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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Cycas Plant

Creatures from Garden
Creatures have a fine time during rains as they flourish and make our lives a mess but our plants healthy. Like some creatures are necessary for good and healthy growth of our plants there are many who also destroy our plants, and we have to see which ones to keep and which ones to avoid in our gardens. The pots are full of earthworms yuk! and also I see many of these creatures with so many legs, I do not like creepy and crawly creatures!
Cycas Plant
The cycas plant is a sturdy and tough plant. Growing may seem simple but it is not so very easy. Once the plant takes root then the plant can take care of itself. The cycas plant needs partial sunlight and will not grow healthy in full sunlight. In fact it grows best when it receives indirect sunlight and is often seen planted near doors of buildings or offices. this plant is considered very good in feng shui to place near the entrance and is a good asset for main door feng shui.
Close up of Cycas Leaf
 The cycas plant is propagated by itself as in form of bulbs. Since this is a bulb, a a very large one, the cycas plant develops small buds from the side of the main plant. Each new baby bulb can be planted in separate pots to get new plants. The cycas plant requires less water and is a very tough plant. It can do away without watering for few days.
The Strong Trunk of Cycas Plant
 The main trunk of the cycas plant is very strong and hence the importance for growing a cycas at the entrance to attract positive energy and ward off evil spirits. I do not have  a cycas at the entrance as the plant needs more space and it can only look well when there is some space available near the main door without blocking the entryway. No point in placing a plant too big for the space provided and then getting hurt with the spikes of the leaf tips. The tips of the cycas leaf are strong and pointed but not sharp like thorns. On first glance the leaves and plant look similar to coconut tree.
The Center of Cycas Plant
The main attraction, the center of the cycas plant is a big huge bulb from where grow different leaves in circular fashion. each layer of leaves dry and need to be cut or they shed themselves to maintain the beauty of the tree.Good feng shui to have a pair of cycas plants at the entrance of your home, office or terrace garden.
Tip for growing healthy cycas plant- grow it in a large container for enjoying a great view of the cycas plant. Avoid placing cycas plant in crammed places as the plant will not grow healthy. Keep the area around the plant free for its leaves to spread and maintain its posture. Watering must be done thoroughly so that all roots get watered and a well draining soil will allow the water to drain well as this plant does not like to be in water for long and the roots will rot and your cycas stem will become mushy and fall, leading to even death of your plant.

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