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Saturday, June 17, 2017

How Much to Add What to Add and Which is the Best fertilizer for flowering plants

People do add extra growing material, right from base growth of plants. Then also many nurseries over feed the plants to force blooms and when you get these plants at home you wait and wait and no blooms!  There is a string tendency with gardeners to get flowers fast and huge sized flowers. Of course I understand the commercial  gardeners who want to see flowers and they do need flowers of good size and plenty but even new gardeners bring plants and then want to see flowers within  month or some weeks.
Yes, you see fast  blooms depending upon the maturity and  age of the plant you have bought.  And also the genes  of the plant you have brought. Hence I always advise to buy saplings with some buds or flowers on it.
How much to add, what to add and when to add for flowering in newly planted plants
Before planting make the soil rich with added nutrients. You get ready mixes that are good to be added to soil. Don’t add too much a few layers along with soil is good as the saplings are delicate and too much of anything is not good. I had lost an Anant plant, gardenia,  like this as the fertiliser was too much and the healthy plant shrivelled and it did not like the feeding. I did not realise the cause then so many years back, but now I know, fertiliser is good for your plants but always in the right proportion. We also lost hibiscus and I just managed to save my Adenium, I never add any feeding to my Adenium, Rhizomes and bulbs plants flower with seasonal heat during summers naturally.
So since then I always go with cowdung and we also get ready cakes but if you can get it from local place it is good. Then we also get some ready mixes that are good, in plant nurseries, for protection from pests and flowering. Roses love these ready mixes if you want to add feedings.
Planting new saplings do the layering trick, it helps. Instead of adding fertiliser to total soil, layering helps.
I usually never do this, except for the enrichment of soil, because I always feel plants must grow naturally and if they get used to artificial feedings it is artificially jacked up flowering and, somehow I am not comfortable with this. When the soil looks dull and you see growth becomes slower or plants look dull, then add some feedings. Before summers and after winters some feedings are required to enrich the soil.
Yes, I love the seed balls and cowdung, that is great natural fertiliser and shows fast results too enriching the soil. Then we have used tea leaves, these are Awesum for roses. And of course egg shells, again these work wonders for roses. My mogra plants and roses never required any additional feedings, actually I think it is the sunlight they get on our terrace garden and that is really very important for healthy growth of plants and flowering in plants. Choose the right spot and then proper careful watering, actually more watering helps my plants be healthy. Well draining soil.
Cowdung Cakes Garden Care Simplified
Read the instructions carefully on the containers and packets of ready fertilisers. Go with your gut and always use sparingly rather than more of any feedings.  It is not true that if you add more fertilizers you will get large and more flowers or bigger flowers. In fact many times people lose their plants with over does of feedings of wrong fertilisers. Now if I do, I usually add up little at times and see how the plant reacts, this has come after losing many precious ones and doing this so many times, yes of course , the temptation and greed to get flowers fast and large sized blooms comes with every gardener!
Also dilute it, like most additions are to be added diluted in water. Again remember less is more. 
If you want to add fertilisers and artificial feedings check the ingredients in the mixture. As I have read many different plants require different proportions of nutrients  for flowering and growth. And I feel this all is ok for professional flower growers, their income is on this, but for us, I want to wait, I want to expect, I want to be ecstatic on the fresh bud appearances and then I want to dance with joy with blooms!

Remember to give them lots of love with sunlight and proper watering, and as I do, no routines,  some unexpected feedings treats, natural are better, they will be happy and bless you with Awesum blooms! 
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Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
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