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Thursday, February 26, 2015

How to Paint Dried Trees Recycle and Use Your Dried Trees Do It Yourself Home Decor Items in Wood

DIY home decor items simply by using your garden wood!How to paint dried trees. Unique home decor accessories and beautiful decorative wooden objects can enliven your room space and what a beautiful way to use the garden dried trees , a tribute to ones who have served so well giving us flowers and maybe fruits!
When we have a  its bound that we get dried tress cut and trimmed wood which often goes waste.
My first inspiration came in year 2000 when a huge Gulmohar tree was cut off as it was risky to the foundation of a building.
Wood Branches and Roots Hand Painted DIY Home Decor Items
The cut wood, in its natural form is so beautiful, even without flowers or leaves.
branches flowing in natural forms, abstract designs, intriguing and interesting, so I had collected many pieces and hand painted them, decorated them,  and  they act in decor as major focal point!
Dried wood and trimmed trees can be utilized in many ways -
1) Clean them and paint them , they look beautiful on their own.
2) Add decorative objects like sequins, gemstones and wow!  you have a beautiful good luck wealth luck feng shui tree!
3) Stick silk flowers and leaves and they look like a fresh natural tree full of life, and one that stays evergreen!without a care!
4) Activate feng shui fame and  wealth  luck by placing wood decorative trees in south and east.
5) If  someone you know does not have a green thumb gift them a showpiece tree.
6) Dried hand painted trees decorative ones can also be placed in offices as feng shui cures instead of real ones that need watering and acre regularly and there is always fear of plants drying off attracting ill luck.
7) Respect and love for your dried tree, continue loving this and keep this as a part of your life by hand painting this.
How to paint trees and sections tips-
1) Select a branch that has many tiny branches coming out.  Choose branches that have self forms or abstract intriguing shapes.
2) Clean them thoroughly. Dry them well. Remove weak edges.
3) Oil or acrylic paints usually a primer is required as base.
4) When dried well you can glue or tie with thread accessories you like on your beautiful showpiece tree.
5) If you wish to make a stand use plaster and cement in a cardboard mould/box or plastic container of different shapes, and put the tree inside , after drying remove the box and you get a tree with a stand. See that the base is wide enough to hold the tree in balance.
It is very easy and will cost you just a dime from what you pay in decor shops!
All the Best Enjoy making your own dried wood decor items and Do share your experiences!
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
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Friday, February 20, 2015

Juhi Fragrant Jasmine Flower Climber How to Make Your Own Unique Garden Ornaments and Accessories with Garden Left Overs

Fragrant Night Jasmine Juhi Climber
 Night Blooming jasmine, juhi climbers loaded with white amazing blooms. The Night blooming jasmine needs regular trimming during winter season to control its growth and conserve energy.  and then allowing growth as spring season commences the plants sends out beautiful lime green tiny leaves shoots that grow in length. Given some support they fall off gracefully over a trellis.
Fragrant white Juhi flowers Night Blooming Jasmine
 The ends of each stem produces tiny buds and usually they are produced in many numbers as bunches. Night blooming jasmine buds begin to open as evening sets in and the fragrance is strongest at this time.
Its advisable to check out buds and end tips before trimming or you may accidentally snip off the budding shoot.
The surface of the shoots is slightly rough, not visible to naked eye,  and may produce itchiness or scratches on skin when rubbed accidentally so take care for allergic reactions while moving beside or trimming Jasmine climber.
Beetle Nut Climber
Birds have taken an upper hand in our small space and enjoy free fun games of plucking just about any plant. Pigeons are so persistent that even after covering with nets they find a away and destroy the new plants. This beetle leaf climber is no more and there are many that have left us...especially the newly planted seeds plants are favourite!
Awesum Fragrance of Juhi Flowers
Garden ornaments are really important I think at least to scare away some attacks on my precious plants. Ornaments are decorative objects, shiny one, fancy garden ornaments or stuffed animals that can be placed strategically to give a beautiful appearance to your garden design. They also act as a binding element in the whole garden design landscape of green and colorful flowers. Especially where rats and sparrows and pigeons love, zinnias, chrysanthemums and china roses.
Stuffed Animals Garden Ornaments
Orange Reiki Healing Crystal 
Got this beautiful Reiki healing crystal that sends out positive  vibes, orange colored healing energy light to the Solar plexus. Shiny crystal objects hung in garden help to reflect light, attract positive energy and as the sun moves they shine thus also protecting your garden from negative energies.
Huge sized gourd
Painted a thick long gourd, which had grown really hard/dry on the climber. Another free DIY garden ornament for luck! You can paint any left overs from your gardening, dried leaves,  or dried plant , roots, stems, wood, object with paint by cleaning it and applying paints, oil or acrylic. And you get a fancy cheap unique garden ornament!
Golden Gourd 
All the Best and Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

Friday, February 13, 2015

My Painting in Thane Art Festival 13 to 15 February 2015

Day 1 of Thane Art Fsetival
I AM Gold spiritual Reiki Feng Shui Painting in Thane Art Festival
Amazing crowds! fun , art and stalls and music concerts ! Thane Art Festival 13 14 15th February 2015! Will share more later on the gardening stall!
God Bless from Rizwana!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Feels Like Heaven and The New Brahma Kamal Plants Huge Caterpillars and Growing Chillie Plants

Amazing snowy white leaves plant
 Amazing February, my birth month began with a bang! With the garden dressed up in amazing colors, our terrace garden has become a riot of colors! from whites to pinks to reds and yellows and amazing shades of greens!
Star cluster at its best

Balsam Pink flourescent blooms

Pink Exotic Anthuriums 

New Brahma Kamal Plants
 From the regular heavenly visitors we se the beautiful green bee eaters which are so beautifully colorful and its the beauty with which they fly and catch a flying fly from air!
Green Bea Eater birds
 Dried a red chillie for days, month to get the seeds. Actually you can get a ready dried chillie. And within a week they have sprouted beautifully.
Growing Chillie plants from seeds

New sprouts of chillie plants
 Shock! Screams! huge caterpillars, guess laid by the huge butterfly frequenting our garden and has feasted upon the huge dahlia leaves. Quite a size finger.
Huge Caterpillar 4 icnhes size
 Searched amazing google, symbolism of caterpillars. Its actually good luck a symbol from nature to prepare for changes and welcome good luck.
Friends from heaven parrots above  Tagar plant
 Then the parrots who keep looking at me and chatter, wish I could understand their language!
Another one Caterpillar 
Green Chillie Plant
The green chillie plants are very easy to grow and give out loads of chillies. Freshly ground chillies are always best in taste and health.
Thank you God Bless from Rizwana!

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