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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Make Your Herb Garden for free! Practical Steps with photos

Make Your Herb Garden for free! Sharing here, Practical Steps to grow your own herbs very easily with photographs.
The fresh aroma of a curry , the decorated lime green vibrant coriander over mouthwatering dishes, and the healthy cooling  mint!  isn't this Awesum that you could grow your own herbs,and that too for free!
This happens always that when you are preparing any dish,especially Indian dishes we love to sprinkle freshly cut coriander and mint over to bring out flavors and aroma, we don't have them..yes, used to happens with me many times, and also when these herbs are kept in refrigerator they lose a bit of their original fragrances. Especially Pulav, and Non veg dishes need these fresh herbs. What with a fresh mint chutney, and coriander we all know sandwiches, pizzas and pav bhaji! 
Had tried growing them on our terrace garden, mint and curry were very happy, except that the mint was chewed away by sparrows and birds and I think rats, now in our new space I don't think they will grow in the entryway garden with very low sunlight. The plants are still trying to adjust with a few really happy ones.
Now trying to grow herbs in our window sill garden.
This is really very easy and for free!
When you buy coriander, curry leaves and mint from market , here is what you do.
1) For buying curry leaves Select freshly cut ones. You can see the stem is still very green and healthy, don't break the leaves, take the firm thick stem along with the sprouting side branches.
2) The mint stems must be firm and thick. Chose harder ones.
3) Coriander choose fresh growing that are available with roots intact. Yes, they still also have soil attached now during rainy season. The coriander leaves will not be very tall for new growing ones ,choose  these while buying from market. 
Mint leaves for herb garden 

Coriander from market for herb garden

fresh planted
Euphorbia Milli very sick, almost dead...

Like I do for all cuttings 
 How to begin?
1) Wash them, well. For mint leaves trim the ends and put them in water. I do this for all plant cuttings they root very fast. and then you can grow them in healthy soil.
2) After a day or two you see tiny growth of fibers, roots, and also fresh firmness in stem.
3) be careful if the water gets muddy replace immediately or else your cuttings  will get soggy and die.
4) Choose well draining soil and one that does not dry very fast.
5) Plant the cuttings in the containers.  For mint and coriander leaving a space of at least one inch.
6) Choose a mildly sunny spot. Not too much direct sunlight.
7) be careful of birds  they feast on new leaves.
8) I never add any fertilizer, they just grow with proper light and watering carefully.
9)  Most important , with fresh growth in mint and coriander never pluck all leaves, try to trim top and let the base with strong stem and leaves remain to bring out fresh growth.
Curry eaves also sprout with fresh green leaves on top as also mint and coriander, enjoy your free and easy herb garden and do share your happinesses, hope this helps!
Meanwhile entryway garden with its challenges continues , with our many years old euphorbia milli, all year round flowering cactus almost dead with touch, evil eye,

cactus showing some green
fresh leaf on cactus Goodluck Plant of Thailand
and even some damaged lily Amaryllis bulbs, but they are showing growth..that's what I love about my garden plants, they are survivors! I love survivors! With lots and love and respect , Rizwana Mundewadi wishing You All the Best!
have you tried growing a herb at home? did you face challenges? do share!as for evil eye on plants...yes, happens, true.., ..will share in next post!
damaged bulb giving out tiny buds, Survivor!
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