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Friday, March 25, 2011

Gladiolus bulb growth.

What wonder to see the new growth. I had recently planted bulbs of gladiolus and within 15 days they have started growth. fresh lime green shoots are visible Spring is the best time foir planting bulbs .
The bulbs have to be planted with the bulky part below and the tip above. Consider taking soil of well draining quality as bulbs do not like much standing water. Too  much water may kill the bulbs as they become rotten and mushy.When they grow  allow the shoots to mature naturally and do not cut out any leaves. This is a process required for flowering and let the leaves dry on the plant itself and then cut off.
Usually gardeners plant them in groups for better show of colour during blooming season.
Gladiolus are available in many colours are known to be one among the exotic plants range. They require full sunlight to grow and bloom. They usually like to be root bound for better flowering. So consider planting them in wide mouthed containers with less height.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cyprus Vine

The new beginning of the fresh cyprus vine, The Red Flowers Climber. Looks like christmas flower, with the bright green leaves and red flowers. It has red flowers are trumpet shaped and very quick growing. Give it straight support and within few days it will grow very fast. The red flowers are very appealing to the eye and it looks like a veil of red flowers with green leaves.
New Cyprus Vine Growth
Transplanting can be done with seeds got from dried flowers. and you get plenty of them This is an unexpected growth as the seeds are transferred by the wind into all other pots. Once it grows a little bigger I can transplant it in a bigegr pot with strainght cord or support as it is a fast climber.
Unfortunately it is attacked by fungus during winter and last year my climber has some green foliage left as I snipped the dried part of the plant. Don't know whether it will sprout again as the roots are in place. Very easy growing climber and very attractive flowers. Will soon post when the season of summer is in full swing as that is the time for flowering of this beautiful climber. Last years pic. will post the fresh photograph for this years flowers (sorry for the poor quality of picture., plants have also taught me to learn to be a good photographer).
Cyprus Vine Growing Healthy
Tips: No special care and especially can tolerate the direct sun. Needs support and good for fences. The red is especially bright and cheery and very good for your spirits. Keep in in a place where it gets good sun, and give a strong support.

Finally the Flowering of Peace Lily

The peace lily is one of the easiest growing indoor plants.It does not requrie much care and watering. The plant has beautiful dark green leaves and can be transplanted by its babies. Small bunches of leaves come along the side of the mother plant. The flowers are evry attractive and different. They are an form of leaf. The new growth of a flower is very attractive. The plant throws an extended stem out which is of the same colour, green. Then an light green leaf is seen and this develops over time into a white coloured flower. It has an pod which looks like a small corn. This is a rare flower and hence not available everywhere. Usually seen in offices and home as they can tolerate air conditioning environments.
The Peace Lily plant
Nearly three years and my peace lily plant did not show any flowers. Regular care and feeding did nothing for it and just the green foliage grew. I even transplanted it so that it will get some motivation and growth spurt. No response! Finally what works for us works for them. Give them good spankings ! not physically just verbally! lol...I understood that flowering in any plant will take place when the maturity age is reached. other wise we will have to bring about forced flowering    by feeding extra manure.
Tip: if nothing works try this it definately works! Feed your peace lily plant with food and egg shells. If the leaf tips are turning yellow then it is having too much sun exposure and if the leaves are droppring then maybe less or more water is the reason. In my case there was less exposure of sun. For flowering any plant requires some amount of sunlight though not direct as it will result in  leaf burn. Even if you have your palnt indoors, or in the office remember the air conditioner air is not very good for your peace lily plant. Try to give it soem fresh air and sunlight at regualr intervals to keep the peace lily plant healthy.

Friday, March 11, 2011

My Favourite Ribbon Grass

Great foliage, soothing colour and a very good break from the monotonous green of the garden. This is a good highlight in the garden and also very relaxing. It grows profusely in bunches and produces white tiny flowers on maturity. Transplantation is very easy with small bunches of growth on the sides of the mother plant. It also produces shoots of small baby plants that root easily. If grown on ground it grows side ways and takes care of the spreading itself. Each baby plant can develop into a new plant. Good for gifting!
Does not require much care and can tolerate direct sunlight. Though the leaves grow yellow edges in direct heat of summer so the best place is indirect sunlight. This plant can also be grown indoors near a window.
Tips: Leaves are thin so avoid watering during strong afternoon sunlight as there is leaf burn and leaves dry fast. Avoid over watering and grows well in well draining soil.  Trimming and removing dead leaves helps the plant to grow healthy.

The Ajwain Plant

Having a herb garden is another way of bringing nature in your home. This does not requrie much care or cost. Even a window sill is sufficient to grow few herbs and this also helps to solve simple health problems. Growing of ajwain plant is very easy and it has multiple uses. The leaves are very beautiful and attractive in rounded shapes. They grown in bunches and clusters and look similar to money, hence the benefit of rounded leaves of money luck in feng shui.It can be grown by cuttings from the original plant. Many smaller plants emerge from the sides of the original ajwain plant.Needs regular cutting and trimmings to keep a watch at its growth, otherwise it will over take other containers, as roots develop from the stem whereever they come in contact with soil.
The Ajwain Plant
This is a herb. Very effective for stomach problems. (Many people make bhajiyas from the leaves and are very tasty). The leaves have beautiful ridges and must try stamp painting with this. Tolerates direct sunlight and grows profusely. needs to be trimmed often. Must begin eating them (have not tried) to keep a check on their growth! The plant has pungent and very strong smell which can be felt even from a distance. The colour of the leaves are bright green and they are feathery on the surface, almost like velvet. Grow best in hanging pots.
This is also considered to be lucky plant in terms of Feng Shui as the leaves are round and any circular shape promotes good chi to enter the place. This promotes goodluck and money luck.
Tip: Remember over watering can kill this and the soil has to be well drained as the stem become limp with excess water and drop. Also take care while transferring this ajwain plant. Take care till the roots are in place firmly otherwise the plant will be above the soil and loose soil will not encourage growth. This requires less water and it needs firm rooting, and once it is rooted there is no looking back for this ajwain plant!
Kapporavalli plant as in tamil is a herb and can be used in many dishes as a starter or side dip for pakoras. Chutneys prepared with these leaves is healthy and colourfully green. Good for stomach aches, gives relief from gas troubles, and a very good cure for cough and colds.

Cedar plant or Cyprus plant

Foliage plant thick green leaves. Known as 'mayur pankhi' . Can grow very tall. Mine is in a pot will see the progress and if it needs a larger home  then will repot it. What with each plant adjusting and requiring a special place I have a hard time shifting my plants to feel they get the right place. Neighbours may feel I am crazy talking to my plants!

The Kevda Flower Plant

The kevda flower is one of the famous flowers for its fragrance. Even its leaves are fragrant and the flowers are exotic and have an heavenly fragrance. The yellow kevda flower is very beautiful and it can be kept for many days after blooming, each flower can make a whole room fragrant and freshen up the environment.  
The Kevda Plant

Leaf Burn on Kevda Plant
This is a tough plant that can tolerate direct sunlight. The leaves have sharp pointed edges and tiny spikes as border.Many little plants are coming up next to the original one. My kevda plant has not flowered so will post when I get some good news. The white patch seen in this picture is due to watering when the leaf is under the sun. This is called leaf burn and must be taken care of during watering.
Now I always take care to water my plants after the hot sun has cooled down. Best time for  watering plants is in evenings or early mornings. Many bunches have come up and this plant multiplies very fast. The spiky leaves have pointed thorn like edges which can hurt when rubbed against skin. Keep it at distance from eyes and body as its leaves are sharp and pointed.
Tip: Grow kevda plant in a pot that can allow the bunches to grow . A wide mouthed container will be good for growing kevda plant as they do not have very long or deep roots. Soil has to be good and firm for encouraging growth of the kevda plant. Requires regular feeding with fertiliser for encouraging blooming.

The Chinese Lucky Bamboo Plant Growing Tips

Chinese Goodluck Bamboo Tall Plant
This plant was in a ceramic pot and later I transplanted it in a bigger pot. This is actually a green african native grass(don't know exactly but this knowledge I found from the internet)
It grows in many hard conditions hence it is termed as the lucky plant. And sometimes also promoted as good luck plant and money plant In Feng shui it is the most important plant to promote good luck and prosperity. It can tolerate indoor conditions and also grows well in water. Does not require much care but not all are successful in growing this.
Many times people mention that this plant is not growing and it dies. The most important reason is over watering and even if this can take care of itself I feel it needs a place near the window or with sufficient indoor lighting to grow happily. It may also die of over pampering and cleaning too much so that the roots are damaged ending the plant to be sick or limp due to root rot.
I am lucky enogh that there are many palnts growing well and this is the best that has grown quite tall indoors. Requires no care except few waterings.
Care must be tkaen to see whether edges of leaves turn yellow then it will have to be shifted outdoors. Edges can be trimmed so that the whole leaf does not dry.
Do not know how much luck this is bringing me but it sure is a highlight in the living room.
Tips: If your bamboo plant does not survive take fresh pieces and trim leaves from below the stem. Keep it in jelly balls available at all stores. The plant gets nutrition from gelatin and you do not mess up with over watering. Water only in few drops to replenish the gelatin balls. Remove any dead leaves and roots before transplanting to avoid root rot. The stem will immediately start new roots and leaves in few days.
All Photographs and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved © 2010 Rizwana A.Mundewadi

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Plant Exhibition in Thane on 4th March to 6th March 2011.

I was very lucky to be able to visit the exhibition on the very first day. Great display of plants, flowers and of course adding some to my collection! got the opportunity to buy white lily (amaryllis) and gladiolus bulbs. Also took orchid but do not know the exact procedure for planting so it has taken a place in a small tub. I will see the progress and the orange and white lillies also have been planted being spring time they may start in summer hope so. There is also a passion fruit plant whcih I think is a climber and it seems they have great flowers and fruits may come up after two years of planting.
Vegetable Display in Plant Exhibition
Beautiful Roses in Competition
Winning Flowers
Hanging Baskets with Rare Plants
Beautiful Orchids
Majestic Cycas Plant
Landscape Gardening Projects
With the awareness of green environemnt every builder is hiring a repurted garden landscapsist to design beautiful, colourful theme based gardens. Here we saw very attractive garden projects which were designed to fit into the projects of the reputed builders in their housing projects. 
Landscape Gardening Projects
What a view to see cascading water. A scene of peace and serenity. Witht he awareness of feng shui many landscapes have a water feature in the garden. It is believed that water feature in the correct direction promotes good luck and prosperity.

The lucky Plant - Adenium
My plant has flowered in a very beautiful manner this year. It has nearly 10 to 12 blooms on one stem now. What a sight to see the pink flowers, which can tolerate sun and remain for many days on the plant.

Beautiful Flowers

Attractive Landscape

The Winners

Great Colourful Foliage Plants
Petunia Flowers
The lovely Petunia Flowers
There was vegetable carvings and display of green projects by famous builders.. Also varieties of orchids, cactus, foliage plants and grest roses, king of flowers. The lillies and fruit plant section was appealing and overal  this exhibition had a good response as it takes place every year. Hope I am lucky enough to visit the next year.

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