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Monday, April 23, 2012

Orchids in Wild

Being an artist I am fascinated with nature, and the recent trip in the wild . came back with rare orchids and rare cactus plants. The beautiful white flamingoes and egrets were seen as a white blanket on the lush green fields.
The marshy land promoted good vegetation and this again proves how God takes care of everything to maintain harmony and balance in nature.
Beautiful Landscape in nature

Walk in the Wild
 The quietness and sounds of nature are unique, which cannot be described. The fresh air and cool breeze even during peak hours of afternoon, is irrestible, and very touching. The cool breeze and the dancing leaves, the flowy trees and the sun playing hide and seek all great moments and the hope of finding some new rare plants!
Traditional Vehicle, Bullock Cart

Wild Orchid plants hanging from Tree

 The huge trees are very old and the sight was enchanting, hanging orchid plants on higher branches. Now wonder how difficult it must have been to bring these rare orchids home!

Medicinal Orchid plants

Orchids Hanging on tree
Have planted these orchids and lets see how they progress and flourish during monsoons.
Wild Orchid Plants

Seed Pods on Medicinal Orchid Plant
The village folk mentioned that these plants were used for medicinal purposes. The juice of these planst was used for ear aches and other purposes. Thought eh authenticity of this is not guaranteed as I do not prefer to use anything in raw state. We are so much used to packaged medicines that even if this may be a good healer I doubt if I will ever try and traditional medicine! wonder how people can follow any one and try out new herbs. not me!

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