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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Blue Pea Flower 6 tips for planting seeds make at home Blue herbal tea

Blue pea flower, after the
Blue Pea Flower

Seed pods of Blue pea flower

Planting seeds of Blue pea flower
overflowing blue bells, pea flower climber that had taken oner our terrace garden, now here, planting some fresh seeds in my entryway garden. Butterfly pea flower as it is commonly known as has amazing health benefits. And what more, you can prepare blue herbal tea at home and enjoy good health. Clitoria ternatea, butterfly blue flowers overflow on this very easy growing climber. 1) The climber grows profusely and gives out beautifully unfurling bell shaped blue flowers. 2) The plant gives out pods that have five to seven black seeds. 3) Allow the pods to dry well on the plant itself.4)Do not pluck green pods, dried pods give seeds ready to plant. 5) Tip! Do not keep these near other flowering pots, the climber covers them all and there is also risk of the other plants getting less sunlight. 6) very fast growing climber, over trellis, partitions, garden design. Want to cover your garden wall, this is the best choice! Ultramarine blue flowers! Fantastic activators of third eye chakra, wisdom , career luck, attract opportunities,  feng shuii plant for wealth and mentor luck. In Feng Shuii garden, Best for north and northwest sector.   Came to know recently that these blueflowers have immense health benefits. It is the main ingredient used to make blue tea, herbal tea. Decoction of blue pea flowers. Refreshing , vitamins rich along with lemon grass and few drops of lemon, kick start your day !!! Blue Herbal Tea!!! And gone is the boring tea, now a refreshing blue purple coloured tea!!! Blue tea ice cubes, blue tea cool drink! Enjoy! Did you try this Blue herbal tea?do share! All the Best from Rizwana!

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