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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Flowering of Huge Very Old Cactus Plants in Garden

Cactus plants have beautiful flowers and as we mention cactus plants we often think at first only of thorns and spikes. The cactus plant produces huge flowers and this plant growing in a private garden was planted nearly more than 25 years back. The plant reaches the sky and has a huge trunk at first glance looks like elephants foot.
Huge Cactus Plant

Bud on Cactus Plant
 The cactus plant is fully laden with big blooms all over the plant. The maturity of the plant may have  triggered the spurt and maybe the plant flowers  after few      years   or   every year
 the beauty is majestic as the huge cactus plant  is fully covered with buds which are opening   simultaneously. I think  the cactus flowers    open during    the night and are spent as the day begins. So much  beauty for such short time, again another one blossoms    so many blooming   simultaneously, good show. Have planted in our garden, lets see how the blooms come   up.
Big Bud About to Bloom on Cactus Plant

Cactus Plant Fully laden with Buds

Huge Stem and Base of Cactus Plant

Many Buds on Huge Cactus Plant

Heavily Laden Buds on cactus Plant

Dried Cactus Flower


  1. Wow this is totally a huge cactus.. maybe the flowers are also huge..


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