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Why Plants in Bedroom are Bad Feng Shuii Wealth sector in bedroom Feng Shuii

What to do if Feng Shuii wealth sector falls in bedroom? While the strongest wealth cures are green plants,we all love the Chinese Bamboo Goodluck plants that bring immense luck, we cannot use them in bedroom. Here, the feng shuii masters advise to avoid water,in any form. This affects relationships and health in the long run and must be avoided and bedroom Feng shuii needs to be well thought off carefully before using any feng shuii cures here. 
While we know that wealth sector is the most important it is also important to realize that feng shuii energy required in bedrooms needs to be more of Yin and soothing type. When people read feng shuii for wealth they immediately think of adding green growing plants as these are the best wealth cures in feng shuii. But Feng Shuii Masters advise to avoid plants in bedroom.
In Pairs!

how will you activate the most important sector of your life? 
Practical workable tips! Wealth sector in Feng shuii can be activated with actual coins, money,  the element metal. Then also the sweetest fruits oranges have great symbolism in Feng shuii and Orange trees loaded with fruits symbolize abundance and prosperity in that house. There are today so many artificial Orange trees, silk flowers,  gemstone trees, and Feng shui sculptures and paintings available as feng shuii cures that can be used effectively to activate wealth sector. 
There are so many ways to activate wealth and if the wealth sector falls in bedroom, this happens to be a tricky part to use feng shui cures for wealth. and you cannot place green plants you can have green paintings of leaves that symbolize wealth. Instead of having water for career and opportunities luck you can have gold coins paintings to activate this sector. 
Water in any form has to be avoided in bedroom in Feng Shuii. Masters advise to avoid plants as they have stagnant water and may also attract mosquitoes that affect health. then also water in bedroom attracts third party entry, in any form and this affects relationships between the couple. This third person need not be that the spouse is having an affair, it can be inlaws, it can be siblings or friends also who unknowingly keep advising you and this affects your relationship and peace of mind.
Do remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shuii!
Bedroom feng shuii for wealth-
1) Two plants, the energy of pairs is important here. in any form, always put two artificial plants, two paintings of flowers or trees, two vases of flowers. 
2) Never put these paintings in the entrance door of bedroom. Even if these are green plant paintings or flowers paintings they will put undue pressure on the couple to perform better, and in perfection than the other.
3) If your south east sector  comes just above your bed wall,  you have hung paintings above your bed check that they do not have dried trees, wilted flowers, or three trees or flowers as subjects. Stormy seas, thunder storms, cloudy rains,  as backgrounds must be avoided in artworks in bedroom.
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