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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

When is the Best Time to Plant New Seeds Best tip to plant seeds

Awesum Clouds First rains 2017 from my little space under the sun!
The best time to plant seeds in just before the full fledged monsoons begin. Seeds sprout very fast and the sunlight is milder and for few hours of the day. Just enough for the seeds to begin. Don't plant seeds when there is very heavy downpour. If you are planting cuttings then rains are the best time. They pick up growth very fast. Check that the pots have well draining soil other wise seeds die off if the soil gets clogged in rains. be careful of your bulb plants also in rain , plant them in small containers and well draining soil to otherwise bulbs die off becoming mushy in rains.
Aboli Fire cracker seeds
 Begun with fresh seeds of the parent plant of Adenium and Aboli, with loads of excitement, withing for the happinesses!Best time to plant new seeds, I usually wait for the first showers after summer, this is the best time. There is cool breeze setting in evenings and nights become cooler. I have tried and this has worked every year for me since past more than ten years. It is in fact a time that the Universe blesses me with many unexpected blessings too!

Adenium seeds

new growth
 I have grown the Orange tree from seeds, it brings immense happiness to grow your own plant from seeds.  
Aboli seeds sprouted

planting Adenium seeds year 2017

Fresh New sprouts 

seeds of vishnukanta pea blue rose, climber
 Best tip to plant new seeds, dry them well on plants itself, seed pods naturally dried have the most healthy seeds. Wait for a few months and then plant then, they spring to life very fast!
fresh planting 
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