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Thursday, June 28, 2018

8 Plants That can grow in no sunlight sharing my Practical experience Entryway garden challenges

ZZ plant Fat Boy
 In the second month with facing the challenges in our new entryway garden, added a few coleous, red plants, and ornamental grasses. Light is the major issue, and also watering is tricky as the soil seems wet and  dries the soil if watered less, with very low indirect sunlight coming from top opening of our 18th floor in a high rise of 29 floors.
Money Plant
 Meanwhile keeping the magic alive and the feng shuii Awesum hand painted my garden containers and pots with left over Asian oil paints. They look Awesum!
Dracaena Lemon Lime Banana Boat type of Ornamental Grass
 Used newspaper and made paper mache, interesting garden elements, thinking about adding some!Also recycling plastic bottles, Amazingly beautiful and free, easy cheap garden containers, WOW! will share in my next post creative

recycling of kitchen containers.
Pigeons did come...I cannot keep them...

hand painted garden pots

Mogra flowered entry way garden

new additions to entryway garden

happy peace lily entryway garden
 our precious Euphorbia milli goodluck cactus that flowered all year round is giving up...because since the garden is open everyone touches it again and again, a case of buri nazar, evil eye..shifted it to the window garden, seeign soem fresh greens, keeping my fingers crossed!
Flowering cactus 

fat boy flowered entry way garden
 5 plants that grow without sunlight or minimum of indirect sunlight-
My practical experience-
1) Kaamini bush, it also flowered!Its placed near, under the white light.
2) peace lily, yes,, they flowered.
3) Fat boy, ZZ plant Amazingly happy, he flowered!
4) Banana Boat ornamental grass, looks happy.
5) Chinese Bamboo plants, most happy , as they would burn off on our open terrace garden. Good they survived to become an important part of our entry way garden.
6) Snake plant mother in laws tongue, very happy.
7) Seriously I am amazed at the Jamun Tree that is growing happily and also the 8) Brahma kamal that is sending off tentacles, hoping for some blessings Lord Brahma! for those who are with me since years following my blog Garden Care Simplified know how passionately I am trying to see the flowers of Brahma Kamal but till date nothing...

Kaamini bush flowered entry way garden

New additions entry way garden

about paper mache next post

hand made recycled plastic bottle hanging planter ideas next post
ribbon grass 

Do you have a entry way garden? which plants are happy with you? what challenges do you face, do share! All the Best from Rizwana!
the healthy blooms of Brahma kamal in a home
Original photos of Brahma Kamal shared by our reader
for Brahma Kamal Modern Paintings-The Mystical Brahma Kamal
Mistakes in Growing Brahma Kamal plant
Diseases pest in Brahma Kamal plant

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