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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Variegated Spider Lilly Plants Unique Leaves and Beautiful fragrant flowers

Spider Lily plants are very beautiful heavenly white and these unique leaves we had were like spider lily grass and grew into long strands emerging from centre. These variegated spider lily plants are grown form bulbs and require well draining soil.
Variegated Spider Lily Plant with bud

Variegated Spider Lily Plant flowers
Lily plants are grown from bulbs and require hardly any care. Of course save them from rats who eat up fleshy bulbs! And the caterpillars who gorge on leaves.
Apart from the ornamental beauty these variegated lily plants offer they also look very pretty with their unique designer leaves. There are white line in between the raw green leaves. It is as if an artist has made a single line on each and every leaf, God the most Awesum artist!
No special care required but I have killed a few (lol) so but here are some practical tips for growing variegated spider lily plants-
1) Indirect sunlight.
2) Well draining soil , very essential.
3) They love to grow in hanging baskets and small pots and the wide mouthed containers.
4) If the bulb seems to show signs of rot, that is yellowing of leaves,  it is better to remove the bulb and let it breathe, you will save the bulb! my practical tip!
5) Try to grow them in restricted pots and do not plant a single bulb into a very large container. Lesson learned- grow them in small pots and once they fill these pots, then shift them to one or two size larger pot . And finally if they have filled the whole container then you can grow them in very large containers.
6) Not deep but wide mouthed is the mantra for growing variegated spider lilly plants!
7) Too deep grown bulbs find it very difficult to give flowers. Bulbs are grown just a few inches below the top layer of soil.
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