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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Split Leaf Philodendron Indoor Plant

Beautiful sunset and as one day ends waiting for another in anticipation. So much to paint, so much to write so little time!
Beautiful Sunset
 The indoor plant range is veyr wide and from the easy fast growing money plant to the wandering jew we ahve seen most of the indoors. The Chinese ever green has taken its place into our living room with the increasing temperatures and as the mogra plant is full of buds keeping in anticipation the time when all will bloom together making the whole garden area fragrant.
Split Leaf Philodendron indoor climber vine
The split leaf philodendron, the mexican bread fruit, monstera deliciosa, swiss cheese plant, the many names this plant is recognized with. The philodendron is a climbing vine which grows very fast. It grows with some support and can cover the whole area as you guide its growth. The plant is often chosen for its rare beauty as the leaves are very different from any other plant. The leaves look as if they have been eaten by insects, but this gives the plant an unique appearance and as the plant can grow indoors also it is very often chosen to cover a window or the entrance.
The leaves of this philodendron are dark green in colour and some what velvety in appearance. The plant needs to be trimmed and kept according to your needs whether you want to keep it as a plant or a climbing vine.
This is a very good feng shui plant as the plant leaves have spaces to allow passing of positive chi and when this plant is kept near the entrance or your north it is considered very auspicious. In feng shui we recommend to use climbers judiciously. Any energy which will uplift the environment , as in climbers is considered good in feng shui.
Tip for maintaining the philodendron plant- Even if the philodendron is kept in the living room the best place would be a suitable spot near the window so that the leaves get indirect sunlight for at least some part of the day. The moss stick holding the plant needs to be moisturized frequently to keep the plant fresh and green indoors. keep spraying the leaves to keep them clean and green.
Select a place out door for the philodendron where it is protected from direct sunlight. As the leaves will burn and the plant will not grow healthy. You can also plant this under a bigger plant or tree but do take care if you are planting this philodendron under a big tree as the leaves turn into monstrous size and it will grow into very tall and thick vine.
Beauty of any plant lies in making it appear best  in a correct sized pot and in right shape. Very important and I am on my toes always to keep all my plants spic and span, neat and trimmed!

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