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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Mogra Flowering Plants Summer Care for Keeping the fragrances Longer

Fresh Mogra flower 

Mogra flowers on my Mogra plant

Button Mogra flowers growing in Terrace garden

Big sized buds of mogra
With the onset of summers mogra flowers are heavenly welcome in the heat as the fragrances travel far and wide. The blooms are so heavenly and beautiful, and I have grown them from cuttings and they are happy under the sun in my little space.
Trimming them and direct sunlight has been good fro them and mogra plants naturally bless me everytime with loaded blooms during summers.
Healthy leaves of mogra plants
Many people ask how to maintain the fragrance of mogra flowers for longer. Firstly I never pluck flowers and let them be on plants, this helps the flowers to be for longer and the fragrances are on till the last day, even dried flowers have a different yet beautiful fragrance.
Fragrant Mogra Flowers close up
See that they receive direct sunlight only for few hours of the day. I have protected the plant with green cloth from sides so that it does not receive the full blast of strong sunlight to the soil, as ours is an open terrace garden. This way the blooms are protected from direct sun and they remain longer on plants for a week or more. As the plant is fully loaded the moths go by happily with the Awesum mogra fragrances coming by the cool evening breeze!
First buds summer mogra

Mogra big sized flowers

Heavenly fragrant mogra flowers in my terrace garden

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