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Saturday, June 3, 2017

How to grow Tulsi Holy Basil Plants Simple tricks for Growing Tulsi plants

Fresh green flowering pods of Tulsi Plant

Auspicious Tulsi , holy basil with its immense health benefits and Awesum fragrance , it is like almost every Hindu home has a Tulsi plant near the entrance. It is symbolic of health, wealth, happiness , protection and prosperity.
Tulsi, the goddess blesses some homes and in some homes this plant does not grow at all. The post is an answer to an emotional email that after struggling to grow tusli plant for years this lady has gone emotionally down with her family comments and that the space is not auspicious and her energy is not good.
I have also found it difficult to keep tulsi plants and lost many but my other plants give Awesum blooms! Leaving aside the emotional aspects of tulsi plant and all its lores let us study the growth of Tulsi scientifically.
Tulsi, herb, medicinal properties are Awesum ,
1)  a sensitive plant that dies with touch from other people.
2) loved by birds so feasted upon and many times the whole Tulsi plant is plucked of by birds.
3) Seeds drop off and grow into new plants but ladies want to grow it near entrances and it is often dark areas so the new saplings die off.
4) indirect sunlight required. However much you will care and give love the Tulsi plant requires sunlight .
5) Soil needs to be hardy and strong. This is the main causes many Tusli loves cant grow this plant. It has to dry off well after watering. It looks almost dry till the end of the day.
6) water carefully. Delicately and not with pressure. The plant loves some pampering.
Dried seeds on  Tulsi Plant

7) main reason- container- ceramic containers are not well draining some times and Tusli plant loves mud containers better. And women buy these decorative planters to decorate entrances and grow Tusli in this, and the plant perishes due to too much water.
Purple brownish seeds of Tulsi Holy basil plant

8) grow the plant in rich soil, not too much fertiliser. Smaller container first for small saplings, you can try this trick-grow your Tusli in mud container and then add this to a ornamental pot, this way the plant gets its comfortable home and you get the ornamental external pot for modern decor purposes.
9) Don’t forget to give it a place change or some sunny spot trips if you have kept it at entrances. The plant will love it.
10) if there are fresh Tulsi plants coming up from seed droppings let them grow big in the same container and do not hurry to transplant new saplings.
Plants are moody, specially Tulsi plant. But keep trying , they will grow . If you are not successful try this, collect dried seeds from a healthy tusli plant and add them to your garden plant containers, tulsi plant will grow happily with another sharing space with the large plant. This works well of you have tried too many times growing Tulsi from saplings, let the Tulsi grow alongside with other plant.
Natural feedings and eta leaves help keep the soil moist and mushy but well draining. Avoid too much watering the plant rots fast. Try to avoid people touching ro p[lucking seeds from your Tulsi plant, in fact any plant, I usually stop them if they want a flower, I pluck and give it.
Dried on plant Tulsi seeds

This in no way represents the energy of the lady or is in no way related to energy of your space, tulsi is a herb , plant and you can with some right information grow it successfully in any space.
Many seeds on Tulsi Plant

With immense benefits for stomach problems, and cold coughs , the seeds are very effective and as natural cures helps soothe a sore throat.(Do not use in replacement of your medicines without medical advice as cures for chronic diseases.) 
I have not had much success with purchased plants but yes, the unexpected blessing came up as new growths when my husband was sick with chronic sinusitis cold, and this growth just came up unexpectedly as if for that time being to sue the seeds to soothe off the sickness and then the plant wilted off after a few weeks when I reported it, so I will never again try to change its place and allow it to grow in whatever place she wishes to grow, Tulsi! 

Growing Auspicious Tulsi Plant
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