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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Growing Anant Plant from Cuttings How to Know if your plant is growing from Cuttings

Lost our Anant plants...had them since many years, so transplanted new ones from cuttings. Trying to get them to grow fresh. Love their ehavenyl fragrance, cup and saucer plant, gardenias!  I have not had much luck with growing plants from cuttings but now, I guess after so many years of gardening am learning some practical tips and signs of growth in cuttings.
Fragrant Anant flower Gardenia flower

Hidden fragrant Ananat flower in Plant

New bud on Anant plant

Practical Tips for growing Anant gardenia Plants from cuttings-
1) Take fresh cuttings of stems that have two or three branches coming out from the stem.
2) Take cuttings after the plant has been watered so the stems are happy and fresh.
3) Trim the ends, edges of cut stem in an angle to get a pointed tip at end , this helps to root faster.
4) wash the cutting thoroughly and prepare a similar soil that the original plant is grown in. I have seen this matters a lot as new saplings do not take to a very different type of soil.
5) So here when I cut some cuttings I also dig up and loosen some soil in the mother plant , then when I plant the cuttings I take this mix along with fresh healthy soil. More of comfort level for new babies.
6) It is advisable to grow the cuttings deep to get  a firm grip. If the cuttings are not deep birds pluck them out or they do not get enough strength in new growth .
7) Usually when I plant cuttings I also add up some pebbles and stones to give the saplings support.
8) In week and two weeks see if the plant is green. The one that is growing will be green from first day and the one needing care will start to shrivel with leaves dropping.
Healthy cutting of Anant plant
9)If you see your  Dried cuttings, Try to remove the cutting and trim the base and again replant the cutting. This will work only if there are some  leaves that are green on the cutting.
10) If the cutting does not show any change and is dried, check it , it becomes mushy rotten or dried and hollow, in both cases the cutting has not survived and let go of this.
Dried cutting of Anant plant

When you become a gardener you learn many lessons, one of them  is letting go...earlier I used to wait for months after growing cuttings, looking at the cuttings maybe hoping in rains they will come up, no they won’t, dead don’t come back. Better to remove them and plant fresh new ones. Symbolism of keeping dead plants in your home and garden has really bad influence on your health wealth and feng shui of your life, you will be shocked to read this, will share on this topic later!
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Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
Heavenly fragrant gardenia

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