I always chasing rainbows in search of the blue bird vain!


  1. Saussurea obvallata actually known as Braham Kamal in North India, while in south and western Indian regions a non-native (American) plant Epiphyllum oxypetalum is considered as Braham Kamal above in image. This is humble request to not use scientific names and other info unless a valid confirmation.

  2. Varun thanks for sharing this information on garden care simplified, for our readers. u can.

    Is this plant the Brahma Kamal or not, do let me know, the difference as I am researching, finding information so much on this plant.
    Thanks, take care and God Bless!


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