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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Onion Flowers on Plant

Onion Plant

 The onion plant looks similar to any other plant grown from bulb. I had never imagined the onion being so pungent and smelly would give out such beautiful blooms. A visit to a friends place gave me this new discovery and I am sure to plant one this summers. My first try was a failure as the bud began growth and was picked out by rats!then our snail pet 'sirji' digged upon ! I will keep trying, which makes me mention  that growing plants is not an easy job and then waiting for their flowers or fruits is a process which always tries my patience!
Pet snail' sir ji'
Onion Flowers in Bloom

Beautiful Onion flowers
The flower is very beautiful and big which has tiny buds that burst open giving the shape of a round furry white ball to the onion flower. Onion plant can be grown by planting our very own humble spring onion bulb that we eat.Care as any other bulb of flowering plant, which is very easy , and that is why I love to plant bulbs, you invest once and you keep getting the flowers ever and that too with bonus of new baby bulbs growing fast. This is why we had one amaryllis bulb and at present we are enjoying nearly 20 to 30 bulbs new plants and they are flowering  simultaneously...
Beautiful Majestic Amaryllis flowers
 the red show is on.
Red Amaryllis flower

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