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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Why My Brahma Kamal Plants got Angry! Sharing Awesum Brahma Kamal Blooms Photo from Sayeeda a Garden Care Simplified Lover!

Leaves of Brahma Kamal plant drying off.
 This time they are angry! My Brahma Kamal plants, after so many efforts were growing happily on window sill, no blooms yet. Careful watering and few hours sunlight kept them happy. But as I usually do, with the first rains I take all indoor plants to enjoy the blessings with me, on the terrace garden and they really got angry! The more I am trying to please Lord Brahma, Brahma Kamal,
Brahma Kamal plants leaves drying
 the more trying this plant is becoming! Have not added any feeds as last time the plants had dried.
Brahma Kamal plants in first rains of year 2017 
I don't know what went wrong but my earlier Brahma kamal plants sued to grow out in the open terrace garden, I had to shift them because of bugs and caterpillars who feasted on the fleshy leaves and left holes in every leaf.
The Brahma kamal plant suddenly started to dry... of the many plants growing in small pots the edges began to dry and then more of them. I think it was the strong sunlight in the open, the evening sun which gives its full blast to my terrace garden. I have trimmed the dried portions and hoping they pick up growth fast!
Sharing Awesum happiness from a Garden Care Simplified lover, who connected from our face book group, Sayeeda Alisha who has been blessed with this Awesum Blooms!What luck, this plant has been gifted to them, and they bloomed!
Brahma Kamal Plants Blooming at Sayeeda Alisha's  place
Awesum happiness, and All the Best to you Sayeeda, and thanks a lot for sharing your happiness with me and all Brahma Kamal plant lovers, and the precious readers of Garden Care Simplified. All the Best from Rizwana!
First rains  of year 2017 a corner of  my little space under the sun

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