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Brahma Kamal plants going Limp! Very Important Lesson for Growing Brahma Kamal Plants

Brahma Kamal Plant leaves going limp
Very important lesson in growing Brahma Kamal plants- never ever over water! an emotional fool always I get so excited with first rains and want my indoor plants to enjoy as well! So even this year 2017, with the first rains, I took all my healthy Brahma kamal plants to enjoy the first shower, and they did not like it! The hot sun after the shower burnt the leaves and they just got real angry. The tips and then even whole healthy leaves went limp and started to get soggy. I started trimming the soggy part so that it does not spread, but, I am afraid the disease is spreading of the five plants...I am trying to save them, the dream and obsession continues but I am such an impatient soul, don't know whether I will get to see any blooms...
More leaves of Brahma Kamal flower plant disease
The Brahma Kamal plant has taken good roots and has strong root system. So hoping it will survive my tantrums!I will remember this, never ever over water your Brahma kamal plants, they can go dry but not with more water,especially during monsoon season.
Leaves falling off soggy
Avoid watering during afternoons
Avoid watering large quantities of water
Avoid adding water with force to the container of Brahma Kamal plant
Avoid misting the plant, bathing the Brahma Kamal plant in sunlight.
For all the Brahma Kamal plant lovers, hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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