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Save Adopt Swap! Ideas and Suggestions for Eco Harmony!

Monsoons , the best time of the year, monsoons always bring out the nest in me! right from the artist with loads of creative energy to the obsessive gardener , planting just about anything I get my hand on! This time again some fresh seeds planted, Adenium, the exotic variety of plants , had the seeds from the parent plant that died last year. With excitement and hope, and happinesss!
Couldn’t resist my self and the obsessive gardener,  even though we are planning to shift within a few months from here, to a larger space much higher, but without an open terrace, adopted a few stray plants growing under our car parking slot. Gulmohar, flame of the forest tree seeds immediately have sprouted and are so beautiful. Awestruck with beauty of the Universe, we struggle so hard to grow plants at home from seeds and these stray plants come up and die off after each rain or are cut off while cleaning the parking space. So saved a few, I wish I could save many but...

Fresh sprouts coming up with first rains of 2017
 You could do some simple act as to save these, look out during monsoons for fresh growing seeds on roads, nooks, corners of buildings, car parking slots,  you will see many plants growing, there are so many periwinkles (they spread like wild with seeds) , and of course if you have a garden, seeds keep coming up. share, swap, adopt! The trees shed their seeds that are embedded in the soil and come to life with the first showers.
seeds of Aboli fire cracker and peaclimber Blue roses

fresh seeds of Gulmohar flame of forest sprouting
 Look at the exotic trees, flowering trees and see below on the ground , you will find babies growing near by under the huger trees. Obviously these will after the rains perish off, and also after rain cleaning of ground they will be removed and killed. Few years back I had saved a yellow flowering plant , wanted desperately yellow in my garden, did not know its name then,  yet the yellow attracted me, and since then it has given us so many blooms all year round!
Seeds of Gulmohar tree growing 
 You could also swap plants from next door gardeners. This is also great as each gardener has loads of cuttings and free plants that go waste and can be swapped with your plants for free. Unfortunately I have grown so many different types and varieties of plants , I hardly get in return any, name it I have had it! all the common varieties of roses, hibiscuses, and many many exotic ones also! now on look out of exotic rare flowering plants only! of course what we have are happily growing in my little space under the sun!
This helps save so many plants, when you see trees cut off, plant cuttings, you can take small shoots and each one will grow in a plant and tree!
Planted them in a metal drum Gulmohar tree grows tall and wide.
 The metal drum where the Gulmohar we lost last year, that had given us so many vermilion red vibrant blooms, Awesum to look at from the sky red tree growing on the terrace garden!  ... still remained added fresh energy! I hope they grow well and, will give them love and care!
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