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Monday, April 23, 2012

Orchids in Wild

Being an artist I am fascinated with nature, and the recent trip in the wild . came back with rare orchids and rare cactus plants. The beautiful white flamingoes and egrets were seen as a white blanket on the lush green fields.
The marshy land promoted good vegetation and this again proves how God takes care of everything to maintain harmony and balance in nature.
Beautiful Landscape in nature

Walk in the Wild
 The quietness and sounds of nature are unique, which cannot be described. The fresh air and cool breeze even during peak hours of afternoon, is irrestible, and very touching. The cool breeze and the dancing leaves, the flowy trees and the sun playing hide and seek all great moments and the hope of finding some new rare plants!
Traditional Vehicle, Bullock Cart

Wild Orchid plants hanging from Tree

 The huge trees are very old and the sight was enchanting, hanging orchid plants on higher branches. Now wonder how difficult it must have been to bring these rare orchids home!

Medicinal Orchid plants

Orchids Hanging on tree
Have planted these orchids and lets see how they progress and flourish during monsoons.
Wild Orchid Plants

Seed Pods on Medicinal Orchid Plant
The village folk mentioned that these plants were used for medicinal purposes. The juice of these planst was used for ear aches and other purposes. Thought eh authenticity of this is not guaranteed as I do not prefer to use anything in raw state. We are so much used to packaged medicines that even if this may be a good healer I doubt if I will ever try and traditional medicine! wonder how people can follow any one and try out new herbs. not me!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Flowering of Huge Very Old Cactus Plants in Garden

Cactus plants have beautiful flowers and as we mention cactus plants we often think at first only of thorns and spikes. The cactus plant produces huge flowers and this plant growing in a private garden was planted nearly more than 25 years back. The plant reaches the sky and has a huge trunk at first glance looks like elephants foot.
Huge Cactus Plant

Bud on Cactus Plant
 The cactus plant is fully laden with big blooms all over the plant. The maturity of the plant may have  triggered the spurt and maybe the plant flowers  after few      years   or   every year
 the beauty is majestic as the huge cactus plant  is fully covered with buds which are opening   simultaneously. I think  the cactus flowers    open during    the night and are spent as the day begins. So much  beauty for such short time, again another one blossoms    so many blooming   simultaneously, good show. Have planted in our garden, lets see how the blooms come   up.
Big Bud About to Bloom on Cactus Plant

Cactus Plant Fully laden with Buds

Huge Stem and Base of Cactus Plant

Many Buds on Huge Cactus Plant

Heavily Laden Buds on cactus Plant

Dried Cactus Flower

Simple Flowering Tips for Mogra Flower Plant

The mogra plant has got a growth spurt and is in full bloom with white fragrant flowers. These mogra flowers are very famous for making garlands, hair decorations and malas for Gods. The mogra plant is often one of the easiest and sturdy plants from among the fragrant flowers. We have three different varieties of mogra flower plants , the difference here is with the size and the number of petals on the flower. The fragrance is heavenly especially in the evenings as the flowers open after sun set and in the hot summers the plant is in its full beauty.
Mogra Flower Buds on Plant in Container
 One of our plants was very sick and was attacked by brown mites that would get attached to its roots and the plant would often go in dormant state. No change, it looked alive but with no change. The few leaves that the plant had were green but there was absolutely no change. So again my special formula worked, as earlier, even now I did the same.
Tips for Mogra Plant- I cut off few roots that had gone very deep and covered the whole pot, I trimmed the shoots, from edges. Some amount of feedings and the gift of fully laden mogra plant with fragrant white blooms!
The mogra plant grows best in area that receives full sunlight as in our case and the plant is at its best during summers. The size of the bloom is dependent upon each different variety of mogra plant. The petals are some times thin and is called the single petalled mogra flower. The other variety is the many petalled mogra flower which looks like a white rose flower. The leaves of all mogra plants look similar and are of dark green colour and only when you get the blooms can you differentiate between different mogra flowers.
Close up of Mogra Flower Buds on Mogra Plant

Fresh Mogra Flower Buds on Plant

Fragrant Mogra Flower on Plant

White Fragrant Mogra Flower on Plant

Fragrant Mogra Flowers on Plant
enjoying the summers with white fragrant mogra flowers, maybe bring some into the living room and display for fragrance. I am not very fond of hair decorations as I suffer from migraine, and my hair are best left loose and open, and all the fragrances are best for my terrace garden. The mogra plant looks very beautiful during the nights with white blooms covered on the green plant.
dried mogra plant care.
If you have chanced upon my page from Google search, Please do share ,You may not need it but this plant advice and gardening tips can help some one on verge of giving up gardening!Save a lot of plant lives and loads of money! Save Earth!
All Photographs and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved © 2018 Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Healthy growth flowering tips for Jaai and Juhi Jasmine plants

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flowering of The Beautiful Passion Flower on Plant in Container

 The beautiful rare passion flower plant I added to my family last year had flowered once last year but the blooms were weak and small. This year after about more than 15 months of planting the vine of passion flower has given beautiful blooms. The passion flower is proved to be a good mood uplifter and its fragrance is proved to ignite passion and positive energy. (as I have read!)
Passion Flowers

Leaf of Passion flower Plant
Tendrils on Passion flower plant

Tendrils of passion flower vine
 The passion fruit plant has two types of leaves and at first I was confused that the plant was going crazy. But later I noticed that the plant produces two types of leaves on the same plant. One type is the ordinary leaf shape which we see in majority of plants and the other is three petalled leaf. I think this must be related to the maturity of the plant. The passion fruit plant is a vine which throws tendrils to cling to the trellis or support. You can guide your climber over a rope or a trellis especially designed for this vine.
Close up of Passion Flower
 The passion flower is one of the most beautiful flowers seen and known and it is truly worth the effort. The very easy growing passion flower vine did not require any special care and seems to be growing happily on a trellis. I think I should have given it some help to grow side ways also so that I would have more access to the passion fruits for which I am waiting with excitement. The flower is so beautiful so the fruit will be a bundle of joy!.
Centre of Passion Flower in Close up
 The passion flower is different and it has a centre of rich purple with the petals of light bluish green colour. The fine detail in the passion flower does make one wonder God has created every thing in so much detail, I being an artist know just how much effort it requires to paint in detail, so Thank you God for making such beautiful flowers , fruits and the whole of nature that produces great bounties to give us sustanence.
The Passion Flower in Detail

Spent Passion Flower
The passion flower was only for a day and was spent in the evening, as the flower gradually closed its petals, it had lived a day of pride and had no regrets of its end. The fruits I think are expected after three to four years of planting. Keeping my fingers crossed!
Passion fruit Plant Growing tips- The passion fruit vine grows like wild. It is very important that you plan how you wish your passion fruit climber to grow. The best place would be an area that receives indirect sunlight and some direct sun for at least some part of the day. Try to have an accessible trellis so that when the fruits or flowers come up you can appreciate them. The side of your garden also can be used to plant this fast growing vine for privacy. Trim and guide your passion fruit vine according to your requirements to keep this beautiful flowering vine neat.
Feed the passion fruit vine with your regular fertiliser for flowers and fruits, once in six months. Watering regularly is better, though the passion fruit vine can tolerate few dry days in between watering.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Split Leaf Philodendron Indoor Plant

Beautiful sunset and as one day ends waiting for another in anticipation. So much to paint, so much to write so little time!
Beautiful Sunset
 The indoor plant range is veyr wide and from the easy fast growing money plant to the wandering jew we ahve seen most of the indoors. The Chinese ever green has taken its place into our living room with the increasing temperatures and as the mogra plant is full of buds keeping in anticipation the time when all will bloom together making the whole garden area fragrant.
Split Leaf Philodendron indoor climber vine
The split leaf philodendron, the mexican bread fruit, monstera deliciosa, swiss cheese plant, the many names this plant is recognized with. The philodendron is a climbing vine which grows very fast. It grows with some support and can cover the whole area as you guide its growth. The plant is often chosen for its rare beauty as the leaves are very different from any other plant. The leaves look as if they have been eaten by insects, but this gives the plant an unique appearance and as the plant can grow indoors also it is very often chosen to cover a window or the entrance.
The leaves of this philodendron are dark green in colour and some what velvety in appearance. The plant needs to be trimmed and kept according to your needs whether you want to keep it as a plant or a climbing vine.
This is a very good feng shui plant as the plant leaves have spaces to allow passing of positive chi and when this plant is kept near the entrance or your north it is considered very auspicious. In feng shui we recommend to use climbers judiciously. Any energy which will uplift the environment , as in climbers is considered good in feng shui.
Tip for maintaining the philodendron plant- Even if the philodendron is kept in the living room the best place would be a suitable spot near the window so that the leaves get indirect sunlight for at least some part of the day. The moss stick holding the plant needs to be moisturized frequently to keep the plant fresh and green indoors. keep spraying the leaves to keep them clean and green.
Select a place out door for the philodendron where it is protected from direct sunlight. As the leaves will burn and the plant will not grow healthy. You can also plant this under a bigger plant or tree but do take care if you are planting this philodendron under a big tree as the leaves turn into monstrous size and it will grow into very tall and thick vine.
Beauty of any plant lies in making it appear best  in a correct sized pot and in right shape. Very important and I am on my toes always to keep all my plants spic and span, neat and trimmed!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Healing Art - by Rizwana Mundewadi Portfolio

Art is soothing, relaxing, cathartic and aesthetic. There are many attributes given to art. A painting when viewed takes one to another world. The viewer goes into deep thinking and is transferred to another realm. Healing art is one of the ways to help a person heal from within. It is known that our aura consists of many layers. We take medicines for sickness and feel right. But does the soul heal? many times the same problems keep erupting and this becomes a chronic disease. Here healing art can help along with medicines to promote the well being and peace of mind.
Soul healing is the most important thing to be considered. With technology and electronic gadgets we are moving away from mother earth. We stay in sky scrapers and have forgotten the fresh scent of wet mud that is experienced from the first rain! We are so busy commuting to and fro to work and earn money, still it is never sufficient. The reason for this is we do not accept that our universe has everything in abundance. There is no need to struggle. Work hard and you will get.. Pray and have faith. This has lost the essence since we have lost faith.

Looking at the  birds from our terrace garden, doesn't the bird start its day without any knowledge from where it will get food? it has faith only on its wings, it flies in search of food. In Islam it has been quoted often that mankind has to go in search of food. This rat race will come to an end only on having faith in the grace of God.
A healing artist helps one to connect to the inner soul. Healing artist  and their paintings help an individual to connect to their inner being, and bring peace, prosperity and abundance in every aspect of their lives.

Still so many people are seen as desperate souls trying to find answers to so many questions, my answer is look within,  hit the pause button and you will get the answers, connect to your spirit guides and guardian angels and see how the beauty of life unfolds in front of you, a beautiful biggest hit movie and the main lead actor, you! Portfolio

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Onion Flowers on Plant

Onion Plant

 The onion plant looks similar to any other plant grown from bulb. I had never imagined the onion being so pungent and smelly would give out such beautiful blooms. A visit to a friends place gave me this new discovery and I am sure to plant one this summers. My first try was a failure as the bud began growth and was picked out by rats!then our snail pet 'sirji' digged upon ! I will keep trying, which makes me mention  that growing plants is not an easy job and then waiting for their flowers or fruits is a process which always tries my patience!
Pet snail' sir ji'
Onion Flowers in Bloom

Beautiful Onion flowers
The flower is very beautiful and big which has tiny buds that burst open giving the shape of a round furry white ball to the onion flower. Onion plant can be grown by planting our very own humble spring onion bulb that we eat.Care as any other bulb of flowering plant, which is very easy , and that is why I love to plant bulbs, you invest once and you keep getting the flowers ever and that too with bonus of new baby bulbs growing fast. This is why we had one amaryllis bulb and at present we are enjoying nearly 20 to 30 bulbs new plants and they are flowering  simultaneously...
Beautiful Majestic Amaryllis flowers
 the red show is on.
Red Amaryllis flower

Fragrant Anant Gardenia Flowers for West and South West in Feng Shui

Anant /Gardenia Flowering Plant
 Anant is a fragrant flowering plant, Gardenias, which gives out beautiful white flowers ,especially in summers when the days are hot the flowers begin blooming in the late evenings and are fully open during sunset. The fragrance is very distinct and you can smell it even from a distance when the cool breeze sets during nights in summers.
Cute new born Pups
 Our society garden had a few new pups that looked so cute that they longed to be hugged. But the mommy may be around so no one dare to touch them! Puppies are always in groups , I guess they are termed litter for this reason as they are born in five, six or seven in numbers.
Cosy Pups Litter

New Born Puppies

Newly Born Pup
The witnessing of flowers on this anant plant is a beautiful experience and I tried to capture the whole process of opening of anant flowers. The bud developed as an extension of a leaf nodule and looked off white and fully loaded and about to burst. The whole process is fascinating as the flower bud of anant flower opens gradually and the whole flower opened the next day. Simultaneously there are other buds and the anant plant is laden with new buds, so the show will go on for quiet some time!

Fragrant White Anant Flower

Close up of Anant flower

Majestic fragrant Anant flower

Bud of Anant flower

White fragrant Anant flowering plant
The fully opened anant flower looks similar to a white rose flower but the plant is totally different from rose plant. The leaves are different and unlike rose plants this anant plant does not have thorns!
Fully Bloomed Anant flower
Tips for flowering of Anant/Gardenia plant- This anant flowering plant can tolerate direct sunlight so choose a nice sunny spot for good growth. I have kept trimming the new shoots that grew side ways to give good shape to our anant plant and this is what triggered the flowering in the anant plant grown in container. The plant has given flowers within a year of planting. This Anant /Gardenia plant when grown in soil becomes a big tree and when fully laden it makes its presence felt till far away.
Give fertiliser before the beginning of hot summers immediately after winter as the plant in dormant state after chilly winters will get a new growth spurt at onset of summer.
As feng shui places utmost importance on white flowers and especially fragrant flowers this anant plant is very good for your garden or terrace garden. Place white flowering plants in the north, west or south west according to feng shui principles and your requirements. It all depends upon which area you wish to provide feng shui luck energy. In north it will invite career luck and helpful friends along with new opportunites and when planted in the relationship areas it will improve existing relationships and invite new helpful friends into your life. The fragrant anant flowering plant is very good to be planted in west as this will promote creativity and children luck. And with all the feng shui luck and providing positive chi to your home and garden its fragrance is the icing on the top as it has a heavenly fragrance, enjoy!

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