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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Save Adopt Swap! Ideas and Suggestions for Eco Harmony!

Monsoons , the best time of the year, monsoons always bring out the nest in me! right from the artist with loads of creative energy to the obsessive gardener , planting just about anything I get my hand on! This time again some fresh seeds planted, Adenium, the exotic variety of plants , had the seeds from the parent plant that died last year. With excitement and hope, and happinesss!
Couldn’t resist my self and the obsessive gardener,  even though we are planning to shift within a few months from here, to a larger space much higher, but without an open terrace, adopted a few stray plants growing under our car parking slot. Gulmohar, flame of the forest tree seeds immediately have sprouted and are so beautiful. Awestruck with beauty of the Universe, we struggle so hard to grow plants at home from seeds and these stray plants come up and die off after each rain or are cut off while cleaning the parking space. So saved a few, I wish I could save many but...

Fresh sprouts coming up with first rains of 2017
 You could do some simple act as to save these, look out during monsoons for fresh growing seeds on roads, nooks, corners of buildings, car parking slots,  you will see many plants growing, there are so many periwinkles (they spread like wild with seeds) , and of course if you have a garden, seeds keep coming up. share, swap, adopt! The trees shed their seeds that are embedded in the soil and come to life with the first showers.
seeds of Aboli fire cracker and peaclimber Blue roses

fresh seeds of Gulmohar flame of forest sprouting
 Look at the exotic trees, flowering trees and see below on the ground , you will find babies growing near by under the huger trees. Obviously these will after the rains perish off, and also after rain cleaning of ground they will be removed and killed. Few years back I had saved a yellow flowering plant , wanted desperately yellow in my garden, did not know its name then,  yet the yellow attracted me, and since then it has given us so many blooms all year round!
Seeds of Gulmohar tree growing 
 You could also swap plants from next door gardeners. This is also great as each gardener has loads of cuttings and free plants that go waste and can be swapped with your plants for free. Unfortunately I have grown so many different types and varieties of plants , I hardly get in return any, name it I have had it! all the common varieties of roses, hibiscuses, and many many exotic ones also! now on look out of exotic rare flowering plants only! of course what we have are happily growing in my little space under the sun!
This helps save so many plants, when you see trees cut off, plant cuttings, you can take small shoots and each one will grow in a plant and tree!
Planted them in a metal drum Gulmohar tree grows tall and wide.
 The metal drum where the Gulmohar we lost last year, that had given us so many vermilion red vibrant blooms, Awesum to look at from the sky red tree growing on the terrace garden!  ... still remained added fresh energy! I hope they grow well and, will give them love and care!
Thank you for coming by Garden care Simplified!

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All the Best from Rizwana!
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Wodyetia bifurcata The Fox Tail Palm loaded with fruits

Wodyetia bifurcata The Fox tail Palm loaded with fruits, what an Awesumly amazing sight! I did not know this type of palm and our society garden has beautiful varieties of plants and this was a surprise with so many bunches of fruits almost overflowing luck!
We have date palms that always have so many fruits that actually no one cares!The bunches of dates, raw yellowish ones , drop and are feats fro birds, no wonder the garden has thousands of birds, sparrows mynas, crows and other exotic birds,cuckoo, green bee eaters, koyal,  that stay happily .Just till construction begins...that is the saddest part of development...
I had grown Date palms in container from seeds, very easy to grow,  but then had to part with this as the these palms grow quite tall.So we are happy with the ornamental palms that sway with breeze and are Awesum Feng Shui!

Fox tail palm has fruits similar to Angeer, fig and only when you see the tree can you recognize the fruit is on a palm tree. The fruits are more curvy and reddish orange in colour. The leaves are a bit longer and curve off from the centre giving it an appearance of fox tail, hence the name.
Fox tail palm, a species of palm in Arecaceae family.

Wodyetia bifurcata The Fox Tail Palm

Close up of fruits on Wodyetia bifurcata The Fox Tail Palm
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Monday, June 19, 2017

Orange Plant Feng Shui Goodluck Wealth Luck Prosperity Tree 5 Growing Tips for Healthy Orange Fruit Tree

From the green leaves after a few years... the plant breaks into tiny off white buds,  the fragrance is what made me go near and smell them, actually it is a wonderfully refreshing citrus one.  Loaded with off white fragrant flowers, the flowers fall  off , drop their white petals, leaving behind a small center of green bud like fruit. This lucky small fruit, orange fruits grows in size and looks almost like a green lemon. Gradually it grows in size and is a lovely shade of dark green color. Awesum, Heavenly Citrusy and Tangy Orangy!
Orange Fresh Green  Fruit on Plant
Growign Good Luck mandarin oranges in containers has been considered very auspicious in feng Shui. Orange fruit trees grown near main doors and entrances are symbols of wealth and prosperity luck.
Sitting near the orange plant in the evenings is a bliss as the citrus smell is everywhere. Scientifically it has also been proved that orange flowers are very good for migraines and anxiety as well as depression patients. The fragrance is truly of some citrus origin and it really uplifts your mood. A dose of citrus perfume in your own house, the freshness of the orange fruit and the hope of new juicy fruits all is enough motivation to grow the orange plant. Though we have a terrace garden and it is difficult to grow fruits in containers the orange fruit plant is easily grown and also does not require much care. The butterflies have a favorite fascination for this plant to lay larvae and the young caterpillars feed on the leaves, be careful as  sometimes they feats upon the total plant leaves leaving the plant barren!

Mandarin Orange Trees , Chinese Orange trees and feng shui Orange plants in containers are readily available. we have had two to three plants and now I have grown the Orange tree from seeds, it brings immense happiness to grow your own plant from seeds.  
Green Orange Fresh fruit on Plant

My Plant Grown from Orange seeds

Grow a  good orange fruit plant grown in container , here are 5 Awesum tips!
1) The seeds planted in soil need well draining soil and indirect proper sunlight.Plants also choose a spot where the orange container receives direct sunlight for few hours of day.
As soon as the plant begins growing tall thick stem, about five to six inches,  snip little tip of it. 
 Cutting the extra stems on the orange fruit plant will encourage more and healthy big fruits on the plant. The plant grows bushy and the main stem is strong.
2)Fertilize the orange plant as soon as winter ends so that the nutrients are absorbed before the onset of fruits and as spring ,sunlight, sets in the beautiful orange plant blossoms into a beautiful fully loaded with white flower tree. 
3)  After the orange fruit plant has begun flowering do not disturb the plant in any from except watering regularly. Personally I have seen that after flowering if you add feeds or fertilizer in greed to have large sized orange fruits, the fruits drop off. Allowing the fruits to turn orange on plant itself is great to get natural taste. Large sized fruits also cling well to the orange plant, these are tough ones, but if your orange plant is weak/ diseased only then will they drop off fruits even when not ripe.
4) Most important after setting fruits, Never let the orange plant go dry in times of flowering and fruiting, though this is is a sturdy plant and can bear some time off, with a few skipped watering.
8) Most important tip which people often never think off, this is a fruiting and flowering plant, grows best under full sunlight, but is effected by evil eye and you might want to protect the orange tree from others touch.  Even though you may have bought it  for feng shui reasons please  it needs some amount of direct sunlight to flower and fruit and also some protection from evil eyes. A fully loaded Orange plant is a beautiful sight, tie three red ribbons to it. I also tie old sued CD discs so that the light reflects beautifully from the plant and it also reflects back the negative energy coming by from others view.
The juicy orange fruits on the orange plant are a welcome sight for everybody and even on touching the fruits the fragrant smell of oranges is in the air. And the best part is to enjoy a cool orange drink in the hot summer afternoon, nothing like orange juice to beat the heat!But yes, the Lucky orange plants have small oranges so quite a task to get some quality of juice! I tasted the tangy, they are bit sour and tangy , they have big seeds, but of course own grown is for the love of gardening! and Love of Feng Shui!
Do share your experiences with growing feng shui orange plants and if you have had any problems in them fruiting, or maybe it has blessed you with loads of blooms, or it is just growing and growing and no signs of fruiting! maybe I can help.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Saturday, June 17, 2017

How Much to Add What to Add and Which is the Best fertilizer for flowering plants

People do add extra growing material, right from base growth of plants. Then also many nurseries over feed the plants to force blooms and when you get these plants at home you wait and wait and no blooms!  There is a string tendency with gardeners to get flowers fast and huge sized flowers. Of course I understand the commercial  gardeners who want to see flowers and they do need flowers of good size and plenty but even new gardeners bring plants and then want to see flowers within  month or some weeks.
Yes, you see fast  blooms depending upon the maturity and  age of the plant you have bought.  And also the genes  of the plant you have brought. Hence I always advise to buy saplings with some buds or flowers on it.
How much to add, what to add and when to add for flowering in newly planted plants
Before planting make the soil rich with added nutrients. You get ready mixes that are good to be added to soil. Don’t add too much a few layers along with soil is good as the saplings are delicate and too much of anything is not good. I had lost an Anant plant, gardenia,  like this as the fertiliser was too much and the healthy plant shrivelled and it did not like the feeding. I did not realise the cause then so many years back, but now I know, fertiliser is good for your plants but always in the right proportion. We also lost hibiscus and I just managed to save my Adenium, I never add any feeding to my Adenium, Rhizomes and bulbs plants flower with seasonal heat during summers naturally.
So since then I always go with cowdung and we also get ready cakes but if you can get it from local place it is good. Then we also get some ready mixes that are good, in plant nurseries, for protection from pests and flowering. Roses love these ready mixes if you want to add feedings.
Planting new saplings do the layering trick, it helps. Instead of adding fertiliser to total soil, layering helps.
I usually never do this, except for the enrichment of soil, because I always feel plants must grow naturally and if they get used to artificial feedings it is artificially jacked up flowering and, somehow I am not comfortable with this. When the soil looks dull and you see growth becomes slower or plants look dull, then add some feedings. Before summers and after winters some feedings are required to enrich the soil.
Yes, I love the seed balls and cowdung, that is great natural fertiliser and shows fast results too enriching the soil. Then we have used tea leaves, these are Awesum for roses. And of course egg shells, again these work wonders for roses. My mogra plants and roses never required any additional feedings, actually I think it is the sunlight they get on our terrace garden and that is really very important for healthy growth of plants and flowering in plants. Choose the right spot and then proper careful watering, actually more watering helps my plants be healthy. Well draining soil.
Cowdung Cakes Garden Care Simplified
Read the instructions carefully on the containers and packets of ready fertilisers. Go with your gut and always use sparingly rather than more of any feedings.  It is not true that if you add more fertilizers you will get large and more flowers or bigger flowers. In fact many times people lose their plants with over does of feedings of wrong fertilisers. Now if I do, I usually add up little at times and see how the plant reacts, this has come after losing many precious ones and doing this so many times, yes of course , the temptation and greed to get flowers fast and large sized blooms comes with every gardener!
Also dilute it, like most additions are to be added diluted in water. Again remember less is more. 
If you want to add fertilisers and artificial feedings check the ingredients in the mixture. As I have read many different plants require different proportions of nutrients  for flowering and growth. And I feel this all is ok for professional flower growers, their income is on this, but for us, I want to wait, I want to expect, I want to be ecstatic on the fresh bud appearances and then I want to dance with joy with blooms!

Remember to give them lots of love with sunlight and proper watering, and as I do, no routines,  some unexpected feedings treats, natural are better, they will be happy and bless you with Awesum blooms! 
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Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
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Thursday, June 15, 2017

How To know if your plant from cuttings is growing How Many days to wait after planting cuttings

This again is an issue that comes up with many gardeners. And many people ask that how to know if their plants will grow or not and how long to wait after planting cuttings. It is as if they eagerly watch the cuttings for signs but the plant looks shrivelled and dries off and yet they have hope it will spring into fresh green leaves. So they send me photographs  and emails of how to check and how to make the decision of letting go of any cutting , to understand and accept that it will or won’t  grow.
Mogra Plant Cuttings

Anant Plant Cutting growing Healhty

Anant Plant cutting wilted off

Chameli Jasmine creeper cutting growing fats

With trying so many cuttings, here is What I have noticed. It is easy and simple to know if the cuttings are growing or not.
After following all the basic principles of growing plants from cuttings and if the place, soil and watering is correct from day two you will notice differences in the cuttings. See that the cuttings are grown in small , 3 to 4 inches wide containers and not very huge pots.
Observe the cuttings from day one, the leaves do shrivel a bit but usually the cutting that has taken well to soil looks green and firm in the pot.

Usually it take week to fifteen days to understand if your cutting is going to grow. After fifteen days if you see the plant green then continue the care and if you see the stem dried and , for a check, practical tip-  I crack the tip of the stem, if it is green there is hope.  If the tip has become hollow and dried inside then no chances, let go of the stem and grow fresh cuttings. 
Yes, but here, the many impatient souls keep on checking the plant by removing the cuttings again and again and see tiny roots coming out, but this is not good for the health of the new plant and so if the plant has begun setting roots your checking again and again will disturb the plant growth and it may die (this was me years back!) The fresh root balls coming out are delicate and dry off easily when removed from soil, take care!
Hope this helps!
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All the Best from Rizwana! 
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

When is the Best Time to Plant New Seeds Best tip to plant seeds

Awesum Clouds First rains 2017 from my little space under the sun!
The best time to plant seeds in just before the full fledged monsoons begin. Seeds sprout very fast and the sunlight is milder and for few hours of the day. Just enough for the seeds to begin. Don't plant seeds when there is very heavy downpour. If you are planting cuttings then rains are the best time. They pick up growth very fast. Check that the pots have well draining soil other wise seeds die off if the soil gets clogged in rains. be careful of your bulb plants also in rain , plant them in small containers and well draining soil to otherwise bulbs die off becoming mushy in rains.
Aboli Fire cracker seeds
 Begun with fresh seeds of the parent plant of Adenium and Aboli, with loads of excitement, withing for the happinesses!Best time to plant new seeds, I usually wait for the first showers after summer, this is the best time. There is cool breeze setting in evenings and nights become cooler. I have tried and this has worked every year for me since past more than ten years. It is in fact a time that the Universe blesses me with many unexpected blessings too!

Adenium seeds

new growth
 I have grown the Orange tree from seeds, it brings immense happiness to grow your own plant from seeds.  
Aboli seeds sprouted

planting Adenium seeds year 2017

Fresh New sprouts 

seeds of vishnukanta pea blue rose, climber
 Best tip to plant new seeds, dry them well on plants itself, seed pods naturally dried have the most healthy seeds. Wait for a few months and then plant then, they spring to life very fast!
fresh planting 
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Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
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Why My Brahma Kamal Plants got Angry! Sharing Awesum Brahma Kamal Blooms Photo from Sayeeda a Garden Care Simplified Lover!

Leaves of Brahma Kamal plant drying off.
 This time they are angry! My Brahma Kamal plants, after so many efforts were growing happily on window sill, no blooms yet. Careful watering and few hours sunlight kept them happy. But as I usually do, with the first rains I take all indoor plants to enjoy the blessings with me, on the terrace garden and they really got angry! The more I am trying to please Lord Brahma, Brahma Kamal,
Brahma Kamal plants leaves drying
 the more trying this plant is becoming! Have not added any feeds as last time the plants had dried.
Brahma Kamal plants in first rains of year 2017 
I don't know what went wrong but my earlier Brahma kamal plants sued to grow out in the open terrace garden, I had to shift them because of bugs and caterpillars who feasted on the fleshy leaves and left holes in every leaf.
The Brahma kamal plant suddenly started to dry... of the many plants growing in small pots the edges began to dry and then more of them. I think it was the strong sunlight in the open, the evening sun which gives its full blast to my terrace garden. I have trimmed the dried portions and hoping they pick up growth fast!
Sharing Awesum happiness from a Garden Care Simplified lover, who connected from our face book group, Sayeeda Alisha who has been blessed with this Awesum Blooms!What luck, this plant has been gifted to them, and they bloomed!
Brahma Kamal Plants Blooming at Sayeeda Alisha's  place
Awesum happiness, and All the Best to you Sayeeda, and thanks a lot for sharing your happiness with me and all Brahma Kamal plant lovers, and the precious readers of Garden Care Simplified. All the Best from Rizwana!
First rains  of year 2017 a corner of  my little space under the sun

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Best Feng Shui Plant for Strength and Wealth Ficus Elastica

Feng shui energy and symbolism of plants can help you bring in activated energies and help as simple feng shui cures to activate life sectors. Choice of correct plants will help you in a simple way to bring in the beautiful feng shui energy to your garden.
Rubber Plant Ficus Elastica
With the strength of rubber plant  , it looks tough and has been used for many purposes, so each part of the plant is useful. Rubber plants are considered symbols of strength and stability. A very good feng shui plant to bring energy of stability and strength when planted in the garden or home.
When planting rubber plant remember to have a bigger larger pot as the roots of this grow fast and the plant may need space as also the leaves are quite broad , shiny, large and oval shaped.
The leaves of rubber plant are attractive dark green and shiny and when you keep them clean they are quiet glossy and look attractive. The stem of Rubber plant is reddish brown and the dark green leaves are soothing to heart chakra and brings in grounding Earth energy. 
close up of single leaf of Rubber Plant Ficus Elastica

New leaf coming out of Rubber Plant Ficus Elastica

The scientific name of Rubber plant is Ficus elastica. Commonly called as he rubber fig, rubber bush, rubber tree, or Indian Rubber bush. The Rubber plant can grow quite tall as a full fledged tree and produces hanging roots . Each such portion with roots can be transplanted to form a new rubber tree.

When we cut the stem or pluck a leaf a milky white sticky liquid oozes out.Latex, it is best to wear gloves while trimming the plant, as the liquid can produce a rash and allergy to skin.
I love how the new leaves come up. you see a reddish maroon curled portion coming up from tip of the stem and this unfurls and the covering drops off leaving a green leaf inside that grows large. This does develop small fig , green fruits but we have not seen in our container plants.
Best easy growing ornamental plant the Rubber plant can grow in dark areas and even are happy inside homes. 
The symbolism in Feng Shui is this plant can be added to your east sector for good health and healing all relationships. It also helps keep happiness and understanding in joint families and with elders bringing  in health luck.
Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing All the Best from my little space under the sun!
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