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Succulent Jade Feng Shui Wealth plant Jade Practical tips for Growing Jade Plants and the Feng Shuii Number symbolism in Money Plants

Jade Plants Garden Care Simplified 

Healthy Feng shuii Money luck Jade Plants
 Wealth plant in Feng Shui are special chosen plants that have been great activators of wealth in Feng Shuii. These plants have been selected by Feng Shuii Masters for their unique qualities and staying power and special characteristics that make them great feng Shuii wealth cures.
The beautiful jade! Green, fleshy, tiny ovular leaves that require less care and less watering and for their staying power in tough environmental conditions these are termed as strong feng shuii money luck plants.
I find it difficult to take acre since we have a open terrace garden and there is strong sunlight for most part of the day. While there is always blooming happiness in our garden with loads of colourful blooms(sunlight blessings! these special ones , succulents and cactuses have a tough time with me. While most other plants require plenty of watering and in summers even twice these succulents have to be shifted to shady areas and also it is difficult to avoid over watering.
For the many lost plants, again this time got tempted and added a pair of green jade plants. This time they have found a space in our window sill garden along side with the Brahma kamal plants. While I still long for seeing the Brahma kamal flowers, painted the pots with left over paints. Will write another post sharing tips for painting garden pots.
Jade are very lucky plants in Feng Shuii and they have to grown in pairs for activating the Feng Shuii wealth and prosperity sector.  There is immense value given to number symbolism in feng shuii and this also comes for growing plants. This is one aspect I always take care of, never grow many single plants in your garden. Try to add up as many pairs as possible especially in the feng shuii relationships sector of your garden, this si the south west of your garden. The energy of pairs! The feng shuii wealth sector, this falls in the south east of your garden,  also needs the energy of two, so grow these plants as pairs, and it would be good to have two similar pots also.
Feng Shuii symbolism of number Two, symbolism unision, of two energies, very auspicious. The luck and blessings from heaven and earth. The number two activates energy in any space in double.  The Yin and the Yang, the high and the low, the light and the dark, it brings harmony and luck in any space.
Care for growing Jade Plants-
1) Sunlight is essential for jade plants, indirect for at least some hours of the day.
2) Choose well draining soil for jade plants. The soil must be firm and well draining. .
3) Avoid over watering the jade as the leaves get soggy and rot.
4) Avoid under watering , as then the leaves start to drop.
5) Root rot is most common in jade plants with soggy water clogged soil.
6) Best tip- Turn the Jade plants every few weeks so that they grow uniformly.
I had seen a large Jade tree, that was really very beautiful, grown in soil on land. Of course the owner had special adding’s and feedings during growth stage for this one and once it gets comfortable, the Jade is an Awesum succulent that keeps growing!
Today we see soil less growing and this one works for succulents  well and also for those who cannot control over watering! like me!
Grow these Awesum ones and do share your experiences with this beautiful Feng Shuii wealth cure, money luck plant Jade!

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  1. Jade is a really pretty plant. I have got this one in one pot but I am going to plant it in two plots and keep it in my relationship corner.

    You are an inspiration for me to start my own blog on gardening. Thank you Rizwana.

    1. Hi Ansheeta! OMG! That is so Awesum, ! I feel so blessed, one more added wirh the inspiration from Garden Care Simplified! You just dont know how happy I am you have connected to the Universal force! Same your intro, thank you so much dear for mentioning Garden Care Simplified! Its my baby and I always wish you All the Best!

  2. Ansheeta, yes two jades are considered very auspicious in Feng Shuii! For more on Feng shuii do visit


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